Scorpio New Moon opposed Uranus (October 27/28, 2019)

Skeletal Light, 2019

October 28 : The New Moon ( 4’25 Scorpio ) went exact at 3:38 am (UT), just a few hours ago. This particular Moon opposed Uranus Rx (4’36 Scorpio).

Keep your eyes open to sudden revelations, insights, electrical or technological matters (includes social media) and/or friendships and altruistic collaborations.

There’s a lot of woundedness, hurt, anger and displaced shadow flying in the ethers, looking for a place to land and cause damage.

Side-step it. Unless the issue is truly life-or-death or able to destroy your sense of self, side-step it.

Attacks are designed to feed off your energy. Use the block and delete button and don’t feel the need to be apologetic about it. If it’s happening to you in 3D reality, table sensitive discussions for another day if you feel you’re being provoked or triggered into it.

Whilst there is room to help others through challenges (if you have that spare time and energy), most haters (especially on-line) are not that interested.

Keep your energy clean and rest. Sometimes the most powerful act of defiance is to refuse to be drawn into another’s projection-manipulation game.

That’s one side of the equation.

The other side allows you to generate personal wealth and for those who commit deeply to you (and vice versa). It can also help you develop synergetic pathways with others that take (all of) you to even deeper places of healing, regeneration and embracing abundance. The same applies to your friend-groups, online communities, technological platforms and so on.

Uranus is a wildcard. You may experiencing any or all of these different experiences at once.

Remember the key areas to look at with Scorpio: health, sexuality, intimacy, finances.

It’s been a very very tough energy for people. So go easy on yourselves and others.


Dr. Bairavee Balasubramaniam PhD
The Sky Priestess

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2 thoughts on “Scorpio New Moon opposed Uranus (October 27/28, 2019)

  1. Your posts are so helpful. I’m sitting in a blackout zone near a fire zone…and this post couldn’t be more accurate than now. Thanks for the work you do-namaste.


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