Moon conjuncts Vesta Retrograde and The Galactic Center (27 Sagittarius), Grand Goddess Fire Trine & Buildup to the Capricorn Full Moon!


Use this time for inner alignment as we head towards the Capricorn Full Moon (with Saturn opposing the Sun!).

Be mindful of the different archetypes of the Feminine and how they connect with our Spiritual Paths of Service (or simply Being).


Vesta speaks to us about devotion (or dissolution of devotion) towards causes or energies larger than ourselves. It reflects the Archetype of the Priestess or Spiritual Facilitator.

Vesta on the Galactic Center is asking you to be more discerning surrounding the types of Service you may seek to identify yourselves with at this time – and the Paths or roads you take to get there.

Remember that Vesta goes back over the Galactic Center in September 2018. You may want to wait before declaring commitments to philosophies, paths, travel or immigration plans, institutions and so on for a while.

Vesta was last on the Galactic Center in March 2018 and so you may find some echoes or continuations from what happened back then. You may also be inspired to choose your path of Service on the basis of when Saturn went over the Galactic Center (for much of 2017).

With the Moon on Vesta in Retrograde, we are challenged to see if we can – as good Archers – draw the bowstring backwards and hold steady as we locate our goals. And not let the arrow fly till the circumstances are just right.

In other words:

Let your emotions guide you, but don´t get caught up in them just yet.

You are not your emotions.

Or your mother´s emotions.

Or your society´s emotions.

You are you.

And this is one way you receive and process the experience of being alive here-and-now during such intense times.

Just let whatever comes flow through and – as you best you can – sit in non-judgement. The more your observe, the more ready you will be to act on these matters at a more fruitful time.

On top of that Mars has just stationed retrograde in Aquarius (until late August 2018) and is challenging us to manage erratic impulses and the desire to skip steps in search of ideals, friendships and soul-tribes.

You´re going to want to let loose and fly for a grand, idealized vision of things, prompted by your emotional responses but hold on if you can. There´s more!


The way we embody, express and understand different aspects of the Goddess Asteroids (Ceres, Juno, Vesta) are being activated at this time in a Grand Fire Trine. This is reminiscent of The Great Goddess Fire Trine of 2015.

Whilst Divine Feminine energy is capable of nurture, love, compassionate / detached destruction, transformation, revolution – it is we humans who are able to muddy the waters with our intentions, projections, baggage and desires.

Sometimes the ego gets us to see what it wants when we act out of a lust of power, or sometimes out of sheer desperation in search of connection and security.

Stay discerning. Look at the intention, not just the external paraphernalia of whatever presents itself to you at this time.

Ceres (29 Leo) trines Vesta, The Moon and The Galactic Center – challenging us to receive and give nurture to the child-like, authentic, playful, passionate and (sometimes) grandiose aspect of ourselves. We may be playing out emotional dramas with family members (especially the primary nurturer), lovers, children, teachers and different aspects of the Self at this time.

Uranus (1 Taurus) and Juno (28 Aries) trine Ceres, Vesta, The Moon and The Galactic Center. They ask us to consider how we allow the soul´s flowering the unfold through the expression of Self – and how the essential Self is inspired (or provoked) through soul-mates. (Who are neither always romantic or sexual – it could be your best friend, or child).

Uranus charges this Goddess Fire Trine by reminding us to stay grounded, humble, pragmatic and keeping one´s eye on longer cycles of change. Manage your material needs and when in doubt, stay aligned with your body´s cycles and intuition.


All of this energy comes up just before Sun opposes Saturn (5 Capricorn) in 2 hours from now and the Capricorn Full Moon. The Moon (6 Capricorn) will conjunct Saturn (ruler of Capricorn) as it too opposes the Sun.

So keep that bowstring drawn backwards and wait for the right time to let loose.

Whilst some queries need a longer time before you can act upon then, other issues can require a more immediate response, e.g.: family, career, relationship with Grandmothers / Grandfathers / Mothers / Fathers / Authority Figures, banks, political institutions, material success / standing, property management, emotional securities, real estate/home matters.

You´ll be seeing this focus for another three days (June 27-June 30).

Look back to the Capricorn New Moon (January 16) to see what may be unfolding for you at this time. This is the first Sun-Saturn opposition in Capricorn in this current Saturn transit of its home sign. The way you set the tone here will lay the floorplan of future negotiations with Saturn over the next few years.

Consider your material reality and ultimately what you want to manifest in it as part of your greater legacy.

What reality do you choose to align with, and what will you build for your descendants to inhabit?

It´s not about power, scale or intensity – it´s about doing what counts (and why).



Dr. Bairavee Balasubramaniam PhD
The Sky Priestess

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