Preparation for the Gemini New Moon (June 13-14, 2018)



For the next 12 hours, The Sun, Moon and Mercury will all be in Gemini. Mercury will then shift into Cancer.

This is an excellent time to say what you need to say and get ´it´ off your chest.

Express yourselves, but do not use it as an excuse to abuse others.

Think about the ways in which you can develop your communicative / reasoning / expressive faculties.

This is a good time to read a book, do a little writing/drawing with the non-dominant hand, or to communicate with loved ones. It is especially potent for sibling relationships.

If there´s a lot of denser emotions at play and if you feel that communication may not be possible, write a letter to them (which you then keep or burn), or write in your journal.

This is an extraordinarily powerful time for words. You can enmesh – or – liberate yourself from outmoded constructs and ways of life through the power of speech and intention. Stay aligned on your path without seeking to control or influence others – and you should be good.

Remember that we have the Gemini New Moon coming up within 1.5 days´ time. Mercury, the ruler of Gemini, provides his parting messages for you at this time.

We also see Venus moving into Leo shortly after the New Moon goes exact. This is a wonderful to time to think about our value systems and how they hold the constructs of family, tradition, motherhood and emotion. Release that which no longer resonates.

That will then open you up to more aligned forms of love, and ones which truly express your spirit. In other words, clear the baggage within so that Venus in Leo has the room to come out and play.

But it´s not just about letting go of dense belief systems and ideas, sometimes it´s about changing parts of ourselves that have – at some point – given us a lot of joy. It´s woven into the nature of change itself.

Our ego adds weight to itself by getting us to hold onto ideas well past their sell-by-date. If you´re feeling resistant to let go, question whether (1) letting go is what your part requires of you at this time and (2) is your ego in the driver´s seat?

Ego-based identifications are not always the negative, denser kind. Sometimes they can be a cherished ideal that we´ve built our identities around.

But in times of immense collective change, sometimes our growth requires us to give up what we´ve become so fond of. And that´s where it´s a challenge.

Trust that you will do things in the timing that is most aligned with your growth – and trust that you will not hide behind that principle in stalling your own process 

Refer back to yesterday´s piece on Mars conjunct the South Node (1st time out of 3 in 2018) and how it builds up to the game-changing Lunar Eclipse in July.

We live in very interesting times and what you do counts.

So set those intentions wisely with this New Moon. Be open to change and be willing to do what is needed to make it happen.


Dr. Bairavee Balasubramaniam PhD
The Sky Priestess

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