Gaia Speaks, Calls out for Change: Grand Sextile & Other Alignments (August 8-9, 2018)



There is a Grand Sextile / Star of David, 1 Cardinal T-Square, Grand Fixed Cross, 2 Yods / Fingers of Fate active in the skies now. The energy is extremely intense as shown in the multiple weather events across the globe happening simultaneously – alongside important breakthroughs or changes in fuel technology, sports, politics, cinema, and so on.

There isn´t a universal way to say whether it will be a positive or a negative experience for you as that determines on what is being brought up for you at this time. Moreoever, what can seem as an intensely ´negative´ experience on the surface can actually be bringing out something that has blocked you for some time, hindering your growth process.

I´m going to name who is involved in what alignments – and you can see why the skies are as lit up as they are.

Grand Sextile / Star of David: Moon (15 Cancer right now), Juno (16 Taurus), Neptune Rx (15 Pisces), Pluto (19 Capricorn), Jupiter (14 Scorpio), Ceres (17 Virgo)

Look at the way you live your life in the material world, your body (the vessel), your health and service, your career choices. Your body is communicating with you and telling you what you need to know. Remember that service must be sustainable to the planet, and to your own physical needs.

You are also asked to delve deep into the emotional body and unearth psychic, ancestral, karmic or other currents that influence your psyche. This is a powerful time for healing ceremonies of release and aligning one´s self with the flow of pure, Universal healing energy.

Again, this can go both ways. Some of you may be manifesting deliciously with these alignments. And some of you can be in excruciating pain, both physical and emotional. Do not judge anyone for what they experience right now because Spirit´s view is far vaster than we can imagine.

Gemstones: Ammonite, ammolite

Cardinal T-Square: Saturn Rx (3 Capricorn), Chiron (1 Aries), Venus (2 Libra), Super-Galactic-Genter (1 Libra)

Look at what your relationships are teaching you now. They are reflections of imbalances in power and areas of potential growth in knowing and healing the self. Change is possible in institutions of power right now, so keep taking action in the world to make it happen. Do not lose hope.

Some of you may also experience chronic pain, especially in the bones, spine, joints etc. Rest, if that is what your body is telling you do.

Gemstone: Selenite + Hematite, Apophylite

Grand Fixed Square: Sun (16 Leo), Mercury Rx (16 Leo), Pallas Athena (15 Leo), Jupiter (14 Scorpio), Juno (16 Taurus), Earth (16 Aquarius)

Pay attention to the messages that are presented to you at this time. Especially when they concern the heart and its passion. It may come through leaders, actors, your romantic partner, your creative co-collaborator, a child – your own inner child. Just keep that heart open and alive to what emerges. The Divine is always aligned with you – you only need to remember it.

Financial matters and questions surrounding the balance of energies, especially in partnerships or mergers come up as well. Do not neglect any health concerns if they present themselves to you now and get yourself appropriately treated.

Remember that everything that is happening to you, me, we at a personal level is a reflection of what is happening at the collective level. This is pushing all of us to a different level of awareness as that is what is needed for the survival of humanity on this planet.

Gemstone: Citrine, Yellow Calcite

2 Fingers of Fate / Yods:

(1) Neptune Rx (15 Pisces) – Pluto (19 Capricorn) – Apex Sun + Mercury Rx + Pallas Athena (15-16 Leo)

(2) Moon (15 Cancer) – Sun + Mercury Rx + Pallas Athena (15-16 Leo) – Apex Earth (16 Aquarius)

Condensing a very long story short, Yod 1 asks us to look back into psychic, ancestral or karmic energy that block us from accessing our Innermost Heart. This may require a facilitator´s assistance. Prayer will go a long way here.

We are slowly but surely, being asked to move into new ways of thinking about our relationship with this planet-shapeship-mother-home. Continue spreading new ideas and supporting technological developments that will allow for a more stable co-existence between us and Mama-Gaia. Do note the multiple instances of extreme weather going across the planet simultaneously.

She´s sending us a clear message: Things need changing.

Of course, you´re going to experience even more activations depending on your chart. There´s even more aspects at play.

Basically – if you have anything near the very beginning, middle, or end of a sign – you´re going to feel the energy.

That .. basically includes everyone..

The alignments I mentioned involve the basic planets, Goddess Asteroids, the Nodes. More alignments occur when you include a fuller asteroid list – but this is already enough to deal with.

No matter what presents itself to you, have faith and align with your Spirit guides. Reach out to facilitators who can help but remember they are human beings as well.

If you are experiencing this as a positive, empowering experience – go forth and use this energy to create a better planet for us all – and help others when you can. The key word is : sustainable service.

Remember – all this is happening in the buildup to the Solar Eclipse in Leo on August 10-11, 2018. Your response to what presents itself to you now will influence an 18-year cycle of growth ahead.

Blessings and Love,

Dr. Bairavee Balasubramaniam PhD
The Sky Priestess

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Image: Mash-up of Public Domain images.


2 thoughts on “Gaia Speaks, Calls out for Change: Grand Sextile & Other Alignments (August 8-9, 2018)

  1. Dear Sky Priestess
    I have felt extremely connected to Mother Gaia and the Ancestor spirits and animals of the forests, land and sea……my home. I feel a duty to assist in their healing and would like to be more effective. Ritual and activism help, yet I feel a need to connect more directly with the Ancestors for guidance.
    Your thoughts on this topic would be most appreciated!
    Peace and love,
    Sky Blue


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