11.11.2017 – Saturn, Uranus and The Moon form an exact Grand Fire Trine at 25 Sagittarius – Aries – Leo.



11.11.2017 – Saturn, Uranus and The Moon form an exact Grand Fire Trine at 25 Sagittarius – Aries – Leo. This is an alignment that will have a strong, planet-wide effect and its ramifications will carry through for decades afterwards.

What this means is that – right here – right now – you are being tested, shown and asked to choose what path you will follow. Where do you stand in this incredibly creative, destructive, alchemical and transformational time on this planet?

This has brought out some incredibly erratic behavior, but ones which reveal the truth of a person´s being. And how they choose to respond to differences in perspectives, choices and paths.

The last time Uranus in Aries and Saturn in Sagittarius trined each other in this way was in the first half of 1928 – and that too, with a 7 degree buffer. It was not an exact trine as it is now. History buffs, have a look at that time and see what was going on the world. You can draw your own conclusions.

What we´re experiencing now is far … far … more intense.

I applaud everyone who has managed to retain their integrity and strength through such trying, testing times. Who has shown up with their full presence to the sheer weight and intensity of these alignments. Who has chosen not to turn a blind eye to the Search of Truth. Who has understood that this challenge has been a collective assault on multiple fronts.

Saturn in Sagittarius brings the challenge in the form of / to / through a teacher, astrologer, guide, guru, philosopher, preacher, academic – or simply someone whose words are taken as having great value – especially if they open doors to greater knowledge.

Uranus in Aries brings the challenge in the form of / to / through friendships, altruistic pursuits, activations to the gates of higher consciousness (which in themselves can be jacked), awakenings and revelations of Selfhood, social media, electronic platforms – and such.

The Moon in Leo triggers our emotional responses and asks us to truly, deeply and powerfully consider the Desires of the True Heart. When in alignment, your path is not likely to have any need or desire to cause harm or contraction to the energy field of another. You will simply Be. Others are entitled to respond to you they way they will, but never to dim your light.

You are likely to see this particular challenge (or opportunity to deepen your expression of Love-through-Being) with your romantic partners, creative collaborators, children, leaders, and those who inspire you through the performative arts.

Some of us will use this energy to burn away the debris of outdated – or simply false ideas of Self and its relationship with Truth, Authority and Community.

This is destruction and death, but for a purpose that goes beyond any understanding of the ego-Self.

This essentially an opportunity to access the Fire within that leads us to the Path of Transcendent Being.

And it isn´t an easy, graceful Dance. Not all of the time, at the very least.

Others will go on an absolute ego-power trip, channeling the raw destructive energies of the Universe for their own purposes. They are not wrong in what they do – but the consequences of their choices will lead to further karmic entanglement at this time. It is wise, oh so wise, to consider where, how and why you spend your energy at this time.

Do you destroy to create?
Or do you destroy for the sheer pleasure of it?
Do you honor the process of the alchemy you create?
Are you still – at your center?
Or have you lost yourself in rush of blood that fills the head with its own self-improtance?
As part of your own process, do you still leave room to see other people – as people – or have you forgotten to witness and celebrate your shared humanity?

Critical questions to ask.

For those with placements near 25 Leo, you will be experiencing this as a potent Grand Fire Trine. My love goes to you. Use the fires stirred within well. Create, Express, Assert and discover the Joy within. It is absolutely no coincidence that the Moon is at this exact location now, completing the alignment.

On top of it all…

We have several factors that make this alignment even more intense.

Jupiter´s in Scorpio- that´s dragging out the Truth to be seen and we´ve already seen how that´s been playing out on a global scale.

At 6 Scorpio, Jupiter prepares to square Thereus (7 Leo) tomorrow.

Remember that Thereus brings forth all forms of hidden predation, internalized victimhood and the dynamics of the cycle of abuse.

Remember to pull up your psychic protection if energyworking and to be mindful.

People are not always what they appear to be, and only part of the time that is due to the distortion of projection.

Thereus in Leo is unfortunately skilled at predating another the the guise of the vulnerable victim.

That does not mean you should not help who you can, but to remember to use your discernment.

The Sun (19 Scorpio) squares the the North Node (19 Leo) and the South Node (19 Aquarius). Heads up if you have anything at 19 Taurus!

As it stands, this Nodal Fixed T-Square absolutely requires us to act in our truth and integrity. What we are doing and responding to is being witnessed by / on multiple planes of existence and reality.

Lead with your truth and let the let right kind of community follow.

Seek to empower yourself and others who are willing to follow that lead and honor you in the process.

Walk away from those who seek to tear you down, or respond in ways that do not adversely alter your own vibration.

You will be seeing so much more of this theme play out throughout 2018.

Black Moon Lilith is in Capricorn – you´re going to be seeing a lot of that ego-dynamic coming out. Let no one tell you that you need to submit your power to any human force, no matter the story they carry. Your work here is to remember that you are a Sovereign Co-Creator. No one has the right or ability to remove that power from you and you are fully within your rights to remove yourself from those that imagine they can even try.

We do not yet live in a reality where all respect and honor one another with compassion and love, and yet we are taught that love must never defend itself. Until we reach a state where this is true for all beings – remember your right to Be and to preserve your own Be-ing.

The best thing you can do with all this energy is to remember to Create. The process of birthing is, generally speaking, not an easy one.

Avoidance of difficult choices and circumstances is not really an option at this time – but do feel free to make sure you get that proverbial time out.

Especially if you are looking to grow to the greatest extent possible, within reason.

Remember than within the next 2 weeks, Saturn conjuncts the Galactic Center. Your actions, choices and intentions define the path you take and the reality you manifest over the next 30 years.

So … choose wisely.

Dr. Bairavee Balasubramaniam PhD
The Sky Priestess
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Image: Artist’s impression of dust formation around a supernova explosion.jpg by ESO/M. Kornmesser (http://www.eso.org/public/images/eso1421a/) [CC BY 4.0 (http://creativecommons.org/licenses/by/4.0)%5D, via Wikimedia Commons

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9 thoughts on “11.11.2017 – Saturn, Uranus and The Moon form an exact Grand Fire Trine at 25 Sagittarius – Aries – Leo.

  1. This is fascinating. What does this mean for people who have Saturn in 12th house?
    Am passing this on to a few people. Thanks.


  2. Yes closely linked to the Galactic Centre with the moon continuing on to transit the recent solar eclipse degree in a few hours!


  3. Thank you, Bairavee. Your work is very meaningful to me and the journey I’m on.

    My love goes with you.

    Many blessings on your travel at this time.

    I look forward to a session upon your return or next opportunity.


    💜🙏 Nicole Mercolino Text/Talk 818-219-3911



  4. Dear Bairavee, I have a question. “When in alignment, your path is not likely to have any need or desire to cause harm or contraction to the energy field of another.” – I find this in contradiction with the possibility to destroy for creation. Sometimes as you move forward and shed what doesn’t serve you behind, rather, you shed behind what you are not adding value to – in that process, we do end up destroying certain things, which can cause a contradiction in another’s energy field. Could you please help me understand how being in alignment can co-exist with destroying for creation?

    Liked by 1 person

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