Celestial Pentagram

A highly charged alignment in the skies pushes all of us – faster than we may like – to karmic forks in the road. It is easiest to refer to this as a Pentagram (5 pointed star surrounded by straight lines or a circle). It is formed by the intersection of three Yods / Fingers of Fate **

Three points are needed to make a Yod. Two points connected by a sextile (60 degree aspect), both inconjuncting a third point (150 degree aspect). The resulting shape looks like a narrow, tapering triangle pointing in a certain direction – hence a ´Finger´.

Yod energy is not stable, but quick to move and in search of newer levels of evolution and awareness. The apex of the yod (tip of the finger) represents an area of your life in which you are called to make a key decision in your life of some kind. This decision will help you navigate the deeper karmic lesson of the yod.

Less aware decision-making can make you feel as though you´re a pinball being propelled on the same track over and over and over again till you choose to make a different decision.

Conscious decisions will help you better transcend, accept, embrace or dissolve (as they case may be) karmic patterns. This helps you transform your relationship with the Yod and to learn to flow with the karmic currents it brings to your life.

When you get three intersecting Yods, the intensity is amplified. One decision spirals into the karmic process of a different alignment, that influences the next alignment, and so on. So you get cascading streams of energy, with each experience you have or decision you take spiraling outwards as though it were a domino on a pre-determined path woven into an incredibly intricate, organic pattern.

Whilst there are multiple alignments in the skies exerting strong influences on the current astrological climate, the triple intersecting Yod / Pentagram is probably adding rocket fuel to an already accelerated focus on (potential) human evolution. You can imagine that this energy can feel quite volatile to many, prompting what (from the outside) might look like bizarre behavior.

3 Apex / Key Decision Points to take note of:

Jupiter (13 Libra)

Look at your choice of partner or collaborator, consider the values you uphold in partnership and whether it is a fair balance of give-and-take. If working in isolation, consider the parts of yourself that you do not normally honor or recognize, especially the parts that aren´t as flattering to the ego´s sense of self. Exploring your collaborative relationship with Spirit and ways in which you may feel the relationship has / needs to change would be useful at this time. Boundaries are key, as long as the truth of the Self is Honored. Irrespective of who you work with, you never have to compromise your Essence. Ever. Remember that you cannot be generous when your own cup is drained.

Black Moon Lilith / Great Attractor (14 Sagittarius)

Look to the teachers, paradigms, roads that you take in navigating your Path. You will be pushed and pulled towards Truth and Falsehoods. Truth may be uncomfortable, Falsehood may feel comfortable (or vice versa) – there is no generalization. If you have a strong reaction to Feminine Teachers / Paths at this time – you may be well within your rights to do so – or you may be fleeing from the Truth this person represents. (All in context) The same applies to the voice of the marginalized (or those who make those claims) in the political, religious or academic domain. Full Article: http://wp.me/p4OUNS-21zhttp://wp.me/p4OUNS-21z

Asteroid Lilith (14 Taurus)

Consider how you have opened yourselves to energies which touch upon ancient traumas, fears, repressed desires and gifts. Have you done so in ways that embrace sensuality of embodiment, the pleasure of sex and nourishment? Or in ways that deepen a sense of disconnection from it all? Have you allowed these openings to touch upon energies or material exchanges that are less aligned with your personal Truth and search for Spirit? Have you equated the pleasure, comfort or familiarity with the search for Truth and spiritual nourishment – and does that take you where you need to go?


Mercury / Mars (13-15 Cancer)

Look to the words and actions that your emotions inspire you to act upon. Let your emotions be your barometer. Let them point you to the direction you need to travel upon right now, but keep your discernment close at hand. Consider those you feel ´at home´ with, or who/what anchors and grounds you in the world. Consider whether these connections are maintained in ways that honor the connectedness of home, tribe and family – whilst allowing each person adequate space to ´simply be´ in and of themselves. Related areas: family / ancestral dynamics, real estate, the physical interior of the home, emotional experiences, psychological grounding, and so on .

Neptune Retrograde (14 Pisces).

Be discerning, grounded and mindful of the (dis)information that is coming up at this time. Not everything that is perceived or received is exactly what it claims or appears to be. Do your due diligence if performing deep spiritual activations at this time and don´t be afraid to voice any concerns or doubts that you may have. Sometimes our doubts simply mask our own insecurities – and sometimes they are totally legitimate. You won´t know till you have a look. Whilst faith is a powerful force in and of itself, as before, keep your discernment close at hand. It´s more comfortable for the Ego to assume it is a Transcended Form … than to actually do the work required to get there ….

Overall picture:

So – look at these 5 potential triggers – Spiritual Inspiration/Delusion – Home/Emotions – Wealth/ Sensuality – Truth/Path – Partnership/Shadow — coming from nearly half the zodiac … and see what comes your way. There´s no real way to prepare for the kinds of challenges this alignment brings to us. Having your eyes open helps.

Try not to judge others at this time, but be clear in who you are and what you will or will not tolerate. Enforcing your boundaries is not an unspiritual act. Anyone who tells you otherwise will probably find it hard to differentiate between benevolence and parasitism (a huge issue within the culture of spiritual bypassing in the New Age community). This is where a lot of people get guilt-tripped into giving away their power and identity.

If you can be compassionate and offer the benefit of the doubt to someone acting off-key, do so before you respond. Though there are so many triggers at play, you do not need to react to this energy like a loose cannon / headless chicken running about.

Take Home Messages:

Grounding, Centering, Anchoring practices
Sleep, Rest, Eat what your body needs
Everyone will have their own experience – follow your feet (gut, instincts, emotions) – and you will find what you need.
Love is wonderful. Start with yourself.

Blessings and Love,

Dr. Bairavee Balasubramaniam PhD
The Sky Priestess, www.bairaveebalasubramaniam.com

** Orb taken for Black Moon Lilith, 3 degrees. This Pentagram alignment is not the same as a Grand Quintile, which creates a perfectly regular pentagon (each side of the same length and angle). That has its own significance.

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Post © Bairavee Balasubramaniam, 2017. All rights reserved.

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  1. WOW WOW sister! So spot on. You are giving words to what I am living over the past week… as you know!


    Verstuurd vanaf mijn iPhone



  2. Hope you’re having a great day so far, dear!

    And, oh yeah for this alignment, I feel it!

    Xoxox _______________________________


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