The Transcendent ? Terrifying ? Taurus Full Moon (November 2017)


The Taurus Full Moon will go exact at 5:22 am, 4th November 2017 (UTC time) with the Sun and Moon at 11´58 Scorpio – Taurus. This is the time for you to look at your relationship with manifesting, enjoying and sharing material abundance in an equitable manner.

Insecurities that you have in your sense of power are likely to present themselves as financial, intimate and/or physical lessons to learn.

Remember that many are being tested at this time – especially as we head towards Saturn´s conjunction with the Galactic Center later this month.

Plus – the Sun is also trined Neptune (11 Pisces) …. who better to test you on matters of faith and surrender?

Watch out for those deeply rooted fears as they are going to be rising to the surface. Be careful not to internalize the negativity of others or project unto them your own stuff (and vice versa).

You´re going to want to stay true to your path … irrespective of what challenges or fears arise at this time. And may that path be one that manifests nurture, connection and abundance for us all – and the Planet.

Believe in what you can achieve, and strive to do so from a place of humility and integrity. And watch what unfolds. Magic, miracles … perhaps even a transcendent place of spiritual clarity.

The seeds of this Moon were set six months ago during the Taurus New Moon on April 26, 2017.

Look at the what you set in motion then and witness how they unfold now.

Remember that – through the intensity and will of Scorpio – we are still asked to find the sweetness and solidity of Taurus. Make the effort to get out of the deep, sometimes obsessive focus of Scorpio and go have fun.

Eat good food, watch a movie, spend time with a loved one, hug a tree.

And enjoy.

Dr. Bairavee Balasubramaniam PhD
The Sky Priestess
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Image: By NASA Goddard Space Flight Center from Greenbelt, MD, USA [CC BY 2.0 ( or Public domain], via Wikimedia Commons

4 thoughts on “The Transcendent ? Terrifying ? Taurus Full Moon (November 2017)

  1. Thank you my love! Off to a good start.. and hugging a tree sounds divine. 😘🙏💜

    💜🙏 Nicole Mercolino Text/Talk 818-219-3911



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