Sun, Mars and The Super-Galactic Center in a Grand Air Trine (22-25 May 2018)


Sun at 1 Gemini trines Mars at 2 Aquarius and The Super-Galactic Center at 1 Libra. (22-25 May 2018)

This Grand Air trine – which will be even more potent tomorrow gets us to look at the narratives through which we have constructed our identities, our relationships, our ideologies- and the concepts which make up our navigational compass in life.

This is a good time to revisit the stories which your lives are woven into, and those which you have (for better or worse) super-imposed onto your experiences.

Relationships and the way in which we understand the agency of the Masculine will be especially under scrutiny at this time.

Whilst this can be a very liberating energy to work with, it can be profoundly uncomfortable for some as it overturns truths and frameworks so deeply cherished.

Those who are especially vulnerable to panic and anxiety attacks, mental loops, getting stuck in one´s head, etc. are advised to practice extra self-care. Distract yourselves in a healthy way should the processing of this mental energy be more than you can handle.

Or go to a qualified professional or support group who can help. Be mindful of not taking on another´s intellectual baggage in lieu of your own.




Postscript – I shared some of my recent health concerns on Facebook, as it´s been a tough burden to bear. An interesting comment appeared in the comments. This was my response and it ties in well with the Mars-in-Aquarius energy. My thanks to the soul who facilitated the response.

It is unwise to project upon those whose task it is to challenge certain things in the world – irrespective of the goodness of our intentions.
Some of us do things of this nature not because we are victims or defensive. It is simply part and parcel of the contracts that we chose to undertake for a much larger purpose.
And it´s a challenging role to play. But the key issue is to remember that it is a valid role, or modality to engage the Universe with.
Unfortunately, new age dogma preaches that if you are hurt or wounded that you have somehow invited it, or your inner victim feels the need to get beaten about till it realizes it no longer needs to be a victim.
Many warriors do not speak up about their scars or their battles to avoid this kind of projection. And that adds to the perception that they are angry, defensive, overly protective, and so on.
Basically it´s a bad cycle of mutually-reinforced misperceptions.
People will simply not know the reason why challenger/warrior types have chosen to take the hits that they have. Because truly: the nature of the Universe and one´s role in it goes so much farther beyond the victim/abuser dichotomy.
Now of course there are those who don the mantle of the Challenger but are really acting out a wounded psychodrama. That is entirely possible.
But it takes a hell of a lot of study, understanding and knowledge of that person and the karmic contracts they have chosen to participate in (with whom, and why), before a person can make a true assessment.
Well-intentioned individuals offering perspective on a situation or person can do so much of damage by trying to fit others in that binary ´victim-abuser´ formulation.
In short, there are many reasons we do what we do. Tarring all of it with the same brush doesn´t really do it justice.


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Post © Bairavee Balasubramaniam, 2018. All rights reserved.

Image: A satellite photo of Typhoon Amber, exhibiting an outer and inner eyewall – SSEC/CIMSS, University of Wisconsin–Madison [Attribution], via Wikimedia Commons


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