The Sun is currently at 13 Gemini. Over today and tomorrow (4-5 June 2017) it will make some powerful exact aspects to multiple bodies in the skies. In this article, I break down the various aspects involved and analyze them in depth. There is a video link that distills the essence of the various alignments with practical suggestions for coping and using this energy to your advantage. Those who prefer that, feel free to head straight for the video ( ). This one is more for the astro-geeks.

The Gemini Sun focuses upon the way in which we perceive environmental stimuli, analyze these impressions within the mind and respond to them. This is powerfully linked with the earliest years of development in which the Self realizes that it is an ´ I ´ separate from its environment. You can consider this the origin of dualistic thought, essential to the evolutionary survival of the species on this earth-plane. (Knowing you are not the predator headed your way makes you less likely to die). Gemini´s energy rules (and is not limited to) siblings, early childhood years, thought, analysis, speech, communication, lungs, bronchi, limbs, celebral processes and so on. It is a sign that lends itself to creative forms of experimentation, analysis and so on. For an excellent take on Gemini read Spiritual Astrology by E Krishnamacharya.

I´ll preface each paragraph with a list of the aspects under discussion, as follows:

Sun conjuncts:
Ceres (14 Gemini)
Asbolus (14 Gemini)
Memoria (12 Gemini)
Altjira (11 Gemini)

Conjunct Altjira, Memoria, Ceres and Asbolus (11-14 Gemini), the Gemini sun asks us to look back at memories of childhood or even past lives that can be accessed in the dream state (or through meditative practices that take you to the same place). This is a powerful time to look at parent-child dynamics that have given you greater or lesser access to your ability to perceive your individuality, develop your own point of view and communicate it back to others. Many of you can and will use this energy to reveal secrets hidden in your own pasts which will give you a transformational perspective on who you are, how and why you think the way you do. Perception is key in the meaning-making process that allows us to understand this ´reality´. Transforming the gates of perception allows us to transform the way we experience, interpret and thus live our lives.
Getting more sleep, meditative reflection, writing, speaking, screaming, singing and reading can bring you to states of catharsis (and subsequent disclosure). You may also find benefit in talking it through with someone you consider your brother or sister (be it by blood, or family of choice) as long as they are willing and able to hear you and help you sort through what comes up (as appropriate). Breath-work will be very appropriate at this time.

Sun trines
Jupiter (13 Libra)
Moon (16 Libra)
Okyrhoe (14 Aquarius)
Tantalus (13 Aquarius)
Sauer (13 Aquarieu)

Trined Jupiter, Tantalus, Sauer, Okyrhoe and the Moon (13-16 Aquarius), the Gemini Sun asks us to look at how others (especially partners) and wider societal ideals continue to shape our patterns of perception and self-expression. We may also look to how our individual patterns of interpretation and communication play a role in interpersonal and professional dynamics – and in how our voices contribute to the awakening of collective consciousness. These alignments create a Grand Air Trine – which one the one hand is a fertile time for the genesis of new ideas – but is equally prone to make some feel ungrounded or overstimulated at this time. Grounding practices are key in managing this intense flooding of Air energy.

Gemstones such as smoky quartz, sodalite, dumortierite and others can be greatly beneficial at this time to clarify your ideas. Hematite and Black Tourmaline will be useful in protection from negative energies, creating a safe and clear space for you to process. Blue lace agate and aquamarine will faciliate clear, compassionate and empowered communication (if you´re feeling a little rough around the edges).

Essential oils (please research before use) such as frankincense, clary sage, lemongrass, lavender, black pepper and tea tree can help you clear your physical and mental space.

Given Tantalus, Sauer and Okyrhoe´s placements, it is useful to remember that we are always at the risk of reifying our own illusions and/or desired modalities of perceiving the world. Whilst the maxim that perception creates reality is true, it is one that needs to be qualified. Living a reality that is founded upon the denial presents its own problems. It is important (for those of you willing to take the journey) to question how much of your ideals (and your commitment to them) stems from your Ego, rather than your Spirit. What you consider Truth and your relationship with it alters once you change the level of consciousness you perceieve it from. And it is an exercise that all, irrespective of their spiritual growth, are encouraged to perform from time to time.

Those who seek to delve deeply into their own illusions / perceptual blind-spots may want to use black obsidian, snowflake obsidian, optical spar and/or labradorite. Once you are willing to release a particular way of seeing the world, you are more likely to discover hidden gifts – potentially even an oracular voice – long suppressed emerge from within.

Sun opposes:
Great Attractor (14 Sagittarius)
Black Moon Lilith (12 Sagittarius)

Opposing Black Moon Lilith and the Great Attractor (12-14 Sagittarius), the Gemini Sun is going to be drawing a lot of traction from statements issued by authority figures, teachers, politicians, religious institutions and so on. Many will feel the need to immediately respond to global messages that make us question the roads, ideologies and classificatory categories we identify with (be it nation, party, religion, and so on). And this is valid.

My counsel to you (should you wish to accept it) is to remember to speak from a place that reflects your centeredness, rather than your pain. Whilst pain is valid and important to acknowledge, solutions do not always arise from them – when they come out in their rawest form. Give room for the expression of that also, but remember to balance it with a more detached perspective on whatever it is that you are responding to.

