This is the time to look at your greater vision and to see if it aligns with your deepest spiritual values, your truest passions and your compassion for all things (including yourself).

This is the time to consider whether your long-term plans contribute to the creation of spiritually-aligned structures to hold and transmit energy that empower … or enslave.

And this energy will last for the next 2-3 days, just in time for the Capricorn Solar Eclipse!

Many deceptions and distortions are coming to the surface at this time. Especially those who seek to find power over others through the guise of spirituality – or who mask their intent through spiritual rhetoric or the projection of high-frequency energy.

Take your time to look at the energy of whosoever or whatsoever you choose to work with. Consider whether what you are seeing is truth, or carefully presented and styled illusion – or whether it is simply what you want to see. Sometimes these choices are not made from the ego, but from energy bodies that have not realized that they can step out of the patterns of karma, and pre-incarnation agreements to suffer (and re-create suffering).

Other astrological bodies make this alignment even more potent and relevant.

Icarus conjuncts the Sun at 13 Capricorn. This makes the task of looking power (within or without) in the eye a little more daunting.

We are asked to look at our fears surrounding success and to question their validity.

We are asked to look at the parts of ourselves that seek socially sanctioned measures of success at any cost – be it to self or other.

We are asked to look at the spiritual and material energetic inheritances we carry and how they influence our perception of life and what our subtle bodies permit in, in the name of karma.

The Sun and Neptune sextile has its midpoint between 13-14 Aquarius. Those with placements here can see which body is present as a fulcrum, pathway or mediator between the Sun and Neptune.

Asteroid Klotho is now at 13 Aquarius. She gives us the means to re-write the script or narrative surrounding the work we do. This may be the time to level-up the conceptual language you use to do your spiritual work. If your current articulation brings you to a dead-end, try different perspectives.

This alignment becomes even more charged with Thereus at 13 Leo as it then forms a Yod (Finger of Fate). The Yod alignment means that these karmic currents will be easier to access – and to make a breakthrough with. Whether you reproduce the old, or create the new – is up to you. This energy will play out in all of us, all beings in this solar system – but we feel it at differing levels of intensity, depending on what we came to do here and how.

Thereus focuses on patterns of hidden predation, covert surveillance and fear-mongering. It is the kind of abuser that draws power from the victim through psychological means before finally striking when they are sufficiently weakened. The abuser (themselves) may be someone who feels that their attack is somehow vindicated, be it by their peers, their feelings of insecurity, false entitlement or jealousy. It may have nothing to do with you personally, rather what you represent. Your awareness of the ´attack´ or ´attacker´ may suddenly come into view at this time.

Whilst compassion is key in understanding this dynamic, it is the prerequisite to detaching from it. That makes you less vulnerable to such attacks and less likely to be hooked through your own feelings around the matter.

For some of you, these challenges will require you to take action at the psychic and physical level. Do not ignore whatever presents itself to you now, but do not feed into the negative hooks that seek to give it power. Acknowledge it, take the steps to make sure you are energetically clear from it. And empower others to do the same in ways that seem appropriate to you.

Remember that your Heart and Soul is not meant to be a battery for others, or a punching bag for the insecure. Honoring these boundaries does not make you a bad or a selfish person. You need to preserve your vital essence to do what you came to do here.

To work with others at a spiritual level, drawing these lines is key. Allowing others to play out destructive behavior does not help anyone. Seeing them with compassion as beings on their own journey does not mean that you take abuse.

It just means you get to walk away without needing to hold onto resentment or hate.

Whatever comes up for you now, remember to bring it back to who YOU are.

Express what you need to and allow your body to move through the emotions that came. Dance, play, sing, chant, create – do what makes you come alive despite whatever it is that seeks to break your spirit, or make you doubt your worth and validity in the world. Your creativity and willingness to simply Be invalidates attempts to disconnect you from your playful, passionate, creative self.

And that´s the kind of energetic structure we need to build in the world.


The Yod created by Sun, Icarus, Neptune, Klotho and Thereus can empower us to find a deeper, more aligned and more authentic expression of ourselves.

A self that can dissolve generational or past-life contracts that have allowed (now: obsolete) structures of limitation to be placed on itself. That may require adopting new languages or concepts to shift into more aligned paradigms.

It can also help us create a more aligned, spiritual, compassionate and meaningful relationship with children, those in the public eye, leaders, lovers and creative collaborators.

It can help us withdraw from toxic cycles of abuse and victimization without adding fuel to the fire.

At a personal, and at a systemic level.

By itself, this Yod is a whopper. It is even more so considering the Solar Eclipse in Capricorn coming up (Jan 5-6), Mercury´s proximity to the Galactic Center, the Sagittarius´ Moon trine to Eris in Aries, and so on.

Remember that the seeds we weave in Eclipses revisit us in 18-year cycles.

Use this opportunity wisely.

Suggested Approaches and Tools:
Carnelian, Rhodochrosite – Gemstones (Placed on the sacral or heart chakra, or wherever appropriate)
Frankincense – Essential Oil (Check contraindications first)
Activities – Meditation, Creative Pursuits, Affirmations, etc.
Listen to the suggested practices in the video as well


Dr. Bairavee Balasubramaniam PhD
The Sky Priestess

* * * * * * *





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