Jupiter in Sagittarius is already bringing us intense, expansive and polarized energy. I was wondering why the Universe saw fit to throw in a Mercury Retrograde in Sagittarius in the middle of November – just as everything appeared to be taking off.

Recent events have made that clear.

Let’s look at what Jupiter in Sagittarius has promised us.

Growth, Expansion, Direction.

That can be a very positive, enjoyable thing.

It can also be a very disturbing thing.

Whilst this alignment can bring that much-needed feel-good boost we’ve all been craving, it can prop up false pedestals and polarize divisions in truth and ideology even further.

It’s one thing to grow, and it’s another thing to grow in a way that is going to cause harm to others – especially when guided by extreme beliefs.

Truth be told, I didn’t like the energy I was sensing around the exact time of the shift – and in the build-up to it. What I was feeling wasn’t the party vibe that I wanted to feel. Especially after such a brutal Jupiter-in-Scorpio transit.

As I’ve been suggesting to you – I just focused on keeping safe, clear space.


I then heard about the massive fires (that have destroyed 1000 structures so far) and the mass shooting in California (13 dead, more injured).

Please pray for all those affected, if that resonates with your belief system.


What’s happening is not surprising, given the astrology of California’s political chart – Pluto & Uranus at 29 Aries, Jupiter at 29 Virgo. All of that got activated within the past few days!

For the rest of us, it’s a powerful reminder:

We need more time with Sagittarius before leaping ahead.

We need to focus more so on anchoring new energies in ways that allow conflict to be resolved peacefully.

We need to learn how to create safe spaces – because you can be sure that many are going to try to step into the expansion that Jupiter creates.

And not all of them are going to be aligned.

Some will be though … And you’re going to have to use your discernment to know which is which.

I am looking further into what Jupiter is going to be bringing us in this transit. Stay tuned.

And no, it’s not all going to be gloom and doom. Stay grounded, stay humble – and you’ll find a lot of positive growth as well.

Now if you are riding and coasting through with this energy – enjoy it!

But at the same time, remember to honor others who are at a different place and experience in their process.

It doesn’t mean that one is evolved and the other isn’t. It just means that we all work out different astrological alignments and karmic experiences differently.

Which brings me to a key lesson (and test) Jupiter-in-Sagittarius brings:

Judge Not.


Dr. Bairavee Balasubramaniam PhD

The Sky Priestess


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Image: Sagittarius – Cicero’s Aratus (mid 11th C), f.37 – BL Cotton MS Tiberius B V . Public Domain. British Library via Wikimedia Commons.


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