Californian Astrology & Implications for Spiritual Practice, Geology, Politics and Entertainment: Changes in 2018-2019 with Uranus at 29 Aries

Blessings everyone. As most of you know, I´ve been travelling about the US. I spent a little time in Los Angeles, and then headed for New York. I thought about doing some energetic work in California – be it through a workshop, a prayer group, or something of that ilk. But I kept getting a no – for several reasons.
Californian land is made up of ceded and unceded First Nations territory. This link provides more information on the implications of it for the indigenous: Those who did agree to cede were left out of key aspects of the political decision-making process. And that leaves an energetic legacy.
That makes it critical to actually seek the blessing and permission of the ancestors before working on the land. Or doing any kind of spiritual work or practice there.
I´ve addressed this in a previous video/article: Honoring the indigenous, honoring the land for reference:
And those interested in the topic may want to read the ´Guide to Acknowledging First Peoples & Traditional Territory´ published by the Canadian Association of University Teachers in September 2017.
Whilst there are … legions of healers across the state able to facilitate, it is important to ask the following:
Is this practice welcomed?
How do I honor the land and history of the space I am in without appropriating that culture?
Is this what the land needs?
It´s not rocket science, and it´ll take you a few minutes to do once you´ve nailed down the routine, but I can tell you that it will make your work richer and more rewarding.
I kept asking these questions and tuning into the land – and for my purposes – I feel that it is important to have the blessing and participation of the indigenous communities. That is something that will take a lot more networking and planning. I´ve sent a few feelers out, but so far no go.
And you know what – that´s okay.
Part of land-working is knowing when to wait, when something is needed (or not) and when the personal ego tries to assert itself.
It´s the case of : just because you can do it, doesn´t always mean you should.
But it got me digging into the astrology of the land. So I checked out the state´s chart: San Jose, September 9 1850, 9:32 am.
That is the date that California was formally admitted into the Union as the 31st state. (Of course it has a very long history prior to this – but we´re taking the date of when it politically took its current form).
What jumped out at me at first (like a bat out of hell) was
Pluto and Uranus conjunct at 29 Aries.
Jupiter at 29 Virgo
North Node – 12 Leo (Mean Calculation), 14 Leo (True Calculation) – both are valid in different ways
(Of course there´s a lot more that can be said, but I´m focusing on the most salient. The Neptune-Chiron square is … very interesting and feeds into the narrative of dreams, addiction, enchantment and the perpetual search for healing)
What we´re going to be seeing in the state is an activation of Pluto and Uranus – especially as Uranus in the skies goes backwards and forwards over that critical 29 degree point in Aries. That can lend itself to a higher incidence of natural disasters (at the physical level).
It also means that we are likely to see ´eruptions´ in the level of consciousness there, in ways that seem jarring, erratic, destructive – but ultimately transformative. At the 3-D human level, this is likely to be uncomfortable.
When I visited Hollywood, I realized that I was (symbolically) in one of the most powerful places in the world. Hollywood has inspired millions of people, instilling cultural ideas, values, stereotypes – and has been a prime agent in the formation of (what one could call) a global identity. Albeit still centered in America. It´s the dream-machine.
And seeing how Pluto and Uranus come together at such a pivotal degree – really does not surprise me. It also tells me what we´re going to see significant breakthroughs and breakdowns in the state as a whole.
But really – that´s what change is about.
Pluto and Uranus at 29 Aries are very close to the state´s Descendant (7th house cusp). We´re going to be seeing changes coming in the way we idealize, represent and embody relationships and partnerships (and the role of the self within them).
Uranus is at 29 Aries between April 27 – May 16, 2018, November 6 – December 6, 2018, February 6 – March 6, 2019. These would be periods of key volatility.
Personally, I would say that Uranus settling into Taurus in 2019 will actually be a huge game-changer for the state – and the dream machine. We´re likely to see a lot of things forced to reconnect back with the land, and ´reality´ as we understand it. I predict an influx of new values in the way we understand the body, abundance, the fulfillment of physical requirements – and so on. Possibly even a great movement for body positivity and inclusion.
Of course those are rosy possibilities, but remember they come through incredible times of change. Which require flexibility and sensitivity to navigate.
And that brings me back to the question of land-working. In this time of coming change, it is vital for us to take a gentler approach to working with the consciousness of Mama-Gaia – especially in California. Sing to the land, dance with land and honor the memory it carries. It will go a far greater way in calming the energy and allowing for a smoother transition. Make your work joyful, even though what we see around us may be as sharp and stark as walking on the razor´s edge. It is important to hold both sides of the picture together when walking this space, without denying the validity of either. What comes to my mind are the dances of the First Nations people. It feels like that is what is needed – or something of a very similar vibration, with permission to access the land at such a deep level.
Jupiter at 29 Virgo will be aspected by the transit of Uranus – and these will be times the energy of the land (and state) will lend itself to examining our attitudes and standards of service, wellness, boundaries and sexual purity (amongst many other things). We´re already feeling the rumblings in the current focus on these subjects, and the intensity with which they are being explored.
Those with placements at or near 29 Scorpio / Aquarius will experience the Pluto-Uranus / Jupiter Yod. Major transformations and opportunities of change for those with those placements living in the state, especially in 2018-2019. What confirms this analysis is that the California earthquake of 1906 took place when the Moon and Vesta were at 29 Aquarius together. (And the Sun was at 27 Aries, not too far from Pluto/Uranus).
We´re going to see the energy coming to a head – even sooner as the state experiences a Nodal Return. Basically, at the time of writing, we see a conjunction of the two (Node in the sky and Node in the chart). The exact conjunction down to the degree and minute takes place on March 17 (14´17 Leo – true Node, 12´52 – Mean Node). Considering that California holds gubernatorial elections this year … I´d say March would be a good time to keep an eye on who emerges (as a candidate) with the right kind of political leadership for the state.
One may also see some powerful creative or dramatic acts, performances, events that may also take place in the state. It´s one of those times to keep an eye on the ball, really – especially if you live there.
Long story short, it´s time to find the heart of the state. And so much of that is buried under layers, and layers of trauma. And those who live there are now are compounding their own personal experiences when that older history of oppression remains unacknowledged. It is not limited to a single moment in time, but acknowledging what has come before you goes a long way in resolving what you are doing and experiencing in the present. It takes the weight off.
My suggestion – for the movers and shakers and thought leaders of the state – is to reconnect with those whose voices have been left out of this process and experience (from the mainstream). To invite and honor the indigenous in a much larger way that has been done before – if they are willing to accept that invitation. Let them lead the way in the healing of the land. It´s about time.
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Image: Geological Map of the State of California 1916. State of California. Department of Conservation.

