Super-Quick Note on Vesta Leaving Virgo!



I feel lazy today. Like, not wanting to work or do anything much. Which is about as common for me as an icestorm in a desert.

So naturally I checked the skies 

Vesta´s about to leave Virgo – and with it, the opportunity to release burdens you´ve been carrying in the name of service. For the workaholic-facilitator types, this is a great blessing. Sometimes we overextend ourselves and sometimes it damn well isn´t necessary.

Others may choose to step up to areas of service they´ve been neglecting. It´s a great time to dedicate yourself truthfully to a path of care, nurture or service as well.

Really depends where you are at. Just listen to your body .. you´ll know what to do.

All this happens within the next 4 hours. . . . Then, The Priestess enters Libra. Totally different kettle of fish.


The Sky Priestess



Image: Public Domain

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