The New Moon went exact a few hours ago. The Sun (8 Aquarius) is conjunct Isis, Osiris and Lachesis (9 Aquarius). The Sun also trines Circe (8 Gemini) and squares Pandora (7 Scorpio). These are incredibly magical aspects – they give room for the accessing of different frequencies or domains of consciousness – but at the same time, they remind us of the power of Choice.

Magic, synchronicity, energetic alignment – call it what you like – is essentially neutral. You get to choose how and where this energy is directed and used. Many doors will be present for you at this time, so choose wisely. Some of your choices will get projected upon, especially if you resonate with the archetype of the vilified, excluded, maligned (Magical) Feminine.

The Isis-Osiris pairing gives me hope, it speaks to the Feminine sinking back into the depths that she may perform the re-constitution and resurrection of the Sacred Masculine. Then he too, can stand in his power. That is, at least, the ideal. It is wise not to project this narrative onto your external relationships ,but to focus on the one within.

Whatever unfolds externally is (more often than not) beyond your Control as it involves the Will of others. Bring in your guides / prayers / focus to the level of healing – and give it time to fully manifest.

Ultimately, this Moon is about what you, as an Individual, understand about your Journey, the levels of Consciousness you can access – and how you embody it as part of your role within the wider Collective. Like a musician in an orchestra, the best thing you can do is to play your instrument the best way you can. And that feeds into the final symphony that the whole will produce.

Lachesis´ role reminds us to vent the poison of the Serpent – in-built resentment that accumulates within the body´s cells and becomes energetic (sometimes physical) toxins. Sit with the energy of Gaia and ask her to receive this energy, transmuting it into Love, or some other useful form of energy. You may find catharsis through tears and release, and with it the movement towards healing.

Circe and Pandora warn us about using magical energy in ways that will perpetuate old karmic dynamics and old projections onto the Dark Feminine. There´s a lot of bluster in the world right now – and many are seeking to inflict pain as they have been hurt – choose another path. It will hurt less, in the long term.

Venus (24 Pisces) is taking a pounding at this time from it´s square to Saturn and Ixion (24-25 Sagittarius), trine to Thereus / Vesta and Atlantis (25-26 Cancer) and sextile to Sedna (25 Taurus). None of these are necessarily ´easy´ bodies to deal with. You may find this playing out in romantic relationships, business or financial collaborations, your relationship with the way you embody the Feminine, or in the karma you associate with Her, family dynamics, your relationship with teachers – and so on.

Compassion and detachment are the way to go, but probably the hardest to put in place at this time, given this alignment.

Saturn demands commitment and (like Ixion) signifies authority, sometimes in a tyrannical form. Watch the way you treat and are being treated in significant partnerships. Thereus, Vesta and Atlantis ask you not to confuse the path of compassionate service and nurture with karmic contracts that demand your subservience. The difference may be difficult to see, especially with covert emotional bullying tactics afoot.

I am glad Lachesis is about in the skies – it, like the Serpent, ´spits´ out the energy for all to see. Even as the truth is revealed through catharsis, remember to allow the energy to shift. The Serpent´s poison requires an alchemical process to become medicine, or antivenom.

Those with placements near 24-25 Libra will experience a powerful Yod involving Venus and Sedna. Ideally, this will bring you to a swift resolution of energy that allows the Feminine to rise from wrongful confinement and abuse – but in a way that honors all.

In practice, it may be less elegant.

Asteroid Siva at 24 Libra reminds us that the Divine Masculine is present and can serve as a compassionate mediator in the clash between the wounded Feminine and the Tyrant who hurt her (but blames Her for his actions, and for getting pissed off about it).

With Nessus (3 Pisces) so close to the South Node (4 Pisces), we are all being asked to face the deepest wounds which make us feel disconnected from the Sacred, however we choose to define it. Sitting with that pain and vulnerability can bring us to new levels of healing. And that can feel like the hardest thing to do.

Remember that Jupiter (23 Libra) is still opposed Uranus and Eris (20-22 Aries) whilst trining Narcissus (22 Aquarius) and squaring Magdalena (22 Capricorn). You´re going to be seeing this dynamic across the board. The Rising Feminine wants to Awaken, but the question is – at what Cost? How do you Force Awakening upon those who simply do not wish to See? Is it really worth the effort?

In response – I would recommend calling upon the energy of the Magdalene. Visualize the rose and fill your space with pink or magenta energy. How would She respond to these challenges? Her answers move the world and the currents of awakening now streaming into us all. Especially during the final Eris-Uranus conjunction in March 2017.

During this Aquarius New Moon, my counsel would be to sit with that which angers, provokes or makes us feel utterly vulnerable. Seek your answers in the muck within, and you are likely to discover paths of action that shift ancient energetic dynamics. Though, if you must speak – for yourself – then do so. But do not place expectations on how your truth will be responded to.

This is not the time for escapism or denial.

Call in the energies of angels, guides, planetary consciousness to transform your circumstances (or to show you ways of freeing yourself to do so). The Magdalene is a powerful ally at this time, as she always is.

Different people will respond to these energies differently. Some of you will soar through it as you have cleared your karmic resonances. Or perhaps your tests may come with different alignments, or you´re where you need to be with the level of consciousness you are at right now. It´s all good. Others will occupy one role (or the other, often both) – and the test comes in choosing to walk away from old dynamics and power-plays.

Look to the Aquarius Full Moon in August 2017 to see the seeds of your actions and intentions begin to take form. Remember that all that occurs outside of you, as vast as it may seem, in some way, reflects what is happening inside of you.

Finally – and this is a suggestion from my bro who read this piece before publication: watch for knee-jerk actions. You may replaying out old dynamics without even realizing it.

Astrologically, that fits in well with the fact that Mars is now at 0 Aries, whilst squaring Persephone (29 Gemini). Persephone speaks to where we may feel trapped in parent-child dynamics, or in dynamics with one´s partner. It speaks to a loss of agency (either to Mother Ceres or Partner Pluto) and ways that one´s power can be regained. Chose your actions wisely.

Mars has other alignments that make it as critically aspected as Venus is right now …. so what the way you act and react with the dynamics of the Masculine (just as you are with the Feminine – and no – that doesn´t map neatly onto the gender binary – everyone´s playing them out in their own ways).

If you´re not sure what to do – reach out to the counsel of friends (with their consent, know that they may have their own stuff to deal with).

Friends and supportive networks may or may not have the answers you need – but know that you are not alone.

Big Hugs,

Dr Bairavee Balasubramaniam PhD
The Sky Priestess

Post © Bairavee Balasubramaniam, 2017. All rights reserved.

Image: NGC 7129 (Spitzer Space Telescope).jpg, NASA, 2004. Public Domain via Wikimedia Commons. ´Cosmic Rose´

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