GALACTIC AWAKENINGS (18-20 December 2018)

Yesterday and today have been particularly intense as the Sun has been conjunct the Galactic Center (27 Sagittarius) whilst squaring Chiron (27 Pisces), trining Uranus (28 Aries) – and making aspects to a bunch of other asteroids.

In this video I focus more so on the energy of awakening that is coming through and ways to handle that experience as a human being.

It´s something to be experienced rather than analyzed.

The thing to take home from all this is that we are being guided into a deeper alignment with Truth. At the human level, each truth may look different. But from the cosmic perspective, it all coheres – it becomes One.

Hence, the colour spectrum. 

Humility will go a long way at this time as there is so much to be learned and un-learned.

Especially when it comes to our collective attitudes surrounding healing, wounding, repeating karmic cycles and punitive attitudes towards what a ´spiritual´ being must look like.

Uranus will be making sure that opportunities to awaken to a deeper truth will come about. Allow the lesson to be gracefully received. But remember that sometimes it comes in a disruptive manner. Be open to seeing the blessing either way.

People will reveal their true colours at this time. Even if they´re not what you´d like them to be, remember that there is a larger Cosmic Plan. And that will take time to reveal itself.

It takes all colours to make up the rainbow spectrum.

In short:

Breathe. Ground. Align with your Guides. Listen. Allow. Release. Absorb. Release. Repeat.

We´ve got a very intense Solstice coming up, so pay attention 


Dr. Bairavee Balasubramaniam PhD
The Sky Priestess

* * *


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