The Lunar Eclipse takes place at 22 Leo where the Moon will be as it opposes the Sun at 22 Aquarius at 00:32, GMT / UTC time on 11-2-2017. That´s on 10-2-2017 for those in the Americas.

Typically, the Leo-Aquarius opposition teaches us about our personal emotions with people or projects that spark our passion, creativity, enthusiasm and joy – and – how this needs to be balanced with the larger needs of the collective and the evolutionary / awakening process that we are all a part of. This holds true.

However, this is not an ordinary Eclipse. It is woven as part of a Grand Sextile / Star of David alignment. And that just … accelerates and intensifies the sheer level of energy and activations that are possible. It creates a powerful engine for manifestation, but one with highly unpredictable outcomes.

The other players forming the Grand Sextile are: Uranus/Eris, Jupiter, Saturn and anything between 16-26 Gemini. Two of the larger asteroidal players there right now are Chaos (meaning the gaping void, unknown potential) at 20 Gemini and Atropos (the Eldest of the Three Fates, the one who cuts the thread) at 23 Gemini.

Yikes … is all I can say ….


The current eclipse brings forth energies that were at play on 31st January 1999, some 18 years ago as its predecessor in the Saros Lunar Eclipse Series. Look back to what was going on then in your life to see what is being carried forwards now. You may also see some seeds that were set during the previous Leo New Moon on August 2nd, 2016.

I´m going to start with the general interpretation of the Leo Lunar Eclipse, suggestions for coping – and then move onto a far deeper, richer analysis of the bodies at play 😉

And there´s a lot of them – involving quite a few bodies of the Rising – and – Distorted Feminine. (Patriarchy has a lot to answer for … and we´ve got a lot of work ahead of us…)

Look at what seeks to awaken you to deeper levels of creativity, play, sensuality and authenticity. Triggers or catalysts may come from friends, people on social media, those in altruistic networks / charitable organizations, visionaries / eccentrics, technologists, channeled messages from other forms of consciousness – and so on.

You might feel afraid or hesitant to get into that deep place of sacred play: The Heart of the Inner Child. If pain is coming up for you at this time, try working with tuberose essential oil and/or the rhodocrosite gemstone – and always check for contraindications.

Let whatever comes up at this time guide you and inspire your creative engines to work once more! Some of you may feel a powerful boost to sacral chakra and/or kundalini energy at this time.

This is not something to be forced, but rather something allowed to come into being if it is the right time for you. The best you can do is to stay open and stay grounded. Let the message, vibration or energy that comes pass through you and use energetic protection to stay safe.

For some, the eclipse will bring together new friends, co-creative collaborators, lovers, networks, children, community, astral connections and so on. And for others, such connections may be ´eclipsed´ out. That part is the wild card element. Something is bound to be lit up during this Eclipse, and its fate depends on the events that have led up to this moment in time. And the choices you make with the energy that is unleashed.

For those who feel spacey, ungrounded, intimidated or scattered, I would highly recommend listening to and meditating with The Prathyangira Devi Mantra. She is the Lion Goddess of India whose teachings were kept hidden from all but the most adept initiates. Her energy has only recently been made available to all. You see more and more temples to Her appearing in India, Malaysia and other countries in which Hinduism is present.

Whatever way you want to look at it, the vibration of this mantra is exceptionally clean and powerful. I have seen it work on myself and many others I have recommended it to. Listen to it with an open mind and heart and watch the magic happen – if you wish.

It is especially powerful at this time as the Eclipse is in Leo, and Prathyangira Devi is of course a Lioness!

Now, the Lunar Eclipse – in itself – is not the only alignment that is worth mentioning. It´s connected up to Jupiter, Eris, Saturn, Uranus – and so on (and they´re pretty heavy hitters to begin with).

In the rest of this article, I would like to delve more so into the astrological significance of these other alignments.

The Leo Moon itself conjuncts Hera, the heavily projected upon role of the Feminine. In Greek Mythology, despite being the wife of Zeus, Hera was projected on as the scheming, controlling mother who would use her own children as pawns to get even with her philandering husband.

