Blessings to All. At present, the Sun is at 27 Gemini, making its annual opposition to the Galactic Center (27 Sagittarius). This year, Ixion (The Tyrant) conjuncts the Galactic Center, making this energy more challenging to navigate.
The Galactic Center is essentially the supermassive black hole at the center of the Milky Way.
In my study of the Galactic Center, I have found it to be an astrological influence that aligns a person with intensely powerful energies – both positive and negative.
I´d encourage you to read Philip Sedwick´s superb article on the Galactic Center for further information – I consider this a classic text on the subject.
Whenever, the Galactic Center is activated in a chart, or by transit – We are encouraged to commune deeply with our Guides and to align our paths and work with the highest, deepest good for Self and All-That-Is.
But it can equally be used to abuse others. Especially with Ixion where it is right now. Here´s Brittanica.com´s definition:
“Ixion, in Greek legend, son either of the god Ares or of Phlegyas, king of the Lapiths in Thessaly. He murdered his father-in-law and could find no one to purify him until Zeus did so and admitted him as a guest to Olympus. Ixion abused his pardon by trying to seduce Zeus’s wife, Hera. Zeus substituted for her a cloud, by which Ixion became the father of Centaurus, who fathered the Centaurs by the mares of Mount Pelion. Zeus, to punish him, bound him on a fiery wheel, which rolled unceasingly through the air or, according to the more common tradition, in the underworld.”
Ixion´s energy is essentially the patriarchal, tyrannical Masculine out of control. It does not know remorse and sees compassion and forgiveness as a weakness. His descendants (the Centaurs) are essentially known for perpetuating these kinds of violence, especially against women – Chiron being a key exception.
So when you put it all together, this year´s Sun-Galactic Center/Ixion opposition asks us to navigate our choices in response to the toxic masculine.
Sometimes people go too far with this, and sometimes people do too little. Because it´s hard to find that balance.
Sometimes they get baited into mud-slinging matches that basically become excuses to energetically projectile vomit on someone with an opposite view.
Sometimes they plug out and close their ears because it´s all too much. Which is perfectly understandable.
Rather than going in heavy and hard to break through an archetype that has lasted for millenia, or to ignore the need for it entirely – strive to find a middle point of Balance.
Don´t let people hook you into trying to rescue others when it may simply be beyond your scope.
Remember that Sagittarius´ energy is going to want to elicit the image of the Knight of Wands, riding in on a moral pedestal and realizing that the battle is too big to be won alone. What happens there is a loss of energy and energetic bruising that can be avoided.
So what do you do?
Look at the lessons of the Sun-in-Gemini. Be as a butterfly.
Collect information from multiple perspectives.
Be informed with the facts (and fact-check)
Be pragmatic: Invest your energy in daily acts which (over time, and with lots of people) lead to far-reaching changes.
Get organized. Use the power of your voice and reason to network with others who want to create change.
It´s not something to go at solo. But also remember that sharing moral outrage with those who agree with you (i.e preaching to the choir) is not going to create change by itself. It´s the catalyst.
What I also found is that – especially now – it is more important than ever to take the time to tune in with your Guides.
Release yourself from energetic contracts that are no longer in alignment.
Resist the temptation to need to define and charge towards anything.
Know that you will be guided to act when the time and circumstances for action are all in alignment.
Don´t let the actions of others distract you from the process of learning what it is that you need to do – right here, right now.
And doing it.
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Post © Bairavee Balasubramaniam, 2018. All rights reserved.
Image: Public Domain . Monarch Butterfly on Flower – Ken Kistler
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  1. Thanks you for sharing your wisdom. I always read your blog. and I have to tell you that what you write teach me many things. Do you open astrology class?


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