There´s a little bit of a reprieve in the skies from the intense build-up to the Capricorn Lunar Eclipse. The Moon has left its Scorpionic depths and set its sights towards the mountain in Sagittarius. (It finally reaches the summit in Capricorn)

In the past few days, Scorpio´s energy has had all of us taking long, hard looks at what makes us tick, what we´ve neglected, ancestral/karmic patterns that need deeper spiritual cleansing / healing and so on. Sagittarius now asks us to put our general perspectives or philosophies of life back into focus.

Remember that Jupiter (15 Sag Rx) sits in its home of sign of Sagittarius, aspected via an inconjunct to the North Node (17 Cancer) .

When the way forwards is unclear, look to your emotions as an indicator of where you need to go next. It´s not about what you´re feeling at this instant moment, but what those feelings are asking you to do, or delve into, or accept, or feel through, etc. etc. etc.

Our paths at this time ask us to find the way home, back to our true emotional bodies and families.

And that doesn´t have to be the place we were born or the ancestry we were born into.

Remember that those circumstances relate to this incarnation: Your Soul is far older than that.

Some of you may also want to think about how you relate to the concept of nationhood, motherhood, domesticity, home management, nutrition, emotional awareness/processing, family/tribe/collective identities, and so on.

And some of you may just feel that it´s all too much, all at once. For some, it may even be physically manifested as pains, swelling, stomach upsets, and so on.

The key through this is to realize that you´re not going to get anywhere quickly if you don´t first accept where you are right now. Denial is a terrible co-navigator.

Accept your current feelings. But you don´t need to hold on to them. 
Sometimes just being willing to acknowledge that they are there facilitates a shift in energy and perspective.

And sometimes your feelings are just leading you joyously to the path you need to find.

Which is wonderful, but make sure you´re not leading yourself to what you want to see, rather than what´s there.

As we internally re-orient ourselves, we can then come from a more centered place to address the inequalities and larger questions that challenge our world.

This internal work is a healthy prerequisite for effectively engaging with the triggers that surround all of us. It helps us navigate better and to know which battles to choose – and which to avoid at this time.

With the South Node (17 Capricorn) conjunct Saturn (16 Capricorn Rx) at this time, we see a great resurgence of more conservative political structures and their cadres who seek to valorize the old hierarchies. This is happening all over the world: Just look at the news if you´re interested in knowing more. By no means is it limited to any one state.

That doesn´t mean we shouldn´t fight for what is right or turn a blind eye in the face of injustice – it means that this is a better time to observe and allow things to unfold before engaging. It means connecting the dots and seeing how this is a larger phenomenon – and not getting caught up in more parochial concerns / identifications.

The moment we get caught up in the push-and-pull, tug-of-war powerplay dynamic, we already find ourselves caught in a particular role. Observe, witness and wait.

Be prepared and allow your intuitive relationship with yourself, and Spirit – to guide your steps.

Remember that the upcoming Lunar Eclipse (24 Capricorn) also conjuncts Pluto (21 Capricorn Rx), squares Eris (24 Aries) and Haumea (24 Libra). Expect to see major energies coming up for transmutation, be it from the planet, collective human experience – and our own ancestral lineages. There´s some truly dense patterns there that need to be dissolved.

It pays to pay attention to the political decisions and discourses that emerge at this time. They shape the context of what we´re going to have to work on collectively – for some time to come.

Nothing here is set in stone (though it may claim to be) – it´s just useful to know the terrain before taking a stand one way or another.

Remember that this alignment can also manifest in intense seismic and meteorological activity. Be a little more mindful if you live in trouble spots and ensure you´ve got the basics covered.

It also helps to remember that this incredible energy of transition can also facilitate profound rebirth and re-connection with the fertile aspects of the Feminine. All this chaos can lead someplace positive.

Work more so from a place of energy-intention-spirit first, before seeking to engage. Your path will be smoother and the likelihood of success a lot higher.

As today also sees Mars (6 Leo) squared Uranus (6 Taurus), know that there´s a lot of collective aggression and the spark to action coming up at this time. Some operate out of trauma patterning, triggering others into reaction – and less solid states ; Some awaken sparks of insight and breakthrough energy that can lead to (r)evolution.

Being centered in your emotions will help you know which is which.

Remember to breathe deeply. 
Eat / drink / nourish your body well. 
Be mindful of what you have and can be grateful for.

Remember your energy is sovereign and sacred: 
You choose what you give freely, 
You choose what you give as part of a more formal exchange, 
You choose whether you wish to engage or not.

Remember that those who make claims on your energy need to respect your right and needs to regenerate it as required. You do not need to martyr yourself.

Be real, be kind – and that includes being kind to yourself.

I find whale-songs to be especially soothing at this time. Remember to give thanks to their presence and wisdom if you choose to listen as well. (Supporting oceanic conservation efforts is a good idea too)


Dr. Bairavee Balasubramaniam PhD
The Sky Priestess

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Whilst the work I channel, intuit and figure out ultimately comes from Spirit, it still comes through me-as-co-creative a-divine-spark. For legal purposes I share these terms – and I hope you can understand the energetic basis of doing so. We all have to be honored for what we do, and what we bring. That way we keep things sustainable and in integrity.

This post and text is original research material and is copyrighted. You are allowed to share this material for personal, non-commercial and educational use with the proper citations, references and links / tags back to my website and/or my FB page or profile. Clicking ´Share´ on FB or ´Reblog´ on WordPress would be most appropriate. Please obtain my permission first if you want to use this material on your workshop, blog, organization, webpage, book, seminar or for any commercial purpose. All information provided, be it through sessions conducted or this post is non-liable and is not intended to replace professional legal, medical, psychological, psychiatric and/or financial counsel. How you choose to act on this information is up to your own free will and is entirely your responsibility.

Post & Text © Bairavee Balasubramaniam, 2019. All rights reserved

Image: Omega Nebula. Public domain image via pixabay

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