EMPTY CUP, RE-FILL WITH FIRE – Sun opposes Galactic Center, activates Grand Fire Trine (17/18 June 2017)

Once a year, the Sun opposes the Galactic Center. When it does so, we experience energies that make us shake up the cognitive maps through which we interpret reality. We are made to let go of old ways of seeing the world which no longer align with the beings we are becoming. We are asked to embrace new ways of seeing that lead us to new possibilities – and destinations.
These impulses are not always favourably received when one is profoundly invested in their understanding of Truth. An element of receptivity and fluidity is needed here to navigate these changes with ease. We are asked to let go of what we think we know in order to discover what we don´t. The Zen parable of student who cannot be taught as his cup is too full comes to mind:
Simply put, It is Time to Empty the Cup.
This year, the exact opposition takes place at 3:27 am UTC (18 June 2017) with the Sun and Galactic Center at 27 ´5´55 Gemini-Sagittarius respectively.
But it´s not the only thing happening in the skies. Not by a long shot.
Neptune has just gone retrograde, illusions are falling fast as we a quickly asked to face the ways in which we have practiced spiritual escapism or denial. Old hurts, pain, patterns of karmic imbalance from past life-times are becoming clearer in our ´sight´. We are asked to look at how we enable the continuation of suffering and co-dependency, often in the guide of martyrdom. All whilst Neptune squares the Great Attractor (14 Sagittarius), a gravitational anomaly that pushes and pulls us in a churning fashion to arrive at some understanding of T-R-U-T-H.
Through the Sun-Galactic Center, we also see the powerful activation of the Grand Fire Trine involving the North Node (27 Leo, mean calculation), Galactic Center and Pallas Athena (27 Sagittarius), Saturn and Ixion (24 Leo), Eris (23 Aries) – and other bodies.
Putting this in an ultra-condensed nutshell, from that place of the empty cup / no-mind, we are being re-ignited. The Fire energies open doorways for self-understanding, self-actualization, self-perception and embodiment in ways that lead us deeper and deeper into a relationship with Truth. It´s an abstract concept, but one that has tangible consequences. You may discover strengths, weaknesses, callings, wisdom and other facets of Being that you did not realize you had.
But to do so … empty out what you thought you knew first. And let yourself be filled with the spark of Celestial Inspiration!
And then, my friends, by all means – Act!
Put that wisdom and will into the world around you. Inspire others by your acts of bold leadership and fearless creative expression.
And that´s not always going to be a happy , ´positive´ , expression. Sometimes acknowledgeing what we disowned, the parts of ourselves held in a space of grief and shame – is equally an important part of the process. Truth isn´t always happy, cute or peppy – but the very opposite. Embracing it all is part of the alchemical process we are called to participate in with the Cosmos (within and without) at this time.
Stay tuned for triggers / catalysts from the Cosmos, guides, gurus, teachers, religious and academic figures and institutions, politicians, orators – and others who carry their ´Words of Truth´. And see how you get on.
If feel ungrounded, practice grounding. Sitting with earth, using a smoky quartz crystal near you feet will help immensely. Visualizing that nurturing connection with the heart and heat of the (planetary) hearth (Mama-Gaia).Sodalite helps you focus your thoughts, Lepidolite will help to calm mental overactivity and emotional turmoil.
If using oils (and please research before use), Frankincense is what I would recommend for accessing different layers of Truth. Clary Sage and Vetiver may work as well, but in different ways (and there are other options as well).
So, in short – pay attention to the writing on the wall and be prepared to adapt. This energy is likely to be present for the next four days as the Sun exits Gemini and enters Cancer (the Solstice – June 20/21, depending on where you are in the world).
What a time to live in.
Big Love,
Dr. Bairavee Balasubramaniam PhD
The Sky Priestess, www.bairaveebalasubramaniam.com
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