The buildup to the next Eclipse has already begun. The Full Moon in Aquarius on July 27, 2018 is going to be bringing seeds set in July 2000 into focus / depletion / culmination / dissolution. Eclipses are connected to each others in 18-year cycles across time.

In the present time, look at your friendships and related social networks. Are you travelling in the right circles? Do the groups you surround yourselves with truly reflect your own journey of discovery?

Are you living in alignment with your Heart´s Joy? Do you know how to draw the right boundaries – so you can keep your Heart open?

This is also a good time to back-up your files, check the wiring of your homes / office spaces and to be a little more mindful when dealing with anything electronic.Make sure your fire alarms are working, that kind of thing.

I´ve already seen and heard of a few situations involving random electrical fires.

As the South Node in Aquarius conjuncts the Moon during the Eclipse, prepare to release mental constructs, paradigms and energetic contracts that simply do not align. Commune with your guides and Source to help you navigate through choices that can affect your future one way or another.

Even with this all prep, you might just see something unexpected come up. But at least you´ll be a little more mentally prepared to handle it.

Mercury is also preparing to Retrograde in Leo shortly before the Eclipse. Bear this in mind as people are likely to be triggered – and say things that they may not mean – or to simply lack finesse in communicating matters of the heart.

In short – Look at the energy behind communication right now and try not to get too hung up on the words.

The Eclipse also coincides with Mars´perihelion, i.e. the most intense part of Mars´ opposition with the Sun in Leo. You´re likely to come across a lot of charged energy, especially in group dynamics.

Some of you might enjoy the energy of breakthroughs – waiting to be brought to the surface of our consciousness. But others may see this as simply a time of breakdown.

It´s a very, very mixed alignment.

As the North Node in Leo aligns with the Sun and Thereus, look at what aspects of your emotional, creative, passionate and authentic Self are being stirred up right now. Whatever is happening around you is trying to bring you home to your Heart.

Sometimes through a sublime breakthrough in understanding, a release of restrictive groupthink and ideological dogma – – –

And sometimes through the breakdown that comes when your heart is hurting.

That´s where Thereus comes in. As I´ve been writing about in other pieces, Thereus is an energy that does not understand the concept of consent. It takes what it wants and often makes the individual feel as though they are stalked – creating a sense of victimization beforehand.

It can make a person feel more helpless or stuck as they are not able to ´see´ what is bothering them upfront.

If this occurs, go back to your guides and ask for their grace and guidance.

Say it out loud.

Understand that negative patterns and karmic contracts thrive off your fear. So meet it with fierce self-compassion instead.

I´d like to remind everyone to amp up their psychic protection at this time. Also set the intention to honor the boundaries of your mental and astral bodies. It helps.

Especially around the Eclipse.

People who do not want to deal with what is coming up for them (i.e. their own shit) are going to try to find others to project / dump it onto.

Feelings of resentment, envy, jealousy are entirely possible – especially when people make unwarranted conclusions or comparisons with someone else.

People in the public eye, in some position of leadership or dramatic/creative/mediatized work – or who are simply more prominent in their circle of friends are likely to be projected on.

Ultimately, this is counter-productive for everyone involved.

If you need help, seek facilitators / support groups who are qualified to deal your particular situation – remember to honor their time and energy as they are people too.

Gemstones that can help:

Protection: selenite, elite noble shungite, pyrite
Heart-hurt rhodocrosite, morganite, petalite, kunzite, rose quartz

Those with children or who are trying to get pregnant – keep a closer eye on your loved ones at this time – and maybe enforce a social media break. Carnelian is wonderfully protective for children.

Generally speaking – focus on creating something new, or simply expressing what you feel in a constructive way. Maybe paint, do some pottery, play an instrument, sing, dance. Process and work your way through whatever energy presents itself to you at this time.

Celebrate YOU. Stay true to that Powerful Heart.

That does so much more for the collective than you can imagine.


Dr. Bairavee Balasubramaniam PhD
The Sky Priestess

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Post & Text © Bairavee Balasubramaniam, 2018. All rights reserved.

Image: Sound Waves by Mark Lisonne – Public Domain Image.


  1. Many thanks always! From México City.

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    El 17/07/2018, a las 13:10, Dr. Bairavee Balasubramaniam PhD <> escribió:

    Dr. Bairavee Balasubramaniam PhD posted: ” The buildup to the next Eclipse has already begun. The Full Moon in Aquarius on July 27, 2018 is going to be bringing seeds set in July 2000 into focus / depletion / culmination / dissolution. Eclipses are connected to each others in 18-year cycles acro”


  2. Hi Dr. B. – this is a profound support for this upcoming eclipse – thank you! I belong to a Spiritual Women’s group who enjoy following the meaning of astrological events and wondered if I could have your permission to share this writing with them? Would you be willing to email it to me in a format I could forward an email to them? I am a “technology dinosaur” and also not on social media due to a complex ex-husband situation… I found your link on the We’Moon site. Your consideration is greatly appreciated and thank you for the work you are doing to support and Bless others! Blessings right back to you! Water Spirit


  3. So very grateful for this incredible guidance. It all makes so much sense in my heart and mind. Many thanks.


  4. I had a fire alarm in the trash, as it was malfunctioning. It was quiet for days, inside the trash bag. Today, during the eclipse, it started beeping. I had to go dig into the trash. A hammer did the job. lol


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