Over the past days, a very strange vibration has been making itself known to me. I wasn´t able to put my finger on it as each time I tried, it kept staying as a beautiful, mysterious blur. I had a long chat with my friend and fellow astrologer Greg George and we kept trying to figure things out till it hit us: The Yod (Finger of God) involving Mercury in Leo, Jupiter in Libra and Neptune in Pisces. ( Writing and posting this piece has been a little difficult too – which makes sense given Neptune´s involvement 😀 and … you might want to get a hot beverage before proceeding )

I looked into it further and noticed a 2nd yod intersecting the first, this time with the further involvement of Pluto in Capricorn.

Yods are, quite literally, cosmic fingers that ‘point’ to an apex position. They are often experienced as a sensation of crisis, intensity and an urge towards resolution of some kind. At the apex of the yod, we usually find ourselves at karmic crossroads which require key decisions to be made. Our decisions then affect the pace, nature and level of vibration that we encounter in our spiritual journeys.

The Yod itself is formed by two bodies that make a sextile aspect (60 degrees) to one another, whilst making two inconjunct / quincunx (150 degree) aspects to a third body. This creates a long, tapering shape which is the Finger of God/Goddess/Fate alignment, The pinnacle of the Yod is the apex, where we tend to meet the karmic crossroad which urges us to Choose our Path and change our relationship with certain karmic patterns.

And when yods intersect, or share mutual positions – what you get is basically the astrological equivalent of the pinball darting about in the machine. Energy whirls and intensifies as each decision intersects with the other.

So, let´s look at the players involved in both yods

(1) Mercury 14-17 Leo
(2) Jupiter 14-15 Libra
(3) Pluto Retrograde 18-17 Capricorn
(4) Neptune 14 Pisces

The first yod involves Mercury in Leo sextiling (creating a supportive aspect to) Jupiter in Libra, with both inconjunct (challenging, pushing) Neptune in Pisces as the apex (focal point). This begins on July 12 and dissolves on July 16. Please add +1 day for those in Asia/Australia for all dates given.

The second yod appears on July 14 – it´s going to kick in in just over four hours´time (roughly 9 pm UTC, July 14th). Pluto in Capricorn sextiles (creates a supportive aspect to) Neptune in Pisces, whilst both inconjunct (challenge, push) Mercury in Leo as the apex (focal point).

As all four bodies are connected to one another at this time, it makes more sense just to talk about each player individually. The energy is swirling together in this rich, complex soup – think of this as a generic ingredient list that will give you some sense of what is going on.

(Also – heads up if you have bodies near 14-18 Taurus and/or Gemini – this activates a Triple Yod alignment – and that means a lot more juggling and karmic intensity)

(1) Mercury in Leo asks you think about the ways you think, communicate, conceptulalize and express yourself. Especially when it comes to what you´re passionate about – what brings you to life! It may also involve questions surrounding children, one´s own inner child and general connection to that sense of joy and playfulness in life. It´s about getting out there and really expressing yourself through whatever activity you see fit. Dance, get up on stage, act in a play, paint, have glorious sex, do whatever really makes your soul sing. Some of you may discover that singing, chanting, speaking or writing really does it for you at this time 😉 So keep those journals handy.

(2) Jupiter in Libra´s been at it for a while. We´ve been asked to consider our choices in partners and collaborators as these choices will then shape our path of growth. Whilst Jupiter likes to feel bigger than itself through the energies of the collaborator (in Libra), make sure that you adhere to the princples of give-and-take, fairness and equity in whatever you´re called to be a part of at this time. Boundaries and the ability to honor one another and share space/energy in close friendships, work collaborations, personal relationships will also be a focus at this time. Jupiter is also conjunct asteroid Aphrodite at this time – so you may find that some of your relationship questions may focus on how feminine desire, longing and sensuality is expressed.

(3) Pluto in Capricorn asks us to look at how we utilize our gifts to create a legacy of value and whether we do with integrity. It boils down to how we acquire and use power with respect to our intimate partners, colleagues at work, elders, career pursuits, and society at large. It may also involve those persons and institutions (such as politicians and governments) in which we have invested power. Crisises of integrity are likely to spring up at this time, especially for those who use their authority indiscriminately. Generational traumas also resurface at this time – and it´s a good time to seek their transmutation.

(4) Now Neptune in Pisces… I´m going to take my time with this one …. because it´s been blurring this article for a while now 😛

Neptunian energies can be extremely intoxicating, beguiling, obfuscating and ambiguous to say the least. Sometimes they take you to glittering lights that turn out to be glow-worms waiting to feast on insects in caves, and sometimes they they take you to terrifyingly dark, ancient places in which you discover an unexpected sense of security. Spiritual experiences are somehow coated in fairy dust, heightening the experience like a potent hallucinogenic and making Truth a lot harder to find. And sometimes through all that you see a blazing light that shows you the way to Truth through chaos, deep grief and pain. And sometimes it´s something else.

Considering Neptune´s role as the apex of one yod, and participation in the next – it helps to know that we´re being asked to make a key decision surrounding our spiritual and karmic experiences.

