The Sky Priestess Soul On Fire

For me, the aspect that summarizes this Capricorn Full Moon – and conveys its depths – is the Sun´s novile to Vesta and the North Node. I looked into hundreds of aspects (without looking at or thinking about the minor aspects) and this sparked in my mind – like a bolt of inspiration, straight from Source. I intuited the the bodies involved and their angles and I checked my software, and – well – it was exactly as guided. A similar picture is painted with the Moon/Earth/Pluto novile to the South Node. I´m going to focus on the Sun/Vesta/North Node connection, here – it reaches the heart of what needs to be said.

Noviles are 40 degree aspects. They give us a glimpse into the karmic futures that we can choose to create. You can think of them as focused streams of consciousness engaging with dimension of time. When a novile aspect is present, it is a promise that we shall reap the full karmic consequences of that which we sow. That the seeds of intention, energy and action – shall ripen in a way that (can) accelerate the Soul´s evolutionary journey.

A window through which the Soul´s understanding, and experience of karma blossoms, or matures. A greater opportunity to release one´s self from the karmic hamster-wheel.

When we approach a novile aspect with the intent of spiritual completion, we are given the test-and-initiation to do so. But it has to come from that part of Self that goes beyond Ego, or any human conception of Spirit.

I looked through hundreds of aspects and this …. alignment suddenly flashed in my inner inner sight (I wasn´t even looking at noviles in that list). And I knew this was message that tied to many others together.

The Sun in Cancer gives us the opportunity to complete, or mature karmic contracts that have to do with our sense of home, family, belonging and tradition. These need not be the ones you are born into, but what your soul calls out to you to find. This is all about going to the truth of your emotions, and realizing that so much of what you understand as ´emotion´ is a product of familial and ancestral conditioning. Some of which create a sense of foundation, and some of which are self-limiting and parasitic when internalized. It is about learning which elements of these energies you choose to integrate into your being, and that you firstly have the choice to do so. We are not dictated by Tribal energy, unless we allow ourselves to be.

Vesta and the North Node in Leo reveal the direction you need to take to further your spiritual development. The question becomes: What Brings You Alive, and What Keeps You From It?

At the deepest level of your Being, choose to invest your focus, to become committed to nothing less than the Expression of your Truest Self. Sometimes it comes out through an activitiy you´ve always wanted to do, but never done for a variety of reasons: dancing, singing, cooking, playing, painting, drama, music,
oration, live performance – whatever it is.

For some it may be committing fully to Love – the kind of Love that can never let you settle for anything less than you deserve. This is an energy that wants you to break out into play with your inner child. To honor its vulnerabilities and secret shame – and to let it feel … love, purity and wholeness once more. Some of you may also see this energy arise with your children, creative collaborators or romantic partners.

Vesta allows you to understand that embodying your Creative, Sensual, Joy in the world IS your path of Service. You are given the opportunity to dissolve old karmic contracts and release yourself from the weight of expectations that have told you that it is irresponsible, impure or simply not your place to do so. Shake it off! And Dance in the burning heat of your Soul on Fire.

Some of you will also be releasing outdated contracts with deities from this, or previous times. It can be painful, but brings extraordinary relief when completed. And a more centered, embodied experience of the Soul´s Truth.

What you choose now … you will reap in so many ways to come in the future. Do not underestimate the power of this moment and how it can transform not only you, but the planet as a whole. Such a beautiful time in which to be alive.

So, choose wisely.

Come Alive, Once More 

Dr. Bairavee Balasubramaniam PhD
The Sky Priestess

Suggested music: Hans Zimmer – ´Time´ from Inception

General take on the Sun/Moon-Pluto opposition and The Essence of Capricorn:


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  1. Thank you very much. Recently my 4th eye opened. It in turns communicates through the 3rd eye.

    This morning, “Ed” woke me up quite loudly with “Hello there!” When I started to nod back off to sleep, my 4th eye activated again. There was a change, once again in what I see. This happens often during full moons.

    I believe what you are saying is what I’m seeing; an integration of energies from this full moon. It gave me a massive headache, which is common with using this method of communication.

    Thank you for your post. They are important for those of us ascending. ❤


    1. Wow! This is so epic. Thank you for this analysis and information !! I have my North NODE in LEO in the 5th house which also contains my Jupiter in Virgo… and my sun is cancer which is in Noville to the north Node. I feel this so deeply!


  2. Thank you it certainly feels like everything you say and more.

    Letting go of familial patterned and ways of being is a rocky road yet, so light and enlightening.

    Deep gratitude for your sharings 🙏


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