The New Moon in Libra brings us a powerful opportunity to find balance, healing, harmony and the pursuit of justice. For some of you, this is an invitation to find that hidden hand of grace, the movement of Spirit that reminds us all that all things have a time and a season. For others, it will be the reminder that our co-creative relationship with the Universe – quite literally – requires two to tango.

We are asked to mind what we hold in our inner worlds, and what we choose to embody in the outer. We are asked to see our long-term relationships and partnerships as potent mirrors, each with its own message. We´re asked to remember that delicate balance between introspection and external action.

Whilst Libra is touted as the sign of diplomacy and peace, I would say it´s more neutral. It represents the capacity for diplomatic relations and the means by which we can resolve disagreements through discourse. But it equally represents the potential abuse of power through the written word (law, or decree). Either way, there is an additional focus on legal institutions and the way we live in accordance to formal and informal social contracts.

Whatever – and whomever – feels out of place in your life right now needs reassessment. Are you expecting too much? Or … too little? Are you giving, or receiving in ways that do not flow with your innate essence?

Make an inventory and weigh things out in your mind. Write down the pros and cons of things. Aim to explore your world from a neutral perspective – as we tend to ascribe value and deliver judgement on the basis of our emotional attachments.

You´ll find patterns and solutions you may not have seen otherwise.

The New Moon went exact at 3.46 am UTC time on 9th October 2018, with the Sun and Moon at 15´48 Libra.

The seeds we set now will be revisited during the upcoming Libra Full Moon at 29 Libra on April 19, 2019.

When we delve further into the astrology of this New Moon, we see that several alignments heavily influence the experience and opportunities provided by this lunation. Continue reading if you want to get more information – but really, the paragraphs above already give you the gist of it.

Onwards, seeker of knowledge!

Firstly, we see that the Sun and Moon are at 15 Libra – the midpoint – the balancing point of the Scales of Justice. It preludes a Full Moon at 29 Libra which is the tail, or end of the sign.

I view this New Moon as a tipping point towards the unfolding of matters surrounding the way we see justice, partnerships, and the possibility of peaceful dialogue and resolution in April 2019.

Pay attention to what´s happening right now as they prelude events that will re-surface 6 months from now.

Where appropriate – make your voice heard in ways that honor others, even if they disagree with you.

Work with this energy to bring about a fairer outcome, even you don´t get the instant result you hoped for.

Secondly, the Sun and Moon conjunct Ceres (Mother-Nurturer) at 14 Libra.

This Goddess Asteroid asks us to profoundly consider what nurtures us, and what means by which we nurture others. It also raises the question of just how much nurture becomes enabling, entrapping or smothering. And how little becomes neglect and abuse.

Ceres, The Sun and The Moon square Pluto at 18 Capricorn and Aphrodite at 16 Capricorn.

We are invited to explore how our definitions of nurture are shaped by ancestral patterns and factors operating in the shadow psyche that we don´t often care to look at. Much truth can be uncovered in the ways we relate to each other as we explore the psyche of the familial unit that brought us into the world.

We never really truly ´escape´ that conditioning, though we may outgrow aspects of it entirely – or learn from ´negative´ influences in ways that allow us to make room for the ´positive´.

We may also see sexual, psychological, financial, ancestral, energetic or physical matters that have remained hidden for a long time come into clear view. This is the time to look the Shadow in the Eye and acknowledge its presence.

And then to decide whether it is something to transmute, or exorcise from the psyche.

Courage carries the day as our willingness to face our fears often gives ways to gifts long forgotten – and a resurrection of the psyche in ways unforseen. It can mean being confronted by things or people that make you fearful and anxious. And that is exactly the time you reach out to people you can trust to help you the way through (and to honor their time and energy in doing so).

Given Aphrodite´s role in all this, it is vital to revisit the ways in which society and the status quo teach us to value (or forget to value) the Feminine – and the ways in which society is told we can strip her away from her energy, harness it or simply mute it when convenient.

We may also see themes surrounding female sexuality, sovereignty and agency become further highlighted in the public sphere. Now this is a huge topic in itself. But you get the gist of it.

Inspire yourselves with the good work that so many are doing. Focus (as well) on more empowering ways we can view the Feminine – and the ways we Ought to engage with her.

Remember though – that ALL beings express the Feminine. It is not limited to particular genders, sexualities or other identifications. This is an archetypal attribute that exists in all that is manifest.

This is further reinforced by the fact that Venus (ruler of Libra) is currently in Retrograde at 10 Scorpio, whilst conjuncting Persephone and Atlantis.

To summarize a very, very long story:

This is the time to re-write our story of the Feminine.

Watch out for hooks that try to convince you that forms of dependence, oppression and the lack of sovereign choice are the only ways in which the Feminine ought to be expressed.

The Sun, Moon and Ceres oppose asteroid Amor (16 Aries) and trine Okyrhoe (16 Aquarius)

Amor reminds us to weigh the needs of justice and relationship in equal proportion to the self. Very often, we are guilt tripped into erasing ourselves from the equation, as we are told to give it all up for others. Whilst this behavior can be altuistic – it becomes damaging to the self when taken too far. If a relationship requires you to erase yourself (which is very different from ego-dissolution), you really have to ask yourself if this is what allows you to express your innermost Essence? If that question scares you, ask yourself why.

Okyrhoe´s role in this story is to remind us that we can, once again, open the doors to gifts long-denied, by acknowledging patterns in our upbringing that we tend to repeat in relationship dynamics. However, remember to allow others to draw their own conclusions, without foisting your view of reality upon them. But remember that you have the same privilege. Whilst the idea is to build bridges towards a shared understanding, it does not mean tossing one´s own view of things away in favour of someone else´s agenda.

The Sun, Moon and Ceres also inconjunct Neptune Retrograde at 14 Pisces

Whatever we are experiencing or seeing at this time directly correspond to our deeper spiritual experiences and processing of karma. It may be not be the most comfortable way to explore karmic lessons, but it drives to the core of the truth, when one is willing to look. Past-life matters are likely to arise this time in the context of partnerships and sometimes it is necessary to look at how that past has shaped, and led one to the present outcome.

Neptune also reminds us that nothing is set in stone. Energetic patterns can be shifted, but they take a lot more than simply wanting to do so. We´re called to detach ourselves somewhat and be willing to look at situations from a more objective perspective.

If placements near 14-16 Leo or Taurus are present, a Yod (Finger of Fate) is formed in the sky. Karmic currents are likely to move a lot quicker, with much more arising to the surface.

All of this occurs in a wider astrological context.

Yesterday´s video addressed the way energies we encountered in September resurface in October, shift into a new chapter in November and finally begin to settle in December of this year. The role of Venus retrograde through all this and the opportunities to re-calibrate the ways in which we collectively engage with the Feminine were greatly emphasized. You may revisit this at: .

For now, I think this should be enough for you to go on.

Just remember that there is a larger force in the Universe that guides us all.

Even when we can´t see it.

Navigate as best you can and remember to take care of yourselves, whilst honoring others.

It´s a delicate balance, but one well worth finding.


Dr. Bairavee Balasubramaniam PhD

The Sky Priestess

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  1. Very, very, very powerful post!

    Dealing with an injustice atm, although I wonder how much “calm” is too much.

    Thank you.


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