HEAL YOUR RELATIONSHIPS & YOUR RELATIONSHIP WITH SPIRIT: 2 Inconjuncts – Jupiter / Neptune, North Node / Chiron (April – July 2017)


Blessings everyone. Today I discuss two long-standing inconjunct aspects in the skies, involving Jupiter, Neptune, the North Node and Chiron. Over the next few months, these aspects significantly influence the way we navigate our personal, professional, romantic, creative, sexual partnerships alongside (or through) our spiritual experiences, approaches and paradigms.

Given the enormity of aspects that have been playing out in the skies, the temptation would be to overlook these as ´minor´ or less consequential alignments. My intuition tells me that would be a mistake as the way in which these inconjuncts strive to find some kind of equilibrium with one another influence the way ´major´ aspects will unfold.

Think of them as the valves that can control the flow and energy of a much larger body of water, or the sail that allows you to navigate your ship through the storm. The way you navigate these inconjunct aspects can give rise to subtle changes in approach and orientation – with great potential to alter your course, and even your destination.

Inconjunct aspects occur when two bodies are 150 degrees apart. With a third body is present, they may form Yods / Fingers of Fate. Yods are accelerants that take you to the crossroads of change faster than any other alignment. They are windows that help you navigate and renegotiate the way you experience, embody and/or transcend karmic patterns and lessons.

Without the third body, the inconjunct aspect creates a constant sense of disquiet. It is somewhat neurotic, or restless, in nature as the aspect is ´uncomfortable´. It is relentless in its pressure to find a more stable, or balanced way of relating the two bodies / energies in question. Analogies that come to mind are the sounds that fingernails make as they scrape on a chalkboard, or the incongruity of chalk and cheese, oil and water – and so on.

Let´s look at the two alignments in question.

(1) Jupiter inconjunct Neptune (April 21 – July 30)

Jupiter in Libra has been teaching us the lessons of growth through balance in personal and professional partnerships. It doesn´t always teach these lessons in a pleasurable way. It simply amplifies the opportunities for these lessons to occur.

Neptune in Pisces has been slowly, but surely, revealing to us ways in which we can access hidden, secret, ancient energies, memories and mystical gifts. For some, this is the path to transcendence and Cosmic-Communion – and for others – it is the path to further delusion and entrapment.

Together, the Libra-Pisces dynamic has been making us examine how our Relationships bring us to Spiritual Truth or Deception …
and how our Spiritual Journeys bring us to the Relationships we encounter, for better or worse. As Jupiter is involved, sometimes the Other in question is a Teacher or Authority Figure.

Between April 21 – June 9, Jupiter will be in Retrograde, bringing some of the brunt of these questions bubbling up as resentments, or simply deep seated tension within the psyche. It may also mean a stronger impetus to address relationship karma and its origins. From June 9th onwards, Jupiter will begin to move direct. This allows more of this questioning energy to be rendered in visible form. You may also feel a sense of decompression at this time as things begin to move – as they need to.

June 16 sees Neptune beginning its retrograde in Pisces. This will be a time for sharp adjustments as the veils dissolve and the bubbles burst. Focusing on lower-chakra work and making the effort to stay embodied, discerning and present to your spiritual experiences will make all the difference in the world. And it´s good general practice.

Between May 25 – May 29, Mercury in Taurus will sextile Neptune and inconjunct Jupiter. This creates a Yod / Karmic Accelerant (as I see it). Look at the words and the ideas that you use to create the material reality you inhabit. Unless you are without form, the logic of the 3D world is still part and parcel of your spiritual experience. Bring your questions surrounding spiritual work and relationship dynamics to the material here-and-now.

Is it practical?
Is it stable?
Is it unsafe?
Is it stagnant?
Is it rewarding?

and so on…

Between June 16 – 22, Venus in Taurus will complete the circuit. You´ll be asked to bring these questions home – yet again – to your relationships, collaborations and financial arrangements.

Those of you with natal placements near 13-14 Taurus and/or Leo will be experiencing this as a Yod in any case.

(2) North Node inconjunct Chiron (May 6 – June 26)

The (Mean) North Node, just as it had shifted out of Virgo and into Leo, began making an inconjunct aspect to Chiron in Pisces.

The North Node in Leo asks us to look at how we express our creative, playful, authentic, expressive natures and sense of being in the world. It´s about falling in love with yourself and all-that-is. It´s about artistic and dramatic expression, inspiration and motivational leadership – and it´s about children and joy. And equally about the pain and vulnerability that arises when these energies are not allowed to shine for what they are.

Chiron in Pisces examines the archetype and associated paradigm of the wounded healer. It asks us to really question the healing process and how much of it arises through pain. It asks whether our attachment (or familiarity) with pain (you might even call it habituated comfort) inhibits our healing. It explores the gifts and vulnerabilities that empathy and compassion bring to the fore.

It is equally the energy that draws out the narcissistic or predatory type of energy that feels itself hollow, empty and disconnected (and often this is the same energy that pretends to be its very opposite). I suspect the intensity with which we – as a collective – now focus on the empath-narcissist dynamic emerged through this transit, beginning in 2010.

Put together, the inconjunct asks us to examine our sense of spiritual woundedness and/or gifts of healing we have access to – and how these either exacerbate or heal the wounds of the inner child, sexual trauma, romantic disconnection, a lack of warmth or inner joy, etc. The Leo-Pisces connection draws out a lot more visceral pain as both signs go to very deep, intimate and tender aspects of the psyche.

Questions that may arise:

Why does what you love harm you?
Why does what you love heal you?
Why is your ability to love linked with the need to caretake?
What would love look like without that requirement?
Where, or when, within yourself – have you made these assumptions, contracts or choices?

And so on.

Chiron begins its retrograde on June 30, shortly after this inconjunct dissolves. You´ll have some time for review thereafter. Those with placements near 27-28 Libra or Capricorn will experience the Node – Chiron inconjunct as a Yods.

Generally speaking, between now till the end of July 2017, use the energy of these alignments to navigate your way to better psychological, sexual, spiritual health.

This is an excellent time to focus on healing your relationships, both within and without – and of course – with / as / through Spirit.

At the end of the day, you are a Sovereign being with the power of Free Will.

Your reponsibility, first and foremost is to your own well-being. Then to those around you.

Otherwise you get an empty cup … and whole lotta heartbreak.

But that too, is a choice.


Dr. Bairavee Balasubramaniam PhD
The Sky Priestess

** You may need to + 1 day to dates for those in Asia/Australia

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