Self-Care and Energetic Recalibration


There´s a lot happening in an astrological and a cosmological sense right now. Astrologically, the most revelant aspects appear to be the Grand Fire Trine with Saturn, the Galactic Center, the North Node and Uranus (and aspects to it). These alone bring massive downloads of information and the need to integrate it into the physical body. Mars is currently opposing Saturn and the Galactic Center,adding further intensity to the experience – and (and) grounding it into the physical body.  There are of course wider societal effects at play with greater implications for the collective.

The script is being rewritten at every level imaginable right now, even though it’s full effects have yet to be seen

Cosmologically, we´ve just had a G3 level geomagnetic storm following a major Coronal Mass Ejection (CME) that entered the Earth´s magnetic field May 27th. Strong geomagnetic storms have begun in its wake.

Apparently, the Earth has a crack in its magnetic field (these can form, and close themselves over time – general info –…) – and this is what makes us so vulnerable to CMEs from the Sun.

I suspect some people are more sensitive to it than others and that these changes manifest at the biological level. Here´s a study on the effects of Schumann Resonance (an index of global electromagnetic resonances) on human biology :


Now …  I suspect there may even be some deeper cosmic trigger at play as it does feel like a new threshold has been reached for many.  Or it may be the interactive effect of both.

You´re likely to see a lot of physical, psychological and spiritual changes occuring at this time. Or simply a feeling of great intensity.

The process of change itself is not a pleasant one for a lot of people, though some are enjoying it. But for those who are struggling, practising self-care is vital at this time.

Take it one moment at a time and allow the process of transition to occur as it needs to. Listen to your body´s messages and signals and take care of your health accordingly. The reasons for this will be clearer, with time.


Dr Bairavee Balasubramaniam PhD
The Sky Priestess

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