– remember to take the lessons you learnt in the past 9 months with you as you head into a new exploration of the Shadow Feminine

– you would have seen what is true for you (what isn´t), energetic alchemy or other types of mergers that work in your favour (or not)

– you would have realized what is worth investing in, and what isn´t.

– you would have had to look at different parts of your subconscious mind, going deep into karmic or ancestral work that asks you to recognize the parts of the shadow you identify with at that level (and some of that stuff may not even be ´yours´ )

And each of you would have done this with different approaches, modalities and levels of awareness. Or you may have been required to do so as a result of triggering from another, usually the intimate partner.

So, now you´ve had your experience in the Shadow with Her – it´s time to bring it into the Light. And transform those experiences into Knowledge. The kind of Knowledge that creates a Path forwards for you and for others.

One that allows the feminine to be seen, heard, respected – and Loved – in her more uncomfortable, often vilified aspects.

(I think of this as a badass Cosmic Valentine´s Day present …)

At the end of the day, charging into the Shadow to ´clean´ it does´t work. Awareness, compassion, integration, forgiveness, release – as appropriate – does.

Black Moon Lilith will only re-enter Scorpio in March 2025! It´ll be a while before she visits this particular dynamic again. So take these lessons with you – they´ll go a long way.

I´ll talk more about Black Moon Lilith in Sagittarius if/when called – as she unfolds – but for now, remember to take the gifts and lessons that Scorpio´s energy has given before you head on off into a new exploration.

Let the dust settle for a few days as you sit and integrate. We´ve shed a lot in this time .. and the lessons haven´t been easy. Take the time to grieve, feel and mourn what has had to go …. and when the time is right – celebrate those changes!

Give yourself a little breathing space before you start that bold, bright next chapter.

And remember – this is Eclipse season … the next Solar Eclipse is in Pisces (26/2) – 12 days from now. Asteroid Lilith (not the Black Moon) will be within 7 degrees of it. More to uncover.

Dr Bairavee Balasubramaniam PhD
The Sky Priestess

Post © Bairavee Balasubramaniam, 2017. All rights reserved.

Image: ´Broken Hand´ © E.K. Buckley ( – used with artist´s permission )

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7 thoughts on “POST-BLACK MOON LILITH IN SCORPIO (May 2016- Feb 2017): RECAP

  1. Thank you so much! Yes – cracked wide open…only one standing is myself, my heart, my vibration – I am looking at my victim, how she has helped me, how she is perhaps now outgrown. I have been raised up. I am grateful, humble and healing…


    1. Thank you, my own black moon is in scorpio conjunct pluto. This time was like constant painfull epiphany. Wish it lasted forever. I also carry this energy with me all the time but the sharing with other was a powerful release. Difficult time, but life with a big L and awareness. Thanks for your tips for transition


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