March 1-7, 2019: A week of transformation, embodiment, and collective evolutionary potential! Venus enters Aquarius, Uranus enters Taurus, Mercury RX begins & The Pisces New Moon with Neptune & Vesta!!!

Astounding possibilities for change, transformation, evolution and embodiment meet us in the first week of March 2019!

Venus squares Uranus (first in Capricorn-Aries, then Aquarius-Taurus)

Venus shifts into Aquarius (March 1-2)

Uranus shifts into Taurus (March 5-6)

Mercury stations Retrograde at 29 Pisces (March 5)

The New Moon joins Neptune and Vesta in Pisces (March 6-7) …. and so on

Long story short: this is the time where we can consciously & collectively work together to re-write the script we share with this planet.

This is when we can most consciously look at the programs (from this life and prior ones) that have shaped our relationship to Mama-Gaia and the Feminine Principle that runs through all things (manifest and unmanifest).

This is the perfect time to be thinking through our more entrenched attitudes towards success, prosperity, manifestation, abundance, love, relationships, career, partnerships – and so on.

This is the perfect time to give ourselves permission to live outside those internalized constructs and in greater alignment with our innermost Authentic Being.

We have all been working on these themes for some time now: but it´s crunch time.

It is wise to pay attention to world events as they unfold over the next week – as not all of us are going to embrace these changes willingly.

Because Mercury is stationing Retrograde at 29 Pisces (arguably the most intensely karmic degree of the zodiac), we´re being asked to receive the new codes and vibrations coming in – and to sit with it.

It will take a few weeks for the true meaning of this energy to begin tor reveal itself. Don´t jump the gun in your interpretations.

The temptation to romanticize what we see and feel, or to overlay our older scripts and preconceptions upon this energy will be there.

Over the next few weeks, I recommend engaging in spiritual practices, meditation or simply practices of embodiment and being that allow us to shed karmic baggage.

It will allow us to truly see and engage with these new vibrations of energy – for what they truly are the evolutionary potential they represent .

(see video for more details and exposition on this)

Relationships in general are going to be a powerful medium of change – so watch who enters or leaves your life at this time – and how you choose to respond to them.

Last – but by no means least – the New Moon in Pisces conjuncts Neptune and Vesta between 15-16 degrees on March 6.

This is an extraordinary alignment. We are collectively being asked to commit to a more refined relationship with Spirit and the way we receive and interpret psychic information. It is a moment of true metaphysical potency.

(And that´s not something I say often – the sheer scope of potential during this New Moon is IMMENSE)

Which is why it is so important to align our energies in ways that do not repeat or romanticize old scripts, lifetimes or karmic patterns – that simply no longer resonate.

We´re going to be able to re-calibrate our individual, ancestral – and collective relationship with Spirit, Karma – and what it truly means to be of Service.

We can also use the same opportunity to entrench more of the old – and continue to romanticize abuse, sacrifice and martyrdom.

The choice is ours.

There are so many layers and levels to this energy – and not everyone necessarily works at this level of consciousness (which is totally okay).

You may feel this through physical symptoms, dreams, or just feelings that you may not necessarily be able to name. And some of you may be overwhelmed by it.

Remember that is also perfectly okay to want some support in times like this. Seek out facilitators, safe spaces, friends and communities who are able and willing to do this with/for you. Remember to honor their time and efforts in the process.

And that´s how we learn to coexist.


Dr. Bairavee Balasubramaniam PhD
The Sky Priestess

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