Build it From Spirit: Chiron leaves Pisces, enters Aries. Finger of Fate with Leo Moon.

The next 41 hours bring very powerful opportunities for manifestation, spiritual healing and profound change.
Key aspects:
Chiron enters Aries: 18th Feb 2019, 9:04 am UTC time
Leo Moon activates Yod: 18th Feb 2019, 18:45 pm UTC time (Leo Moon at 16´07 degrees, maximum point of activation)
Sun enters Pisces: 18th Feb 2019, 23:03 pm UTC time
Please note that the original video was made yesterday – which I could not upload due to technical reasons.
In 27 hours from now, Chiron will leave Pisces and enter Aries. This represents the ending of a cycle of growth that began in 1968. We are completing certain lessons in the language of healing, wounding and understanding the limitless, formless, essence of Spirit.
This can be very challenging for those seeking to transcend old patterns of abuse, trauma, addictions, codependent relationships, etc. You may feel a lot of anxiety, fear, or unease as this alignment passes. Those who are truly feeling on edge, or have tendencies towards self harm need to practice greater self-care and find individuals or organizations that can offer them safe space to process. I also expand on this further in the video.
I hope that won´t be the case for most of you. But it does need saying.
With so many energetic patterns and karmic contracts shifting at this time, we also see new possibilities for existence emerge. We are moving towards a more unified expression of the I AM. We are realizing that spirituality begins from within. We are realizing that we do not have to serve from hollow, karmically overburdened states of being.
There is just so much that is about to unfold for us in the language of healing, wounding, trauma, ego-dissolution and what it means to simply Be.
That is the most powerful medicine that we can bring to each of our lives, the lives of those around us, the Collective – and the Planet itself. And we see more of that synergy emerge as Uranus settles into Taurus in March 2019.
The energy of building and anchoring the energies of possibility into the 3D come through with the Venus-Saturn-in-Capricorn-conjunction sextiling Mercury-Neptune-in-Pisces. We are literally being asked to build a Bridge between Spirit and Matter. And our constructions for this world we live in need to come from that space within, rather than without.
Allow your attunement with Source to inspire you to make the change that is needed. Allow yourself to manifest material, emotional and spiritual abundance in a way that honors your needs, replenishes your energy and empowers others at the same time. Allow your existence and work to be a gift to the planet, who has been ceaselessly giving us the very ability to exist and live. It´s time to give back some of that love.
Each one of you will manifest this sextile differently – and that is okay. In 37 hours from now, we will see the Leo Moon activate the sextile (at its maximum point), now transformed into a Yod (Finger of Fate). Allow your emotions, your passions, your creativity to help you find an inspired solution to what needs manifestation. It will break the way forwards – and through – for those who need the courage to walk away from patterns that no longer align. And to step forth with wings you never knew you had. But you have to give yourself that chance.
Your Heart will lead the way.
And you will be Astounded by what you see.
Allow it to show you what needs to happen.
There´s more suggestions for self-care in the video. And I hope each of you find the path you need for your evolution, transformation and rebirth.
In 41 hours from now, the Sun will exit Aquarius and shift into Pisces. Having done your clearings, attunement, grounding (whichever applies) – having sent your intentions for manifestation – you´re going to be asked to release all that and head back into a space of spiritual openness, discernment, and surrender.
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1 thought on “Build it From Spirit: Chiron leaves Pisces, enters Aries. Finger of Fate with Leo Moon.

  1. Hi Lovely Lady!
    Fabulous words/insight!
    Your video is really on point!
    Thank you once again for always sharing your insightful Wisdom.
    Fondly with Love,


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