Introduction to Thereus-in-Cancer, activated by Moon & Uranus (26 June 2017)

The energy of Thereus-in-Cancer gives us the opportunity to peer back into ancestral dynamics which perpetuate different variants of the victim-abuser dynamic. As with so much of the spiritual journey, it is a lesson that is available to the initiate when they are ready, willing and prepared to confront that which they have taken for granted, suppressed or denied.  When you try to force or push this learning, you often encounter violent energetic reactions (usually of the defensive kind). As a facilitator, I can safely say that Thereus´ energy was one of the hardest for me to learn to work with – in myself and others – but the rewards are many.

By understanding Thereus, we understand just where we have predated upon others and vice versa – and where/how/why we did not say No to that incursion. Maybe we didn´t know we could. Maybe we didn´t even know such patterns were at play within one´s energy body.

Maybe we were taught to accept energetic predation, bullying or manipulation as ´normal´or ´what family does´.  

It is a fallacy to believe that we are purely independent beings which have no connection to ancestry, guides or other types of energies. Very often so much of the seeker´s journey arises through the discovery of what is one´s True Will and energetic signature, once other influences are removed, or their influence mitigated.

Given how many bodies are in Cancer right now (Mars, Mercury, The Sun) – and having just experienced the Cancer New (Super)Moon – I felt it apt to discuss this energy at this time. It is something that is arising in the collective unconscious, which of course, links up with the individual processes of awakening that we all experience – in different ways, and at different intensities.

In this video I discuss some general features of Thereus and the kind of approaches one might take in understanding this energy further. At present, Thereus (27 Cancer) is conjunct the Moon and squaring Uranus (27 Aries). I will be referencing this video later in June and July as other bodies such as Mercury, Mars and The Sun make conjunctions to Thereus. This is a basic introduction to what is a very complex astrological / spiritual teacher with some gemstones and essential oil recommendations made at the end.

Remember that we all come to learn, experience and grow. And a lot of that process requires forgiveness – not just for yourself, but for others. Once you remove yourself from harm, at the very least 😉 Too often do we jump to forgiveness without extricating ourselves from energetically toxic situations – and that does not help either. Thereus is not an easy energy to work with and so I urge you to work with facilitators with demonstrated experience in this subject-area.



Dr. Bairavee Balasubramaniam PhD
The Sky Priestess,

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2 thoughts on “Introduction to Thereus-in-Cancer, activated by Moon & Uranus (26 June 2017)

  1. Beem processing ancestral patterns for months, hoping nit to pass down the harms yet another generation.

    “Thank you for this reminder:
    Once you remove yourself from harm, at the very least 😉 Too often do we jump to forgiveness without extricating ourselves from energetically toxic situations – and that does not help either.”

    I find that removing myself from harm is not just a physical thing– it’s also removing myself from the influence and the emotional harm– that I can’t do any forgiving until I have moved away from that harmful place completely on all levels.


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