Venus is conjunct the (Mean) South Node at 24 Capricorn right now and will meet the (True) South Node at 25 Capricorn. For ease of reference, let´s just say Venus conjuncts the South Node closely between 24-25 Capricorn over the next few days (24-27 Feb 2019)
The South Node is a tricky one to describe. Sometimes it gives you a lot – and that ends  up locking you further into a karmic cycle. Sometimes it liberates you – but through renunciation (or at the very least – detachment from outcome). Sometimes that in itself paves the way for a hidden gift or connection from the past to re-emerge.
What actually manifests (or leaves) with a South Node connection really, really depends on the way you have navigated your karmic journey and whether it is oriented towards greater liberation.
When Venus and the South Node come along together as they are now, you can indeed see old energies returning. Especially in terms of partnerships (personal and professional), our relationship with finances, wealth and more generally – abundance.

Venus also signifies the way we understand our embodiment on this planet and the Feminine principle that moves through all things (and much more).

One of the most common interpretations of this alignment will be the return of old lovers … which will also happen.

It´s easy to romanticize what happens as being ´fated´ – and sometimes that´s a test of discernment.

But that doesn´t always mean it´s a good thing.
As I tell my clients, it´s fine dating someone you met 10,000 moons ago
But it´s not as cool when they´re the same jerk they were back then – and the same cycle between the two of you continue – and you keep wondering why this is so…
It is probably wiser to let karmic connections identify themselves before rushing to put a label on it.

Sometimes things might be wonderful – because they are ..

And sometimes it´s the trap of old karma in a shiny new bottle ….

Don´t be pessimistic about what comes up – but just keep your eyes open.

And be willing to see truth.

You may be pleasantly surprised.
For some of you, this same Venus-South Node alignment can mean the definite ending of certain connections or ways of thinking about abundance. Whatever the South Node takes away – tends to happen for your highest good – no matter how painful it may feel at the time.
Take the time to feel through whatever comes or goes – and the gamut of emotions that tends to arise. Honor the tears, the bittersweetness, the pain, the anger, the sadness, the joy – whatever it is that comes up for you.
How you respond or react is the lesson that presents itself. And your answer will set up the next karmic lesson (or lack thereof).
That´s probably the best way I can describe such a powerful alignment – especially with Pluto and Saturn so close by in Capricorn. The changes I describe here are not just affecting you, but everything on this Planet. Gaia herself will be speaking, and it is our choice as to whether we hear Her call.

Moreover, you are likely to have had some of what´s coming up for you foreshadowed by the Venus-Pluto alignment a few days ago. Due to technical reasons, I ended up uploading the video and associated article on Youtube only.

Here´s the link:

Coming back to the here-and-now,
Don´t be in a rush to commit to things (or their endings) one way or another. There are larger hands at work here – and it is wise to trust that flow and align yourself with it. In your prayers for guidance, call out to the Purest, Highest and Deepest Expression of Source energy.

View whatever comes up as an opportunity, rather than anything set in stone.

Ask the Universe what the situation you face represents and what it seeks to urge you to do?

Astrology has an answer for that too:
The answer the skies are pointing us towards is represented by the North Node in Cancer. It guides us towards finding true emotional security and a real sense of belonging in whatever you do decide to commit to / move away from / dissolve / manifest.
And sometimes it´s hard to follow that guiding principle because it forces us to move away from old, preconceived ideas or baggage that have taught us to think, feel and interpret life in certain ways.
On top of all this, Venus and the South Node sextile Mercury at 26 Pisces. This alignment creates a bridge between questions of relationship, manifestation, abundance, how we internalize and honor the Feminine Principle – and the ideas or answers we seek. Listen deeply to Spirit for it is giving you those answers.
It´s not something that emerges from the conscious mind, but the part of ourselves that is so deep that it connects to – and is part of – and influences – and is influenced by – the collective unconscious.
Honor your dreams, your intuition, your psychic impressions at this time – but also be mindful of the possibility of self-deception and illusion. This is because Mercury is in Pisces, but equally because it is just about to begin a powerful Retrograde at 29 Pisces within the next 9 days!
Give yourself the permission to walk on this bridge between Manifestation and Spirit – but be open to revisiting your ideas. Especially around March 11-14 and April 11-13 (as that is when Mercury is between 24-26 Pisces yet again).

Aim to be inclusive in whatever you do, in a way where you can honor the other – and still be You. There can be no true acceptance of the other if self-acceptance is neglected.

Mercury also trines the North Node in Cancer, reinforcing the suggestion that our answers shall arise from our intuition, rather than our conscious, logical mind. Get out of your own head and go back to what makes you feel safe, secured, and able to connect deeply with the wellspring of your own emotions.
Water related rituals will be especially effective at this time – as Water is the Great cleanser, dissolver, conduct, medium and life-giver. Just let things emerge as and when they need to, and try not to force things into a shape that your ego-Mind wants them to be as. That doesn´t help in the long run.
The Scorpio Moon will be coming round to activate this as a Grand Water Trine within the few hours. (That´s the 25th of Feb for those of you in the North America, and the 26th in Asia)
A lot of personal, ancestral and karmic energy is coming up now for processing and purging. Allow it to happen and support the process by drinking purified water. Elite noble shungite is the gemstone of choice for charging and purifying water for this purpose. You can also wear gemstones such as larimar, aquamarine, blue calcite, blue flourite, etc. to support the cleansing process.
Taking a salt water bath with cypress oil can also help, especially for those burdened by heavy emotions. Remember to honor the plant matter that became the oil and use sparingly. Remember to also check for contraindications before use.

As for salt, I prefer Himalayan rock salt for this purpose – it has an extraordinary vibration. But go with what you feel and what´s available. Natural salts are better, rather than that which has been chemically processed.
Thyme is also recommended, especially as a tea to help support the body in its releasing process.

So in summary…

Feel through it

Don´t be too quick to put a label on things

Allow the Universe to work through you and with you

This energy remains highly active in the skies for the next three days (24-27 February 2019). Though Venus continues to sextile Mercury till (approx) March 6 – it does shift in tone as it enters Aquarius on March 1st.

Generally speaking, its wiser to focus on releasing what no longer serves and to clear the decks as it were.  Remember that Mercury Retrogrades at the Anaretic (29th) degree of Pisces on March 5th! This isn´t the time to be committing to new decision, rather to the possibilities that they represent. Mercury will deliver us with  more information (and the opportunity to revisit things) through its Retrograde. On top of that we also have an upcoming Pisces New Moon with a POWERFUL Sun-Moon-Neptune-Vesta conjunction coming up on March 6th!

More on that closer to the time.

Blessings to All,

Dr. Bairavee Balasubramaniam PhD
The Sky Priestess

* * * * * *

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Post & Text © Bairavee Balasubramaniam, 2019. All rights reserved.

Image: Japanese Garden by Jana. Public Domain Image. via Pixabay

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