Watch out for flare-ups of emotion, passion, intensity or burning need to ´feel´ your own presence today. Remember that you have a right to occupy the space that you do, as long you do not invade another´s. Give yourself permission to Be.
Partnerships and collaborations can be deeply rewarding when they do not impinge upon each other´s right of presence.
Your emotions may also be responding to triggers, messages or experiences that strike a deeper, metaphysical chord. Remember to use grounded discernment in assessing what you encounter.
From a 3-D perspective, a spade is a spade. Don´t be afraid to recognize things for what they are, especially when seeking to make sense of the metaphysical-as-it-manifests.
Whilst we are multidimensional beings, embodiment allows for some commonality of experience and articulation – especially when we speak to others on the same plane.
Don´t be afraid to seek healing at this time. Seeking healing does not make you a victim of circumstance. (In fact, we carry too much shame around the word victim to begin with).
As you acquire more tools and perspective to understand how to heal, you make it that much more likely to help yourself out of your own situation (unlike Eurydice who sought rescue from the Underworld through her partner – who was ultimately unsuccessful).
Or – you might need a hand – which is … absolutely fine too. Do what you can to your utmost capacity first.
Many of you will find this to be particularly useful energy in examining the wounds, traumatic cellular memories and experiences that surround the Dysfunctional Masculine.
I say useful as I am firm believer in the phrase: When life throws you lemons, make lemonade.
Working with gemstones such as rose quartz and unakite would be particularly useful when needing to take a more tender approach.
As Mars aspects the Galactic Center, pay attention to the healing modalities, tools, facilitators and paradigms that you are guided to at this time. They will be of use and relevance when Saturn reaches the Galactic Center on November 24-25th, 2017.
Relevant Aspects: The Sun (23 Libra) opposes Eris (23 Aries) whilst The Moon (13 Virgo) opposes Neptune (11 Pisces). Mars (26 Virgo) conjuncts Eurydice (25 Virgo) and aspects the Galactic Center (27 Sagittarius).
Image: Enrico Scuri – Euridice recedes into the Underworld. Public Domain via Wikimedia Commons.

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