Black Moon Lilith will be closely conjunct Fixed Star Antares (10 Sagittarius) for the next week. BML moves to 11 Sagittarius on May 22nd, 2017.

This can mean any number of things.

Quoting Corrine Lane ( ” Antares is one of the four Royal Stars of Persia, and the one star who’s challenge it is “to avoid obsession.” Antares bestows courage. Those blessed with this star can undertake challenges that others would never consider. They fixate on a goal and never, ever, give up.”

It is also known as the Heart of the Scorpion. In Hindu astrology, it corresponds to nakshatara Jyestha. (Source: Constellations of Words)

Jyestha was the other sister of Lakshmi, basically the umbrella category for all things seen as being ´unwholesome´ in women. The idea of Lakshmi in herself is already the product of an extremely male paradigm of what a woman ought to and ought not to be. Despite her wisdom as ´The Eldest´ Jyestha is still relegated to the outskirts, and there she lies forgotten (Link: )

This latter connection resonates strongly with the essence of Black Moon Lilith – the Feminine who is disacknowledged and whose wisdom and perspective (Sagittarius) is denied or seen as illegitimate.

Sometimes this is due to the misogyny inherent in patriarchy – and sometimes it´s not. To claim that the feminine cannot commit its own variant of evil, or to find its own type of imbalance is … problematic.

In other words …

We are human, fuck-ups will happen either way.

The gender you embody or the path you claim to follow on the surface does not immediately tell you whether you are propagating patriarchal ideals or not.

Now in my own journey – I´ve met some wonderful male teachers … and some utterly terrible female ones. . . . (and vice versa).

And NO. I´m not going to justify spiritualists who cause harm due to their lack of knowledge or experience with the idea that – all lessons, pleasurable or painful, are teachings. They are – but that´s the same reason why I would vet a professional doctor, healer, therapist before having a session with them. I doubt you would want to let a surgeon who never attended medical school to work on your body (same argument).

In other words …

Spiritualists do not get to get away with half-assed work just because a bad teacher can give you a good lesson…

But, back to topic …

Now in my own journey – I´ve met some wonderful male teachers … and some utterly terrible female ones. . . . (and vice versa). Some beautifully divine teachings of the Feminine have come from those who do not identify with the term or see the Divine as having a Gender of any kind. And some teachings which have certainly shown me – early on – how one who wears the costume, makeup and headdress of the Goddess – may not be serving Her – at all ….

So yeah …

Be discerning.

You may also want to revisit ego-conflicts in student-teacher relationships. That is related to the above discussion.

But sometimes it just arises from a sense of lack – of an insecurity that has to do with one´s sense of inner knowing (that then gets projected on the other).

Bear in mind – that there is no one Path of Wisdom that is absolute, so competition is truly something that does not need to be.

There is however, a Path of Teaching that comes from the Ego – and one that does not. It will differ for each person, but know what you seek and which energetic center / frequency you wish it to come from.

Some of you will see the Paths that lead you to Truth as Ego-ic ones, when they may not be (and vice-versa)… It´s not an easy call to make, especially within this energetic climate.

It is best to be as conscious as you can about the parts of yourself that are seeking wisdom and wanting recognition for it at this time. Otherwise they become less easy to manage when triggered, i.e. when you begin to act out your sub-conscious responses to that perceived lack.

Use the energy inside of you that feels unacknowledged, unrecognized and get out there and speak your truth. Explore the Feminine traditions and their inherent Darkness (not Evil, that´s a different thing). Be brave and centered as you expand the field of what constitutes ´legitimate´ methods of knowing and/or spiritual experience.

A word of caution: In your quest to discover the Forgotten Goddess and her wisdom, stay discerning. Not all that is Dark is necessarily Sacred. (Link: )

As so many of you will want to put forth your wisdom into the world – a few general reminders may be of use to you.

You cannot control how your words will be taken on the best of days, so aim to speak from the Heart. At times it will comfort and at other times, it shall be detached. Love comes in many forms.

Part of Love also involves recognizing Free Will. Your advice or perspective may simply not be welcomed. And that is fine as well. People have the right to choose with what or whom they engage with.

Remember that all that you do and are is witnessed by the Universe. Always. The validation you seek (if at all), is already there for you – straight from Source.

Heads Up.

Dr Bairavee Balasubramaniam PhD
The Sky Priestess

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Image © Broken Hand, E. K. Buckley (Used with Artist´s Permission)


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