There are several powerful alignments in the skies right now, involving the parts of our lives that deal with relationships, passion, past-life karma, teachers, paths, philosophies, health, though-processes, early childhood, siblings, nurture, children, joy and sexuality.

I wasn´t even planning on writing this article, but a wave of emotion and vulnerability hit me. I got really upset and teary at first. And then realized that the source of this energy wasn´t mine. It was something larger that played with into and amplified my own vulnerabilities. The Tarot guided me to more impersonal forces at play and then I checked the sky-charts: Boom! Confirmed.

Not everyone is going to feel this intensely as some of us are experiencing it – it comes down to your sensitivity and planetary alignments (same difference, generally). Take what resonates and leave the rest.

If you are soaring with the waves and able to tap into the wellspring of inspiration these alignments bring, great. Keep doing what you´re doing and help others do the same if so called.

Otherwise, if you´re struggling- this extensive overview and suggestions therein will help.

* * * * * * * *


There is a massive wave of Sagittarian energy brought into play with the activation of Saturn (22 Sagittarius), Black Moon Lilith (26 Sagittarius) and The Galactic Center (27 Sagittarius).

We´re being asked to remember that whatever we experience now is ultimately making us commit to – or – decisively walk away from a particular path, paradigm, ideology, teacher or question surrounding movement / relocation. Powerful individuals are broadcasting their messages your way – consider whom you choose to engage with (or not) … and more importantly – why?

If you are where you need to be, the learning keeps expanding effortlessly. Though challenges do arise, they are met with the knowing that comes when you are in alignment.

This is easily confused with selective perception – where a person blocks out or distorts what they are experiencing to avoid re-evaluating their basic views of life. This article and interview address similar themes:

When the Mind Blocks the Truth of your Path and convinces you Otherwise:

Decisions surrounding these matters pave the way for the next three decades of development as Saturn meets the Galactic Center in late November of this year. Pay attention to what is arising at present to see what future outcomes or themes may address.

Some of you may also be strongly drawn to the teachings of the Darker Feminine Archetypes at this time. Whilst inherently rewarding at best, it is a domain of experience and study that is also subject to great projection and distortion.

Seekers are advised to seek teachers (ideally a guru – i.e. someone who is able to metaphysically provide you with a safe container through which you learn, amongst other things) – who can help. Not all who wear the mantle of teacher or guru are necessarily aligned – and not all who seek to learn these teachings are necessarily prepared to. It takes a lot of prerequisite work and emotional development to safely address these energies. You may find this article relevant:

When Not All Darkness is Sacred: Things to Bear in Mind when Embodying or Channelling the Dark Goddess –

* * * * * * * *


In Virgo, a stellium of personal planets and powerful asteroids activate the Sagittarian placements discussed above: Mars (22 Virgo), Atlantis (22 Virgo), Eurydice (24 Virgo) and Venus (26 Virgo).

We are very likely to be encountering individuals whom we have met in previous lifetimes, particularly those connected with Atlantis, Lemuria, Kumari Kandam, and other sunken continents. This is a powerful time to perform rituals and ceremonies of karmic release and unconditional forgiveness so that these older energies can be put to rest.

Whilst it is easy to romanticize the past and the ancient spiritual technologies our ancestors had access to, remember that these civilizations fell – Atlantis being the most famous in this regard.

It is also useful to remember that time and space as we (humans) perceive it is not exactly what it looks like to the rest of the Universe. Quantum mechanics continues to give us a glimpse into what how what we take for granted – isn´t really what we thought it was. (Spirituality tends to get there a lot earlier though).

Whilst there is a lot of talk about uniting and merging the timelines, personally I would not say that´s a good idea. Let things play out in their own space. Much in the same way we would not want to merge our internal organs into a single point, letting things play out in the appropriate time-space makes more sense to me.

It plays out as a workable strategy when dealing with these issues in as part of spiritual facilitation. I´ve had the privilege of meeting teachers who do this work in …extremely sophisticated ways and cutting away from a lot of the distortion that surrounds this work.

The same reminder – to not fall into the romanticism of the past – applies to relationships and the strong spiritual and emotional responses that meeting individuals we knew way back evokes.

No matter how strong these responses are, remember to come back to the present moment, the 3-D based reality you chose to be in. Your spirit doesn´t need to remember to ´go higher´ … it exists in many other dimensions to begin with. In this incarnation, this challenge is to be here – else we would not have chosen it.

Use your discernment. Think about whatever relationship, business venture or other connection comes your way.

Is this necessary?
Is this going to further my part of service?
Is there an old karmic contract at play?
If so, what do I do about it?

In cases like this, it is best to work with facilitators who operate at the 5D level, or higher. It is, whilst not impossible, a lot harder to address a karmic contract at the 3D level. Takes a lot longer too.

Many may also be playing into the karmic version of the drama triangle – as participants cycle between being saviours, victims, perpetrators – and so on. Those struggling in that loop may find this article of benefit:

Walking Away from the Drama Cycle –

Pay special attention at this time to your digestive health and generally what your body communicates as its needs and perceptions to you at this time. Keep your inner and outer spaces clean.

As Saturn squares Mars and Atlantis, it is wise to pay extra attention as you go about your daily chores, your activity at the workplace and/or when travelling. Being mindful will go a long way here.

