Mars squared Uranus (Round 2 of 3), August 1st 2018



Today, we see Mars Retrograde in Aquarius squared Uranus in Taurus.

This is a very, very explosive alignment and needs to be treated with respect – rather than fear. This is the 2nd time we´re facing this alignment (the first was between May 13-15) and we´ll be seeing it again on September 18.

Look back to mid-May to understand what you´re working through right now, and what you´ll be working towards in September.

It´s an energy signature that can lead you to very positive experiences (and if so, keep sailing & remember to ground) – but for those you with a little trouble coping – here´s some guidance that can help:

Mars in Aquarius:

With Mars in Aquarius, you are likely to get messages out of the blue – people making off-hand comments (especially on social media), or even sudden news that has to do with your health, vitality and relationships with the Masculine.

Be extra kind to your bodies today and let them rest if they are tired. Sleeping will do wonders if nothing else does.

Triggering events are likely to come up – and the way you respond to them – will serve as a powerful indicator for your own growth.

Sometimes engagement is best, and sometimes silence is.

Energetically, this is also a day to practice greater protection of boundaries. Make sure that your mental energies are grounded and are not looping off into hyperspace.

Conserve your energy and act only where required. Be measured in your actions.

Physically, be more mindful about your environment – especially when dealing with electronics, wiring, etc. Check your fire safety devices and make sure they are doing what they´re supposed to.

Back up data files that are important.

Psychically – double-check any impressions or readings you get if your body is telling you that it ain´t right. There´s a lot of distortion energy present.

Set the intention to clear away any layers of illusion, or energy that isn´t yours. Talk to your guides.

Uranus in Taurus:

With Uranus in Taurus, we are likely to see all of this energy directed towards our bodies, the way we create material security in this world, and our primary value systems.

We are also likely to see this energy manifesting itself across the planet through some kind of weather or geological shift. (And that´just been increasing in intensity as of late).

I want you to pay extra attention to your nutrition and to consider where it comes from. Try eating foods that are simpler, cleaner and better for your health if nothing else.

And remember to stay hydrated.

Last – but not least –

Sun conjunct Thereus:

The Sun is conjunct Thereus right now and it brings to the fore patterns of predation, surveillance, stalking and so on.

Be very mindful of hooks (ones that you take on and create with others) and allow yourselves the permission to exist as energy beings with your own sovereign sense of power.

This works both ways. The power for that comes from within, not without. And forces that are used to seeing you as a piggy bank will not appreciate it.

So make sure you use additional energetic protection, and work with your guides/angelic helpers when doing work of that kind.

– – –

There is a TONNE of other astrological alignments at play right now, especially if you include the asteroids.

My approach is to stick with what I am guided to understand as the most vital / relevant one for most.

As a general rule of thumb, work around (or with) this energy and the rest will be a little easier to manage.

– – –


Dr. Bairavee Balasubramaniam PhD
The Sky Priestess

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Image: Floral Background Abstract Texture 1112262 by Viscious-Speed on Pixabay. Public Domain Image.

3 thoughts on “Mars squared Uranus (Round 2 of 3), August 1st 2018

  1. Thank you. This is an excellent aide-memoire for my present transits..Especially with Uranus now transmitting my Progressed ♉Sun. Plus Pluto playing on my ♑Moon/Persephone. Then there is Lillith chatting to my♑MERCURY….Noble Silence is the order of the day. Your recording was excellent.. BRAVO ZULU.

    Wishing you every Blessing in your Evolutionary Astrological work.

    Marvella Craven Lieutenant Royal Navy/RNR Rtd . BA(Hons.)EDH. Member of the B.O.V. to HMP DARTMOOR. 1990-1993


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