The video discusses this delicate balancing act in greater depth.

Given the nature of the Great Attractor, there is likely to be a great deal of polarization ensuing from external stimuli transpiring at this time. Try to avoid the tendency of falling into one camp or another and find your own Path of Truth and interpretation. You do not need to preach to others, but rather, let your actions speak. (And sometimes staying silent says a lot more than getting into a screaming match). Many are also like to project on teachers and authority figures at this time – exercise discernment, more so than usual .

Black Moon Lilith´s role in all this speaks to a need for greater representation an acknowledment of one´s Truth and its Place in the World. Whilst BML refers to the suppression of the Feminine archetype, this energy is to exclusive to women and their concerns of exclusion (as monumental, and as valid as that is). All will experience this in their own ways, irrespective of the gender one identifies with. Some may also react strongly to this sense of inner disconnection with the Truth of the Feminine in ways that (on the surface) completely stand at odds with it! (Which is why denial does not help)

Before responding to the world at large, go within and see which parts of your being cry out for greater representation and acknowledgement at this time. Honor them within yourself and then head out to face what you need to. Your words and your energy will be vastly different by doing so.

Sun squares:
Neptune (14 Pisces)
Teharonhiawako (14 Pisces)
Hidalgo (15 Pisces)

Squaring Neptune, Hidalgo and Teharonhiawako (14-15 Pisces), the Gemini Sun´s challenges appear to come from a time long before this current birth. You will be working through older paradigms and karmic patterns through the challenges that now arise. Without a stable anchor or sense of groundedness, the influence of these Piscean placements can distort the messages you receive or the way you perceive them. Compassionate detachment, coming from a place of groundedness is key at this time. And whilst it´s a tall order, bearing this aspiration in mind is likely to bring us closer to manifesting it in practice.

Through the dissonance that many may feel, some will also find greater clarity and truth – a moment of glimpsing through the veil of Maya or Illusion to find the spiritual origins of a particular way of perceiving the world (and its underlying paradigm). If you feel up to it (and that qualification is key), this is a profound time to do some deep soul-searching. Some of you will be asked to embrace paradox, to become more comfortable with ambiguity – or the idea that multiple, sometimes contradicting truths are equally valid, or that no consciously discernible truth is present.

Both Neptune and the Great Attractor make it all the more likely for projection dynamics to be rife at this time – so making sure you are in a grounded place before you begin any such journeys is critical. Remembering that who we are now is not only shaped by early childhood but by choices and experiences made long ago will go a long way in helping you through this process.

Some of you will also be asked to question deeply the role of sacrifice, surrender and suffering as part of your spiritual journey thus for – and whether (if so) – you are ready to journey in a new way. That´s a huge discussion in and of itself.

For those who find it overwhelming, sleeping through it is an equally valid option. Remember to watch your fluid intake and eat grounding foods (soups, root vegetables, etc. can be deeply comforting at this time).

Sun sextiles:
Praamzius (14 Leo)
Vesta (11 Leo)
Eurydice (16 Leo)

Last but not least, the Gemini Sun sextiles Praamzius, Vesta and Eurydice (11-16) Leo. This is the opportunity to gain greater clarity on rescuer-saviour dynamics (and the drama triangle) and on where/how you may be sacrificing your right to experience joy, passion and playfulness. This is likely to be triggered by children, creative co-collaborators, romantic partners, and so on. You may also see these deeper urges arise through your own creative processes. Those of you with placements near 11-16 Capricorn will experience this as a profound Yod (Finger of Fate) bringing you to the crossroads of choice, helping you navigate a key karmic alignment in your life. Given that we have Hygieia, Chariklo, Astraea and Juno ther e (12-16 Capricorn) … it´s going to be an interesting alignment to work with. Those you consider soul-mates (these are people that help you grow, sometimes through pleasure, sometimes through pain, sometimes both – they are not necessarily your romantic or sexual partners) will catalyze this process for you, often through the form of power-play and control dynamics. You may also see these triggers arising with the elderly, persons who are senior to you in some hierarchial struggle, and/or figures in government.

In Conclusion …

When you put all that information together … you can see why the next few days are going to very interesting. It´s also interesting to note that so many Feminine bodies (Black Moon Lilith, Ceres, Vesta, Okyrhoe, Hygieia, Eurydice, etc.) are connected to the Sun at this time. it´s a massive opportunity to re-write the ways in which we conceptualize, perceive and express the experience of the Feminine, let alone her Wisdom. Especially just as Mars prepares to leave Gemini and enter Cancer, the sign of the Mother.

Key themes:

Analyze your perception.
Think before you communicate.
Practice Grounding.
Take a time-out before responding.
Honor Multiple Ideas of Truth. Do Not try to Bypass the Feminine.
Embody your Own.

The video ties together these themes in a more accessible form.


Blessings to the Collective,

Dr. Bairavee Balasubramaniam, PhD
The Sky Priestess

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  1. Doc, you rock! Your knowledge and understanding of the stars, planets, and aspects is truly exceptional and quite awe-inspiring. Thank you for sharing it with us!!

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