* * * * * * * *


The most salient point in Pisces at this time is Chiron at 25 degrees. It continues to square the Galactic Center and Black Moon Lilith, but at this time also opposes Venus at 26 Virgo.

Chiron invites you to discover a different relationship with the perception of the wound. Whilst healing and teaching others is a powerful act, it often requires us to experience (and empathize) what we then share with others. But at a certain point, the wound no longer needs to have as much power over our learning and development process as it once did.

I enjoy Caroline Myss´ articulations on this concept and the term which she coined to describe the over-attachment to the wound, i.e. ´woundology´ . You can read more about it in her book: Why People Don´t Heal and How they Can.

A lot of my own thoughts on the topic (and they have come a long way) originate from my first experience of that book. Here is my take on the woundology concept – and an update is due. But the essence remains the same.

When does the Wounded Healer, Heal? –

Video: Wound-working and Conscious Spirituality –


Using crystals as chlorite, shungite and selenite to purify your space would be useful at this time. I´d refer you to Judy Hall´s work on gemstones for further research on this topic.

Diffusing essential oils (after checking contraindications, etc.) such as tea tree, basil, frankincense and eucalyptus and assist in keeping your space clean and/or purifying what energy presents itself to you at this time.

Given that Chiron is on Pisces, much of what will come up is likely to originate from past-lifetimes and lessons which come through one´s generational line.

Seek the guidance of facilitators with expertise in these domains if you feel overwhelmed at this time.

If all else fails, the blanket fort will do, along with comfort food and lots of rest and sleep.

Here´s a calming mantra that may help. It is the Hebrew invocation of the Heavenly Host.


* * * * * * * *


Asteroids Chaos (23 Gemini), Dionysus (23 Gemini) and asteroid Lilith (24 Gemini) complete a Grand Mutable Cross with Virgo, Sagittarius and Pisces.

Chaos refers to the gaping void through which all is birthed. Dionysus refers to the need to balance the extremes and Lilith … well..

Lilith encourages us to explore the story of the Dark Feminine.

But it´s important to get the whole story – and not just what we remember. Patriarchy as we understand it is a comparatively recent human phenomenon. Those who channel and remember past times also understand humanity´s experience with the Feminine that was .. indeed … out of control.

This doesn´t justify the way in which women tend to be treated on this planet at this time, but it does encourage those who seek spirit, to really dig in and look at the whole picture before casting judgement. As we recognize the fullness of the past and what has been hidden (or purposefully forgotten), we also make it that much more likely to discover new paths forward.

You may also find this article relevant:

Ending the Cycle, Healing the Collective – The Abuse of Power and the Feminine Principle –

With the other asteroids at play, try to stay away from highly polarized judgements (which inevitably play straight into the drama cycle – again). If you feel your buttons are pushed in ways that make your rich, complex view of the world a caricature of itself – walk away. That engagement is not worth it.

Channel your energy into your writing, journalling, speaking (to teach constructively), singing or chanting. If that takes too much, you may want to punch a pillow. (Apologize to it later)

Please remember that if you choose to work with mantras of a particular spiritual tradition – for the best results – please follow the original intonation and cadence of the mantra. If you´re just going with your creative explorations, cool – but bear this principle in mind when doing focused spiritual work, especially when working with others.

* * * * * * * *


Ceres, the Mother-Nurturer .. and .. Mother-Smotherer is at 5 Leo whereas Thereus (The Hunter-Stalker) is at 6 Leo.

To put a very long story short – this is a good time for us to be mindful of the stories or narratives of victimization and predation we inherit from (especially) our mothers. At the energetic level, it is important to focus upon the sacral chakra and the inner child archetype.

Take a golden pair of scissors and cut away from stories that tell this child that he or she is unlovable, dangerous, ugly and undesirable.

The story that may have been true for your family, ancestors and perhaps you in a previous life does not need to be true for the present.

As you give yourself permission to drop, cut or dissolve that energetic tradition, you give yourself permission to be.

That does not dishonor the past, it only prevents you from crippling your own future.

Here is a powerful mantra which can instantly dissolve certain kinds of blocks forms of energetic parasitism. Click on the description of the link in your browser to read a prepatory meditation to make the best use of this experience.

Please do not use this more than use a week. It will raise the element of fire in the body too quickly if used more frequently, unless advised otherwise by an experienced facilitator.

Prathyangira Devi (Lion Goddess Mantra):


* * * * * * * *


All of this is happening against the backdrop of alignments such the North Node (21-22 Leo) trining Saturn (22 Sagittarius) and Eris (23 Aries), Sun conjunct Mercury (16 – 18 Libra) squaring Pluto (16 Capricorn) – and so on. And of course Jupiter´s recent entry into Scorpio, which is just going to make everything go in search of even more intensity, depth and rigour.

These are intense times. And tiring ones too.

Remember to take care of yourselves, especially when you care for others. And remember to keep giving, whenever you can.

Blessings to the Collective.

Dr. Bairavee Balasubramaniam PhD
The Sky Priestess

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Sessions with The Sky Priestess:

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  1. Thank you for the insights and for the resources 🙂 I’m feeling all of this energy quite intensely! (natal placements in Sag/Pis/Virgo with sun/moon in leo… energy is strrrrong)


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