Fierce Truth & Heartfelt Compassion

Being fierce in your truth is important.
Being humble in your apology is as important.

We are not always blazing with the crystal clear clarity of truth all of the time. There are times where we fail to see the wider ramification of our words without malice intended.

It is as important to honor both forms of truth-telling, be it in yourself or others. Those who vibe with you will think no less of you if you admit an error of judgement or a temporary lapse if your words come from the heart. In fact, you are likely to form a stronger bridge through true humility.

But there is the other side which refuses to acknowledge its own prejudices, humanness, momentary lapses …. This lot will hold onto a partial truth and justify it with the fires of righteous indignation and the pedestalization of victimhood. Or to minimize, overlook or justify your pain.

In cases like these, stay in your clarity. Stay in your compassion. And know that these are times for the masks to fall off.

No connection is worth a compromise of your essential humanity, or another’s.

No partial truth is worth the loss of a true heart-based connection.

If a connection is dissolving in your life right now, consider if it was born of ego, trauma bonds or pedestalization/martyrdom/codependent dynamics.

True friendship is forged in the heart.

Note that ego-games and projection is rife in the air right now. Be discerning as to which response is more appropriate and when.

You can look forwards to my public article on the occultation of Mercury-Sun tomorrow. This information (and other Intel on the month of November) has also been shared as part of the Tier23 program.


Dr Bairavee Balasubramaniam PhD
The Sky Priestess

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1 thought on “Fierce Truth & Heartfelt Compassion

  1. Thanks so much B. Bang on…there s some fierce primordial energies rising into my awareness…I now have the support and awareness to address the second group…for me, the narcs in my life n fam…amping up my meditation time and painting it through.
    I just realized on the last newsletter I can comment here..after all this time reading them….Now I can continue to send hugs…in writing that is. 🙂


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