Developing True Shamanic Sight.


Shamanism is not just about drumming, dancing and taking psychedelics. For me, it´s about being able to sit deeply in your own energy, going further and further – past your own emotions, pre-conceptions .. .going so far within that you reach that state of No-Thing and All-Things.

Your sight and gifts of discernment awaken and reveal to you multiple realms or dimensions. You begin to understand how reality operates in ways that words can never fully express or experience.

Sometimes breathtakingly beautiful, sometimes heart-wrenchingly horrifying … sometimes both, neither – or just freaky.

What I have found is that there are great misconceptions surrounding shamanism because (1) the more external lifestyle attributes of the path become conflated with the path itself and (2) the inner work tends to be neglected.

I also find a great resistance to the multiple worlds that shamanism opens us up to seeing because it makes others question their perceptions of reality. And … it´s very easily conflated with what modern medicine understands as mental illness. The inner prerequisites of the work make that less likely, but again – that´s what´s being underemphasized.

When you try to go into those shamanic spaces without preparation, grounding or guidance, you open yourself to a world of pain … and multiple power trips. That is – when you assume that this path is about the externals, of what it ´looks´ like.

This is when it is perfectly legitimate to bring up the the idea that what you are seeing is your own projection, the need to anthromorphize your fears, giving masks to formless shadows and so on, imbalanced brain chemistry expressing itself, etc..

Dont´worry – everyone on the shamanic path works through this initial phase.


No exceptions.

But over time … what you do end up seeing is a view of the many realities and realms that go beyond your personal emotions and sub-conscious complexes. That is what I would call True Shamanic Sight.

Having that level of access and perception is in itself intimidating to others. They will try to find a more palatable explanation and box you in under the weight of their own experiences and assumptions.

Much like the way a person blind to the colour green can only call it a ´wonky blue´. No matter how brilliantly emerald it is. And they may, even kindly, keep insisting on how you need to see it as green because of your psychological complexes.


In cases like this, remember your Center. And keep going into the Depths. To the place that transcends all that you know yourself to be.

Make sure you are committed to that inner journey and seek guidance from those who have done the same. Be willing to question your perceptions, but honor your process and your work.

Last, but not least …

Don´t expect people to always understand or validate what you´re seeing and why.


Dr Bairavee Balasubramaniam PhD
The Sky Priestess


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3 thoughts on “Developing True Shamanic Sight.

  1. I thank you once again for offering this information which I found to be consoling, for I have no one else to turn to with some of my confusion. I go to a deep place within where symbols tell me something before I enter a fluid place of beautifl purple and gold light which dances together in a seemingly endless tryst. I need some guidance from one who has gone before me.


  2. Reblogged this on Blue Dragon Journal and commented:
    Inner Sight is individual and paradoxical in nature. Persons grounded (or stuck) in rational reality (which is an illusion in and of itself) will not be able to understand the experiences of the true Shaman. Thanks for this, dear teacher.


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