OCTOBER 11, 2018: SQUARING IT OFF (w. Sun-Pluto, Mars-Venus, Uranus opp. Mercury, etc.)


What a day! The Sun squares Pluto, Mars squares Venus, Uranus opposes Mercury, Mercury squares the Nodes … and so on. Of course there´s a lot more going on, but this is plenty to go with.

The Sun (18 Libra) – Pluto (18 Capricorn) asks us to stay vigilant. Pluto can bring about unexpected ´eruptions´ be it in matters of health, sexuality, finances, intimate partnerships, power dynamics, and so on.

Pluto can be a bit of a bully, but he does have some redeeming features. The same planet goes onto provide doorways for deep healing, rebirth and regeneration. In Capricorn, Pluto addresses institutions and people of power and influence as well as inherited burdens, gifts and generational anchors.

The Libra Sun asks us to remain objective and centered, but to know that drawing the line is absolutely okay (and essential) when faced with energies or people who are not acting in your best interests.

You can cut through the layers with the sword of detachment, but remember to get grounded and in a centered space before you try that one. Just gets messy otherwise.

Mars (10 Aquarius) squares Venus Retrograde (10 Scorpio). This alignment pits the archetypal pair in a tense, dynamic relationship. You´re going to be digging into Scorpio, a.k.a. Pluto´s themes, questioning the deeper power differentials that subject the Feminine to oppression, betrayal, manipulation, jealousy, projection and so on.

It´s a powerfully triggering alignment so remember to find safe space to process. Not everyone is able to hold that space despite feelings of goodwill so it is wiser to seek out those experienced enough to do so.

It´s also a good time to take inventory of your financial, energetic and emotional resources. Who is getting what, and how much? What are you receiving in turn? And does that create a self-sustaining, self-and-other-regenerating relationship?

Mars in Aquarius urges us to refine our understanding of what it is to hold the Masculine archetype. And as always – remember that Feminine and Masculine in this sense do not correspond neatly to societal constructions of gender and sexuality : They express themselves in all things.

Mars needs us to be willing to bring forth and work with the emerging energies or vibrations coming through from the Cosmos at this time. You may simply want to meditate on All-That-Is, or work with high frequency Lemurian Quartz Crystals (etc.) to anchor in new vibrations.

Remember that brute force is not required to make your way in the world, but a degree of assertiveness is. Be willing to see that others have differing points of view and there is little need to proclaim a single version of Truth!

Reaching out to friend groups, social networks and benign helpers or protectors at this time is very helpful. Remember that gifts cannot be demanded – if help flows with ease and grace, that´s great. If it is given or received with strings attached, think again.

If possible, engage in some charitable or altruistic work.

Mercury (2 Scorpio) opposes Uranus (1 Taurus), making today feel a little like Mercury Retrograde. Technology and communication tend to get a little wonky when alignments like these occur as there´s just so much information that needs to come through such channels.

Sometimes it´s a case of finding a new channel or vessel to communicate through. That might mean finding a new conceptual paradigm, switching e-platforms, allowing group connections that no longer align to dissolve, and so on.

Mercury encourages us to explore our fears and confront our shadow aspects. Our inner exploration gives way for newer channels of energy and information (Uranus) to come through. There is a powerful case for working on the consciousness of the body and its cellular memory, especially in rituals or modalities that work with the element of water.

Drink lots of water, pay attention to what comes up for you. Think of this as a phase of emotional, physical and spiritual detoxification. That clears the way for a healthier experience of life.

With Mercury squaring the North Node and South Node (1-2 Leo/Aquarius), the ideas we receive and transmit at this time can help us navigate our current karmic lessons.

Learning to let go of old forms of groupthink or convention can help us find fresh approaches to re-discovering a long-forgotten sense of joy, play and child-like grace. Which is a tremendously powerful act in itself, given how intense it is right now.

All in all, today´s alignments bring areas of discomfort or unease to the surface. You can look at this as a punishment or a bad day, or as a day where you have the opportunity to push past (what you thought were) your limits.

Friction and pressure aren´t always bad things. You need that to make a diamond from coal, or start a fire to keep you warm.

Though, do pay attention if you operate complex machinery or if you´re facing electrical issues of any kind.


Dr. Bairavee Balasubramaniam PhD
The Sky Priestess

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