Of course She was far more than that, but the way in which she sought to seek justice for herself became a point of critique.

During this Eclipse, with Hera conjunct the Moon we are likely to see situations involving creative partnerships, children, romances, sacral and heart chakra ties / energies that evoke the archetype of the slandered Feminine – now distorted in the heat of her responses.

Stay away from games of projection in which one person is cast into this role, whilst the other ´apparently´ gets away with things scot-free

Now Hera and The Moon oppose The Sun at 22 Aquarius. You may see the rhetoric of idealism, or idealistic principles used as the rope on which a tug-of-war is played out.

Know that you don’t have to play that game and that no ideal is absolute.

A man may, for instance, seek to shame his wife into submission by saying: A woman´s place is in the kitchen. And that is an ideal that she does not need to buy into (unless she wants to). She may counter that saying that she has the right to be who she truly desires to be, which may (or may not be) more than a domestic servant. But know that these challenges disrupt the flow of energy and stability in relationships that are built on outdated, or skewed gender binaries. . .

If you feel like you´re being pushed into a situation where control (or being controlled, especially in mother-child / partnership drama) is the only option, walk away. Or refuse to play the game.

Bear in mind that some element of this is likely to be present in your personal lives (more so if the Eclipse activates key positions in your chart), but … it´s probably a lot more visible when you take a step backwards and look at the lifeblood of the collective.

The Sun conjuncts Hidalgo (20 Aquarius), Damocles (23 Aquarius) and Narcissus (25 Aquarius) whilst opposing the Moon and Hera.

Whilst Hidalgo and Damocles urge us to stand up for our ideals and take responsibility even at personal risk, Narcissus reminds us to take a look in the mirror. Are we truly living up to the words we utter? Do we seek to project ourselves through the lens of the holier-than-thou prophet or martyr? Do we truly believe in the ideals we spout or are they simply a convenient tool to keep other dynamics (and other people) as they are?

And that is where things get a little muddier. Those who work with gemstones, try meditating with Icelandic spar / optical calcite on the third eye. Use black pepper or clary sage essential oil, diluted (check for contraindications, as with all oils) – to get a sense of clarity.

What are your deeper intentions behind the ideals you currently identify with?

There may be deeper hooks (especially in the heart / sacral chakra, or from early childhood) that prevent us from seeing the truth – or – falsity of the ideals that we claim to uphold.

It´s very easy to escape into the mental realms and to hold on to a particular view of the world when one is disconnected from other parts of the somatic, energetic, psychological, sensual body (what Leo ultimately pushes us towards). When unclear, let your inner Child guide you to what is truly … True for you at this time and let Him/Her show you the bridges that need to be built within and without … which brings us to Libra.

(And bear in mind – we all have the Freedom of Choice … even the worst dictators on the planet justified acts of atrocity with their breed of idealism – my suggestions are to help you orient you to your Truth, whatever that may be)

The Moon sextiles Jupiter Retrograde-Aphrodite-Haumea at 23-24 Libra. Quite literally, the revelations from this Eclipse will help you set the seed for longer term changes in partnerships and the way you set boundaries with others (starting from the partnership within).

It is very important to honor the creative process and your personal needs and more abstract ideals – as you seek to dance with another (or simply, other layers of your consciousness).

Remember that these Libran energies trine the Sun & Co. – so concerns of building bridges, justice, fairness and ideals that seek to bring each other on board would be fairly high right now. Whatever comes up – consider the impact of your actions on yourself, your significant partnerships, and, if possible, the wider community before taking them.

Those with placements near 22-24 Pisces will experience a profound Yod – one that can swiftly take them to the crossroads of Choice . And perhaps . Change, Healing and Transcendence. Or … Greater Suffering as you re-live a particular Karmic pattern …

Let Justice be your guiding principle and give yourself permission to open into new levels of consciousness, so that you may take actions that act in alignment with all-that-is. Especially if you´re the one getting projected on as Hera

The Moon trines Echeclus (20 Aries), Uranus (21 Aries), Eris (22 Aries). Yes . That´s right . ERIS herself. You´re going to be very heavily triggered / activated / initiated by the energies of Awakening and the Rising Feminine at this time. And it is important to ride that wave in a vibration that allows for greater Healing … and hopefully as little Destruction as possible. Whilst there will be some element of Chaos unleashed as the world restructures itself with the Eris-Uranus conjunctions …. some of that can be mitigated – that is, at least, the hope.

