August Eclipses, Metrograde Blessings, Vesta´s Challenge & Discovering Joy at the Heart of Healing the Feminine


Blessings all. This is a two-part Joint Report with friends. The first is the astro-report (video embedded) with Mr. Greg George and the second is an interview with Rabbi Melinda Bernstein on the Lunar Eclipse in Aquarius and its Messages for the Healing of the Feminine. Lots of giggles, bloopers and fun in both videos, interspersed with potent messages for the collective. Enjoy! ❤


– Aquarius Full Moon / Lunar Eclipse
– Leo New Moon / Solar Eclipse : w. Grand Fire Trine – Uranus / New Moon / Galactic Center / Black Moon Lilith / Saturn Retrograde
– How the multi-planet retrograde slows the energy down throughout August with a special focus on Mercury
– Why Mercury Retrogrades ought to be called Metrogrades
– What challenge does Mercury & Vesta (The Priestess) in Virgo present to us?
– Why the action is actually coming to us in September
– Paving the way for challenges to the Fixed Signs in 2018

Take home messages:

Focus on manifesting on the inner planes
Stay centered in your truth
Consider the energies, groups, friends, vessels and other paths that you invest your energies in as part of your Path of Service –

And ask yourselves – do these affiliations still resonate?

Prepared by Astro-buddies Bairavee Balasubramaniam ( The Sky Priestess ) and Greg George ( check out his timeline for juicy astro tid-bits )




Yesterday  I also had an interview with Rabbi Melinda Bernstein​ . You can listen to our discussion on the Yod that also dominates this Eclipse (between Pluto, Neptune, the Sun and Mars). We explore the concept and experience of Joy and express how it lies at the Heart of Healing (With) The Feminine.

Here´s what Rabbi Melinda had to say about our conversation:

I am beyond excited to share with you a conversation I had last night with Dr. Bairavee Balasubramaniam, also known as The Sky Priestess. Learn how astrology plays a role in healing the feminine. Learn that spiritual experiences can be achieved through joy rather than sorrow.

Are you ready to experience more joy in feminine healing?

Join in the conversation with myself and Dr. Bairavee Balasubramaniam, PhD and discover what she and the sky have to say about your future. This very important conversation MUST continue for us all as aspects of healing the feminine through spiritual awareness and depth merges with astrological importance.

Dr. Bairavee Balasubramaniam explains what this means and much more. We are aligned in the endeavor of awakening women to their spiritual truths and although I have shared mine through the lens of grace and peace, underneath that (rather how I got here) is what needs to be shared even more in the coming year. When truths are spoken, our power is restored and we can create more joy in our lives. And joy is what is being called in.

Personal profile: Melinda Bernstein

* * *

All in all, a productive day with friends aligned to the same cosmic beat. Yesterday was my first day back on the Gold Coast.


Blessings to All ❤
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