Astrological Overview till November 2018


2018 is an incredible year for (r)evolution. We are called to transform the way we think about ourselves, consciousness and the power of the collective.

At the same time, we are asked to work with aptly placed windows of Retrograde energy. (There are multiple this year)

We are asked to be patient, persevere in the face of intensity and to continue aligning ourselves with Guidance that leads to a more positive experience of reality.

July is an incredible month of change, transformation and intensity. Use this energy well to choose the destiny which you wish to manifest, the reality you (and your descendants) will inhabit.

Be wise in your choice of guides, friends and collective networks and ensure your thinking is truly aligned with the Universal blueprint. Be wary of groupthink and remember to align your Mind with your Heart.

November sees a lot of energy moving forwards with the shifting of the Nodes and Jupiter´s entry into Sagittarius. What will we see manifesting between the end of 2018 till mid 2020 will create a ripple effect that will last decades. So it is vital for us to prepare, align and stay focused – even when multiple distractions tell you otherwise.

Remember that what happens at the micro scale is a reflection of the macro and vice versa.

All things are connected.

Do what you can and keep your eye on the ball.


Dr. Bairavee Balasubramaniam PhD
The Sky Priestess


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2 thoughts on “Astrological Overview till November 2018

  1. WOW! Yes, I have been sensing November would be a turning point of some kind, since last year, actually. It’s very special to understand it through your interpretation, especially as the priestess inside me is awakening to my purpose and reason for being of service. HUGE. Really big stuff is being presented to me in the proximity of this Solstice Portal! What a big, big, big life I have to accept… Thanks for the support 🙂 I see and love you, deep bow. Namaste


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