Some key questions that can help you navigate through:

How do we experience our relationship with Spirit?
How much of that is related to past-life contracts and unresolved karma?
How can we best release that which is no longer aligned?
What awaits us then?

Now – as a special note – considering Leo (romance), Libra (partnerships), Neptune (spiritual karma, delusion, transcendence) unite in the first yod … it pays to be mindful about the words and ideas we give to the relationships that are a part of. Whilst it´s wonderful to be in a beautiful relationship, it does not need to be pedestalized. Whilst it can be wonderful to pedestalize a relationship, it gets real ugly if reality does not line up with your expectations.

Given the nature and pace of spiritual evolution at this time, it is all too easy to project the sense of being fated, necessary, spiritually mandated onto relationships. It gives a person a sense that their relationship is somehow special – which remains true even without needing a label. But that additional coating of Neptunian fairy-dust makes it harder to tell apart fantasy (idealized experience) from reality (actual experience). And sometimes that is just the old karmic trap repeating itself.

In other words, relationships that are strongly expressed through old contracts (be the label of the soulmate, Twin Flame, etc.) are easily romanticized at this time. Take special care to separate what is actually playing itself out, vs. what you´d like to idealize it to be. Consider how you would respond to your partner without the spiritual narrative attached to it. There´s a lot that people have tolerated and forgiven in the name of spirituality – at the cost of well-being and the joy of being in a relationship that honors the Self (and equally, the Other).

For those still griveing from past relationships that did not work out, this alignment _can_ feel rather hooky. Neptune has a way of re-packaging old wine in shiny new bottles
Here´s a couple of suggestions to deal with Yod # 1:

Energetic practices that help you clear your energetic field and to stay discerning would be of benefit at this time. Think of it as making sure you have a life jacket on when swimming in enticing waters, should you choose to jump in.

Working with protective energies may help, such as Archangel Michael, Prathyangira Devi, and so on.

Protective, grounding gemstones such as shungite, hematitie and smoky quartz are a bonus.

Gemstones for discernment such as black obsidian and black onyx can be a fantastic tool for those willing to look at themselves in the mirror honestly.

Essential oils (please research before use) such as Frankincense, Clary Sage, Lemongrass and Black Pepper are great for clearing space and cleansing one´s psychic perception.

Those dealing with past hurts and karmic hooks from older relationships and unhealed trauma may choose to work with Cypress and Thyme (eases the release of emotion and its expression) and work with Green Adventurine (it protects the heart-center from getting re-hooked).

Be gentle with yourself – and really – don´t beat yourself up if this is the case. Such are the times.

With respect to Yod# 2

The apex/focal point of this yod inspires us to find a mode of expression that takes these different elements together – Capricorn (material manifestation, legacy, career, the elderly) and Pisces (spirituality, karma, transcendence, delusion) – to synthesize a creative vision or path that inspires you to a path of Joy and Authentic Self-Expression.

Read, write, sing, chant – use and express your Throat Chakra as the conduit that allows you to channel and manifest the transformative challenge of the Dual-Yod. The story you weave for yourself now either reinforces narratives of generational trauma (and karma) – or creates a new path through it. It´s up to you to work with that energy as you will.

Some may find grand visions of destiny, intended career or legacy as one form of justification to return to old karmic patterns in relationships – remember that this feeds back into the first Yod. Not all of you will manifest this, but it´s insidious enough that it´s worth mentioning and being aware of.

In terms of suggestions –

Those who face insecurities or blocks surrounding their creative expression may find the carnelian or rhodocrosite gemstone useful.

In terms of essential oils, wild orange comes to mind 🙂

Drawing freestyle with the nondominant hand can also be a useful practice in overcoming inertia in creative self expression.

So – I hope this report helps you understand some of the cosmic weirdness/magic that´s been going on, and what´s coming up. The double-yod finally dissolves on July 15th (for those of you in the Americas) / July 16th for those of you Asia/Australia.

We live in interesting times.


Dr. Bairavee Balasubramaniam PhD
The Sky Priestess

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Post © Bairavee Balasubramaniam, 2017. All rights reserved.

Image: Public Domain (sums up the whole piece, really)


  1. Dr. B, I just want to say I think you are amazing. Thank you so much for sharing your hard-earned knowledge with us! Your understanding of how the celestial objects “feed” one another and in turn energize us (as above, so below) is more in depth than that of anyone I’ve encountered. Truly, you are blessed.

    May the blessings continue, and may peace, harmony and love be dominant in your life. Amen.

    Julie Compton Hawaii

    On 7/14/17, Dr. Bairavee Balasubramaniam PhD

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  2. Well done. 🙂 I associate yods with agreements or soul contracts that we made before we were born hence their “fated” quality. When the yod is activated it can seem as though the universe grabs you by the scruff of the neck and moves you in a tangential direction requiring and adjustment to the new opportunities presented. I have a powerful Neptune/Pluto yod through Mercury in Pisces in my natal chart so I’ve certainly learned how to go with the flow when a seemingly curve ball is thrown my way. Lol

    Liked by 1 person

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