Deepavali / Diwali 2019 : Mars squared Saturn, Venus opposed Vesta

Deepavali / Diwali Blessings (2019)

Deepavali / Diwali Blessings to all. We are asked to recognize the searing-hot white light of Transmutation that lies deep in the heart of Shadow.

Astrologically speaking, today is the day before the New moon in Scorpio (opposed Uranus). We’re in a massive buildup to a blast of energy that will shake the moorings loose.

It’s time to get real with the shadow if you haven’t already. Be very aware of games of projection, gaslighting, ego-drama-control and so on.

A lot of the time, what a person thinks of you has less to do with you and more to do with where they are in their life.

Unless it is a situation that presents you with a real (emotional, financial, physical, etc.) threat, try not to take things personally and wish someone well as they go on their way.

If you have people around that that celebrate and honor your energy (and vice versa), use this time to get real, get deep and create something meaningful.

Remember that Mercury Rx is about to begin on October 31st, so be open to creation but remember to read the fine print.

Today (October 27), we see Mars (15 Libra) squared Saturn (15 Capricorn) at 14:30 UT. We also see Venus (23 Scorpio) opposed Vesta (23 Taurus) at 16:47 UT.

Clashes with authority are likely. So it’s wise to take the diplomatic route and try to achieve goals that are best aligned to fairness and justice for all. Judgement rooted in the ego will get you nowhere.

Be more mindful about your body and it’s movements as there is a higher than normal chance of minor accidents, scrapes, joint / bone issues and so on. How relevant this is to you depends on your chart and the people around you.

Just be more mindful and try not to go bungee-jumping into shark infested waters without a helmet and generally you should be okay.

The Venus-Vesta opposition has an entirely different flavour. A lot of you may be feeling deep, conflicting emotions about your partnerships. If the partnership is built on a mutual desire to nurture and support, it’s gold. But if it’s based on the need of one person to give away their effort, resources and life-force to another, think twice.

Ultimately whatever collaboration or partnership you are in should reward all parties for their efforts or at the very least be balanced in terms of give and take.

As romantic as the idea of all-consuming love is, in practice it leads to codependent dynamics. If you’re struggling with this (irrespective of gender) ‘Women Who Love Too Much’ by Robin Norwood can really shed some light on things.

So long story short : A day to look deeply and what were doing, why, and who we’re doing it with. Be strategic in what you choose to do and know that some people are able to handle your truth and others are just going to get massively triggered by it. Choose your battles wisely (that is, think it through first).

This Scorpio energy is not going to stop anytime soon. There’s no immediate, dramatic need for you to do anything. Just be true to your feelings, acknowledge and think about the best way forwards. And then act when you feel the time is right.


Dr. Bairavee Balasubramaniam PhD

The Sky Priestess

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