There´s a whole bunch of energies swirling about during this Solstice – but the one that really jumps out at me is Black Moon Lilith´s conjunction to the Great Attractor (14 Sagittarius), whilst squaring Neptune Retrograde (14 Pisces).

BML represents those aspects of Feminine Consciousness that have been excluded, forgotten, degraded, vilified – and so on. Unlike Lilith (the asteroid), BML to me refers to the later phases of Feminine Dispossession. Rather than lashing out at her attackers, BML is more focused on the system that gives rise to her disempowered experience. She may seek to become an accepted part of the superstructure that disowned her, or to challenge it. No matter which course of action she chooses, BML is inevitably projected upon.

In Sagittarius, BML focuses upon the question of the Path you take and how you take it. It rules over the movement of the Feminine (who expresses herself through all beings) in domains such as divination, astrology, religious / spiritual institutions, higher education / academia, philosophy, mentorship, political and other types of speeches / oration, long-distance travel, adventures, matters of nationality and citizenship and so on and so forth. It is in this domain that BML challenges the status quo that saw fit to exile her.

Not everyone who wants validation, recognition and acceptance stands on solid moral ground. BML (like the other Liliths) is also prone to acting out from the place of the wound, sometimes in what appears to be a destructive way. You see BML in the intensity of the voice that demands recognition, not in its moral content (or lack thereof).

On a more positive note, this is the perfect energy to introduce Wisdom Traditions of the Feminine that have been disacknowledged as they upset the status quo. We will see many Feminine Teachers come into the spotlight – and we pray that their message is one that affirms Life.

Not all teachings of the Feminine will necessarily be about women (or those who identify as such). It will, more broadly speaking, address the aspects of Feminine energy which have been suppressed in their expression. A man opening his heart to Compasion and Empathy may have more to say on the subject that an woman who shuts her heart to the same. So it´s not a purely gender-specific thing (however you define the construct).

Not all teachings of the Feminine will necessarily be about peace either. Sometimes the violence of disconnection (from Great Mother, from Feminine Source, from compassion and emotion) creates such a powerful imbalance that manifests as the very thing that created that disconnection. We see here the equal probability for cycles of abuse and suppression to continue their propagation.

The chances of a more polarized outcome are a lot higher as BML conjuncts the Great Attractor (14 Sagittarius). The Great Attractor is a gravitational anomaly that guides us to find and explore diverse Paths to Truth, often in ways that seem the opposite of one another. It is a point in astrology which is akin to the middle of a rope involved in a celestial game of tug-of-war: you get pushed about trying to find the center-point that works for you. You develop knee-jerk reactions to people, places, paradigms and paths that steer you (somewhat haphazardly) in your exploration.

Both Black Moon Lilith and the Great Attractor square Neptune-recently-turned-retrograde (14 Pisces). This makes it that much more challenging to separate Truth that is presented to you from a more transcendent experience of Reality and Spirit – and one that is presented by a (typically human)Teacher. For all the formulations of Sagittarian rhetoric and dogma, the Truth of Pisces transcends all need for hierarchy, authority and recognitions of accomplishment or knowledge attained. This is the perfect time in which recognize Teachers who work from Spirit, and those from Ego.

All those who play the role of Teacher know there is an Ego attached to that task. It is a Mask we wear to fulfill that function, but it needs to be released just as quickly when the task is done – lest it becomes a pedestal on which we convince ourselves of our invulnerability and ineffability. The best maps and conceptual frameworks give us an indirect method of accessing the Truth of Spirit – but at best, it is still second-hand knowledge. It is wise to remember the limitation of human concepts in understanding the Transcendent and to seek the experience for yourself instead. Here is where a wise Teacher becomes a true Blessing.

At a spiritual level, we are asked to be even more discerning when confronted with the Truth that Black Moon Lilith holds up to us to receive. We are asked not to fall for the stereotypes and a priori assumptions that make up our worldviews, but to take the time to feel into things and to allow our inner instincts to lead the way. We are also asked to learn the value of rest, anonymity / obscurity and humility in the Spiritual Path as we open to Feminine Truth once more. What we are working towards in our own ways, has less to do with Us, and more to do with the Bigger Picture: The Movement from Dispossession to Re-Integration, and (eventual) Harmony.

This will become even more relevant between June 23-30 as Mars and Mercury in Cancer will inconjunct Black Moon Lilith and trine Neptune. Let your habits, instincts and deeper emotions lead the way.

Dr. Bairavee Balasubramaniam PhD
The Sky Priestess,

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