The Lure of the Absolute Narrative in Astrological Work


One of the hardest tasks in working with clients is to handle the lure of the absolute narrative.

A lot of astrologers believe that the natal chart and what it says is absolute. It is THE narrative or template of your life and there´s no going around it.

What I have found in practice is that this is truly not the case.

Through deep spiritual and psychological work, the natal chart often becomes the backdrop upon which a person´s journey can be tracked. And sometimes they end up moving out of that construct entirely.

It takes different methods to keep up with the evolutionary path of a person who is determined to discover the essence that goes beyond this life, and all others.

When one does not adapt their methods to the level of spiritual consciousness of the client, the client may feel as though the facilitator is not able to read them accurately.

It pays to stay open and willing to learn – especially when you work within a discipline that tends to make claims of absolute knowledge.

To be fair, a similar issue arises with psychologists, therapists, anyone we truly open up to in personal work. Sometimes we get the same issue with friends and family who – whilst may mean well – may not have the skills or perspective to really help you see what your innermost being is saying.

And no – your inner voice is not always something you automatically have access to. It often gets confused with others´ voices, narratives, ideals or maps of how things ´ought to be´. And sometimes it´s just Ego messing about.

Finding a good facilitator who can help you re-kindle your connection with your innermost insight is something that we all have to consider in our lives. Often, several times.

It becomes absolutely vital for whoever you are working with to avoid imposing their ideas or narratives onto the client. Even if they do have specialized knowledge on a particular subject.

On the other hand, it is as vital for the client to remember that no one knows everything. They speak from their perspective or discipline. Nothing should be taken as though it were written in stone, or gospel.

This brings me to the prerequisites of doing deep work with others, especially when they are in vulnerable states of being.

Avoid imposing a trajectory of events, or supposing you know exactly what they should and will be feeling. More often than not, that tends to be based on your experiences.

Whilst that can help some, it´s not always a guarantee.

Irrespective of whether you are a facilitator, client, or both:

If you are looking to help someone through something …

Being present is more than enough.

It is healing in itself to simply allow a person to be what they are at that given moment in time.

And – if you´re a facilitator – asking them to wait if your modality requires them to be in a different place – is a very ethical thing to do.

Now sometimes you´re still going to get a client who assumes they are ready and hears something they don´t want to. And reacts badly.

That, my friends, is still part of the work. You´re still doing your job.

All you can do is to sign-post it. And let adults make their own choices.

In my own work, I require all new clients to read and understand a document called ´Why What I Do Is Not For Everyone´:

Those considering working with me at this time, refer to it to understand what I do, and where you (ideally) need to be in your own process to benefit the most from it.


Dr. Bairavee Balasubramaniam PhD
The Sky Priestess

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1 thought on “The Lure of the Absolute Narrative in Astrological Work

  1. I wish I was able to read more articles on your page that supported relationships through the very raw human trial and error of life. For we all i am sure have been hurt or have baggage and are learning how to deal with it, at least I like to think so. Me I am taking a class per your last article on control dramas it is teaching me a lot. To little to late I believe for my partner has already decided to bail out after 6 years after reading your artical on control dramas. Change is not easy, information is golden.

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