halfsubmergedfigureAt this time, Venus conjuncts Chiron at 22 Pisces, whilst Nessus (3 Pisces) conjuncts the South Node at 4 Pisces. Tomorrow (27/1) the Sun will be conjunct Isis and Osiris at 7 Aquarius, before conjuncting Lachesis at 8 Aquarius. The Moon will join in on January 27/28 (depending on where you are in the world), creating the Aquarius New Moon.

The Venus-Chiron conjunction asks us to be open to wounds (from the past, from relationships, from karmic dynamics) and potential sources of healing and/or inspiration that arise through our connection with Spirit. Tread gently in the knowing that everyone is bound to be easily triggered at this time – including yourself. But also bear in mind that you are more likely to find an emotional or spiritual resolution if you are willing to face the issue that plagues you. Escapism, often, does not help. Though – if you need a time out – communicate your needs clearly to avoid further muddying the waters.

Nessus has been called the abuser´s asteroid and it highlights to us places where we feel utterly disconnected from God/dess, often through abuse of some kind. In Pisces, this energy is more likely linked to past-life / karmic patterns. With the South Node here, you are asked to experience and face these energies, calling upon the Virgo North Node to provide a sense of direction in seeking practical tools for healing, grounding and the creation of working boundaries.

With all this emphasis on Pisces, remember to stay grounded and present as you face the depths of your own experience. Simple grounding techniques can go a long way:

Sit beneath a tree or walk in grass.
Spend time by bodies of water and reflect / meditate.
Use gemstones like smoky quartz, blue lace agate – gentle facilitators of grounding and release.
Essential oils like vetiver can help you avoid escapist tendencies, whilst lavender can calm turbulent emotions (check for contraindications and dosage issues beforehand)
Eat well – soups and nutritious foods are the way to go.
Ensure adequate water intake.
Sleep – you´ll process heavily at this time, give yourself room to do so

Last, but not least – I am excited to see the Sun´s conjunction with Isis and Osiris coming up tomorrow, not too long before the Aquarius New Moon goes exact. No matter what is going with you right now, remember to anchor or set intentions for you to access the vibrations of multidimensional consciousness. It sounds lofty, but we´ve been intensely at it – especially since 2012.

Keep your eyes set on the skies and know that whatever you are clearing, healing, transcending or integrating now is a part of the process – one that will allow you access and expand your consciousness, beyond what you expect is possible.

Those of you into homeopathy may want to consider working with Lachesis (it´s astrologically highlighted at this time a well at 8 Aquarius). Lachesis is derived from the venom of the bushmaster snake – it is recommended (not exclusively) for those with menstrual or menopausal issues. From personal experience, I have found it to be immensely effective in releasing truly deep-seated emotions, especially the difficult kind. If considering its use, consult a professional first.

Otherwise, you may want to consider the symbolism of the serpent and how it may be highlighted in dream-time messages, wordless inspirations, or simply appear to you out of nowhere. This is an excellent time to ´spit out´ the ´venom´ that you´ve been holding in – not at others, not to harm – but simply to unburden the self. Be sure that you´re not using others as vessels or punching bags in the process. No one needs to play that role for anyone else.

Ask Mother-Gaia to ground out and transmute this energy – and you´ll find yourself feeling clearer and more empowered.

Let it out, and send it to the Earth. Holding onto blame, shame and guilt empowers no one. That does not mean that you do not hold others accountable for their actions, you are simply no longer victimized or held hostage by it.

With so much Piscean activation in the skies, do not let your mind limit the scope of healing possibilities that are now present to you. Spirit knows – so speak to the part of you that is connected most intimately with /to /as it.

And Remember …

The Sky Isn ´ t The Limit …

Blessings and Love,

Dr. Bairavee Balasubramaniam PhD
The Sky Priestess

Post © Bairavee Balasubramaniam, 2017. All rights reserved.

Image: “figure half submerged” © by E. K. Buckley, used with permission. For more of her work, visit

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  1. Wonderful, Bairavee– this was so perfect for me right now.

    So crazy- you spoke of Nessus and I just spent the afternoon watching a film portraying devastating family violence. It was like being punched in the gut.

    And I had thoughts cross my mind about a guy I’ve been getting to know about whether he was abusive. I don’t know that I had any good reason to do so, and so I’ve been thinking of my experiences of abuse as a child.

    I never experienced such direct correlation with an asteroid before… or perhaps, any influence! Neat.

    Thanks so much and hope life is beautiful where you are.


    On Thu, Jan 26, 2017 at 12:28 AM, Dr. Bairavee Balasubramaniam wrote:

    > Dr. Bairavee Balasubramaniam PhD posted: ” At this time, Venus conjuncts > Chiron at 22 Pisces, whilst Nessus (3 Pisces) conjuncts the South Node at 4 > Pisces. Tomorrow (27/1) the Sun will be conjunct Isis and Osiris at 7 > Aquarius, before conjuncting Lachesis at 8 Aquarius. The Moon will join in > on” >


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