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Jupiter, The Galactic Center, Sedna and Hephaestus align together to create a Galactic Yod (Finger of Fate).
It is a powerful time to address themes that surround healing from betrayal, physical or sexual trauma and somatic disconnection. This also relates to your material capacity to create, give and receive material abundance on this plane!
Forgiveness that arises from the core of your being has a transcendental magic at this time. The sky isn´t even the limit. Trust in the possibilities of the present moment. As you release the bitterness and pain, you begin a whole new cycle of growth, experience – and yes – joy.
I would recommend working with gemstones such as unakite or rhodocrosite at this time. Essential oils (please research use, contraindication and dilution especially if hypersensitive and/or pregnant) include geranium, myrrh and vetiver.
Breathing into the body, and speaking directly to your cellular consciousness is a powerful exercise especially at this time. Know that your cells echo memories of the past as carried through generational and past-life imprints.
It is important to remember that was completed on one timeline no longer needs to be carried into the present (and your human perception of Now).
Give yourselves permission to release the emotional charge surrounding those memories, and to allow in new waves of conscious joy and embodied presence in the world.
Breathwork, massage, affirmation practices, stretching, being in nature, gemstone elixirs – and combinations thereof are excellent ways to approach this.
* * *
This ties in beautifully with Mercury (27 Virgo)´s opposition to Chiron (26 Pisces) and square to the Galactic Center (27 Sagittarius). If you bodies near 26-27 Gemini, you will experience this as a Grand Mutable Cross. Venus will revisit 26 Virgo on October 12 whereas the Moon and Mars will do on October 16 – October 18. You will be building upon the messages you receive from Mercury then.
And remember – Saturn´s conjunction with the Galactic Center on November 25 will ask you to anchor your practices within a larger paradigm or vision of development, travel, learning and expansion. As stated previously, this creates a seed that will continue to inspire the trajectory of your individual and our collective growth over the next 30 years.
Moreover, the Galactic Center (27 Sagittarius) is strongly activated at this time by Mercury (27 Virgo), Jupiter (27 Libra), Uranus (27 Aries) and Chiron (26 Pisces). Pay attention to the work you are doing now and the messages you are receiving.
* * *
So, what do you do?
Some suggested practices are up above.
Ultimately – Mercury in Virgo is asking you to get practical about your physical needs, your health, rituals, tools and daily routines. We´re all receiving so much of galactic energy at this time – and shall continue to do so!
The challenge now is to refine the physical vessels and spaces we use to receive and hold this energy. When Venus, Mars and the Moon aspect that position in October, we will expand our focus on maintenance and how it relates to our finances, relationships, masculinity, femininity, vitality, health, beauty, relationships with family, emotions, material and emotional foundations and so on.
It´s it interesting that these bodies were involved in the recent occultation of the Moon preceding the Virgo New Moon?
Rather than deep meditative or spiritual work, many of you may be better served by focusing on the physical and material plane and looking at its capacity to hold and connect yourself with the deeper dimensions of the spiritual. Those who are plunging in, find a solid material and emotional foundation first.
In practical terms, this means looking at your body and its needs, your nutrition, gut health, daily exercise regimes, mind-body-spirit practices, stretching, adequate hydration and rest, clearing space, removing attachments and etheric interferences, and so on. It´s also about keeping the right balance between nurturing yourself and others.
* * *
I suggest focusing on the body and its material experience as the anchor for deeper spiritual work and there are multiple reasons for this. We are being bombarded by cosmic energies and … it´s vital for us to be able to hold it and to filter out what is not needed.
Astrologically speaking it relates very much to the activations to the Galactic Center itself – and – Uranus´ opposition with Jupiter (27 Aries – 27 Libra).
That in itself is an explosion of waves of galactic firecrackers and forms of awareness headed our way. Expansion into multidimensional awareness and increases in psychic sensitivity are just a part of it. And at an extremely rapid pace.
Our relationships become the screen upon which these forms of awareness play out.
A word to the wise:
Doing the equivalent of spiritual bungee jumping because you like the intensity of it … opens you up to connections very rapidly – and these can have longer-term complications when done so without the right amount of reflection, grounding and embodied presence.
That´s how people become vessels for less aligned energies and forms of consciousness. And no I´m not just talking about ´lower entities´…. but equally the ones that appear to come from the stars, bright lights and so on.
Intensity, or indeed excess of any emotion or intention in itself can become a hook. It doesn´t get talked about much … but it´s a conversation worth having.
* * *
So in short – chop wood, carry water, have your moment of awareness and transcendence, chop wood, carry water. And so it goes.
Whatever you need will come to you if you are receptive to it and it is in alignment with your path. Though struggles come, you do not need to push through as though you were Rocky fighting Apollo Creed. Not all of the time.
Allow solutions to present themselves, or get the right kind of guidance.
Remember to honor energetic boundaries, time and energy when working with others (be it as guide, teacher, facilitator and/or client). Chiron at 26 Pisces also reminds us to honor our healers and facilitator and to understand that giving too much can be as bad as giving too little. Be mindful with how much energy you invest at this time to avoid creating longer-term cycles of dependency, resentment and/or obligation.
At the end of the day, it all comes back down to finding the right balance. And honoring one another as best we can.

Ciao ciao for now.

Dr. Bairavee Balasubramaniam PhD
The Sky Priestess

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