Echeclus warns us of stepping into gooey karmic dynamics that make us feel… stuck, whilst Uranus and Eris step in with the flaming lightning bolt of conscious saying : NO MORE! It´s a bit of a mix-up, or celestial gumbo going on …. Different impulses pulling you to different paths .. and outcomes.

Think of this as a powerful catalyst and remember to balance it with Libra´s concerns with Justice. That being said, Eris broke down a system that excluded her – so it´s certainly going to be an intense energy to navigate.

Make sure that you participate in dynamics that honor your awakening energy – and of all those involved. Feel free to walk away, or to open opportunities for change and healing – if things are not in alignment. Given that this is a Lunar Eclipse … it´s more likely that things find a more resolute end, than continuation. But that depends on a bunch of other factors.

If you have placements near 20-22 Virgo, you´re going to experience a powerful yod with the Sun in Aquarius sextiling Eris/Uranus and apexing in a … monumental Yod / Finger of Fate. Time to look closely at the path of Service and Healing you have chosen.

(Hm … I have placements at both yod points … Oh Universe …)

The Sun (22 Aquarius) sextiles Saturn 25 (Sagittarius) which trines the Moon (22 Leo). Long story short … whatever comes through at this time is likely to have a long-term impact on your understanding of the Path or Road that you take. Nothing is truly set in stone, but once a process is begun, it is harder to move to something else (barring major planetary activations contributing to the vibe- as they are now).

This … really feels like a major point, or threshold to me. With Askalaphus (the Secret Revealer, 20 Sagittarius) and Hygeia conjunct Saturn (25 Sagittarius) – we´re likely to see … truths revealed about what we seek to heal or make whole by the paths we choose. And some of these truths might not be pretty.

If you have placements between 22-25 Cancer (which is where Vesta, Atlantis and Thereus are right now …) the Sun-Saturn sextile forms another Yod. Let´s just say that control dynamics from the family, maternal ancestry and/or past-life karma are also going to be asking you to delve deeply into your emotions … your past/s .. and the skeletons at the bottom of the karmic well.

There are other alignments going on, but I´m going to bring it to a close here. Both the Sun and Moon square Hekate (22 Taurus), Sedna (25 Taurus) and Ceto (20 Scorpio). It is wise to use this energy to go into the depths of the Shadow, where there is great treasure, but often, great pain. Use this energy to move even further to the core of yourself to find your sense of authenticity and strength and honor the Feminine Teachers and Familiars (often Serpents) who arise to guide you on your way.

With Chaos and Atropos completing the Grand Sextile (Star of David) all of this is woven into, you can expect many threads and hooks to be cut away in the mind / early perceptions of self, opening the gateway for new narratives, words, and ideas of who you see the world, and how it sees you. I´ve been seeing the imagery of pulling out swords from the energy body quite a bit and it fits in with the message from the skies.

That´s about it for this review of the Eclipse. I hope you find it useful. Remember at the end of the day, no matter what you´ve done before, what contracts have existed between you and others – you always have the power of Free Will.

Use it wisely and choose a path for yourselves that truly honor where it is you want to go and the life that you ASPIRE to inhabit. At the very least, give yourself room to simply sit with yourself and all that is unfolding for you at this time.

Give it a week for the energy of this Eclipse to wind down. It´s a pretty intense one, so well done for … being!

Blessings and Joy!

Dr Bairavee Balasubramaniam PhD
The Sky Priestess

Post © Bairavee Balasubramaniam, 2017. All rights reserved.

Image: Astrolog Software Screenshot. Text and Graphic Adjustments by Dr. Bairavee

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