7 thoughts on “Californian Astrology & Implications for Spiritual Practice, Geology, Politics and Entertainment: Changes in 2018-2019 with Uranus at 29 Aries

  1. Reblogged this on Blue Dragon Journal and commented:
    I left that over-populated, damaged land decades ago. I agree it needs healing. Having grown up in the shadow of the Andreas Fault, I’m aware of the potential for physical disaster, but the main disaster has been the subjugation of the indigenous people and the land itself. Now it seems like a foreign country, a strange eerie place filled with extreme cultural and economic divide between the rich, and legions of homeless people and illegal immigrants. No longer the California of my childhood, I have left her behind.

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  2. Wonderful, i totally agree with the necessity to reconnect with the land by singing and dancing to her. Years ago i had the vision of how the stump dance was important as a earth talk, and of the spreading of the pow pow, and how that would manifest, to the detail…. it is still possible. Thats what i do! Namaste


  3. Great insight and much to contemplate here! As a a Silicon Valley engineer much hit home. Plate techtonics have a major influence on the consciousness of the West Coast of North America. The Earth’s magnetic field is weaker here, thinning the veil to higher consciousness. That’s why there is so much innovation here. 1850 was an opportunity for major awakening and coming of age. Your thoughts about a anscestors of the land are much to contemplate. Thanks for your insights. I learn something every time.

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  4. California’s chart has been on my radar for some time now and I do feel a shake up will happen soon. I think the recent large earthquakes in Mexico connect to the northern plates of California.


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