Swinging the Sword of Justice: The Discerning Feminine & The Toxic Masculine – Jupiter in Libra squares Pluto in Capricorn; Uranus Retrogrades in Aries


 The skies are primed for change. You´re being asked to use your power of discernment to re-evaluate relationships, jobs, contracts and ideas of legacy, wealth and success. Things that are not in alignment will be need to be negotiated, navigated and/or negated at this time.
Whilst there is always a space for compassion, remember that it begins with the Self. Staying in a place of Love for someone else does not mean that you condone or tolerate abuse, irrespective of source.
Some of you may also be looking at legal or health issues at this time. Remember to take a breath and rise above your immediate emotional response. Be detached in your expectation of outcomes and recognize your role in the dynamic at play.
Even if the situation cannot be saved, it makes a difference when you leave from a place that is centered (within). That, however, may not always be possible.
You are likely to clash with those in figures of authority or seniority at this time, particularly as they play the role of the ´bully´. Sometimes that is a role that arises through projection, and sometimes they are truly abusing their power. These individuals will be the catalysts for your next stage of growth.
That being said, those who are in particularly volatile domestic arrangements may want to find a safe space. Many will be triggered by this energy and Pluto (17 Capricorn) … is not cuddly. Quite the opposite.
The Feminine appears to us through Her alignments to Jupiter (17 Libra) – Aphrodite (19 Libra), Kassandra (18 Gemini) and Magdalena (16 Aquarius). Kassandra and Magdalena (Mary Madgalene) stood true to their essence in the face of so much projection and violence. Aphrodite, in her essence, could be denied and arose through the castration of the Sky-God (Uranus) by his son Kronos (Saturn, Time). She is femininity manifest despite the plays of the patriarchy. (Which is not a call for castration, far from it – Aphrodite LOVED her sensual femininity and shared it with her lovers)
All three figures counsel us to remember our power of perspective. Shift the perspective, break the shackle. End the cycle of use and abuse.
Way too much of our energies are caught up in cultural and religious (even spiritual) beliefs that continue to tell us that it is the honorable thing for (especially) women to accept abuse and remain the ever-doting housekeeper.
Realize that toxic masculinity will not have an incentive to change as we invest power in such beliefs.
It is worthile bearing in mind that the Feminine (in her Healthy or Toxic Form) is not limited to the female gender. And vice-versa – these are cross-cutting archetypes.
A woman is fully capable of playing the ´toxic masculine´ role …. just as a man is capable of playing the ´submissive feminine role´ – using the binaries as examples for heuristic purposes.
Statistically speaking however, women (especially those who are also ethnic minorities) are disporportionally the victims in such dynamics. That does not detract from the experience of other genders, races, identities, and so on.
But it brings us to the question of what Feminine essence is?
* * *
The truth is there is no complete, Universally-accepted answer to that and there never will be.
Some insist that Femininity is defined by the traditional conventions of nurture, softness, warmth and gentleness. As the Nurturing, Benevolent Mother.
Others see her as the Warrior, Protector and Avenger. Be She (The Wrathful) Kali or the Morrighan.
Others as the Crone, Others as the Maiden, Others as the Girl-Child …
You can define that construct in any way you see fit. Because it is truly that fluid.
She is Form, She is Formless, She Exists, She Doesn´t … She is All things … And No-Thing.
( Which means She is Also the Masculine 😛  …  )
So don´t feel the need to get hung up on the existential definitions. Unless you like that sort of thing.
Getting back to the present …
* * *
At this time – with the Grand Air Trine – we are asked to invoke the Queen of Swords. She who is fair, just and decisive. The Wise Woman. The principle of Justice herself in these current alignments. We are asked to call forth the Strategist within, finding a better vantage point to assess her situation. Much like General Antiope from the recent Wonder Woman film. (if you need a visual image)
For only when appropriate boundaries are drawn can she begin the process of healing – and perhaps – where appropriate, lay the foundation for reconciliation in a future time.
This is an all-or-nothing alignment, with little wiggle room – especially as it comes in the shadow of the upcoming Lunar Eclipse. Remember that the situation you face will look different depending upon the level of perception you see it from. It is wise to stay centered in the body but remember to reach out to higher/deeper levels of awareness beyond. 
Stay away from all-emcompassing spiritual cliches and use that sense of discernment. Many things that may present themselves in the name of Love, Duty, Tradition, the Status Quo, etc. make appeals to our sense of fairness and responsibility. Consider if these appeals are valid and if you still resonate with the ideals that underpin them.
We may also see a greater focus on holding public figures and institutions (of government, banks, etc.) to account at this time. Remember that whilst Jupiter in Libra has a high level of tolerance, when a certain threshold is passed and the Scales have tilted too far, Lady Justice brings out the Sword.
* * *
As Uranus has just stationed retrograde, you are asked to go inwards and examine your relationship with your centers of perception and evaluation.
Questions for Self-Reflection….
Are you seeing things in a certain way?
Is this a just perspective or something you were expected to follow?
How can you align your perception with your evolving consciousness?
Where may you be glossing over the details and trying too hard to reach a more ´enlightened´state? (however you may define it)
What will it take for you to be more real with what you really think, perceive, feel and desire?
Gemstone recommendation: Optical Calcite / Icelandic Spar ; Black Obsidian ; Rainbow Obsidian
Essential Oils (please research dosage, contraindications before use, especially if ill, unsure and/or pregnant): Clary Sage, Melissa, Black Pepper, Frankincense, Tea Tree, Lavender
(It´s also a good idea to see if your supplier follows the principles of ecological sustainability and proper compensation to farmers and their communities)
* * *
Now some of you will truly be enjoying this alignment. Please, continue to do so.
If you can, hold safe, powerful spaces in which others can find their own clarity.
Avoid making judgements on individuals who are struggling – or those who are soaring as we all take turns to rise and fall in our processes. That way, we can help each other through it. Simple as.
More on the Lunar Eclipse Soon …
Blessings to All ❤ 
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Post © Bairavee Balasubramaniam, 2017. All rights reserved.

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