Blessings to all.

November 2019 is a pivotal month in determining the paths we choose to take hereafter.

There are four alignments (dates given in UT) that make this such a critical time:

Occultation / Eclipse / Transit of Mercury across the Sun: November 11
Vesta conjunct the Full Moon in Taurus, trined Pluto in Capricorn: November 12
Jupiter conjunct the Galactic Center: November 19
Venus conjunct the Galactic Center : November 23

I´ve been waiting for these alignments since the start of the year as this is where the magic truly happens.

The more we are willing to let go of of past selves, past contracts, past ideas of service, sacrifice and karma (especially with family and ancestry), the more we stand to gain.

I disagree with a lot of people who see this time as one where we need to lie low and avoid conflict or making important decisions – as the other alignments in the month do not support or allow that leisure.

Moreover, the opportunity afforded by this occultation is relatively rare. I have listed the dates of prior occurrence at the end of the article.

The first two alignments listed here ask us to empty the cup, whereas the latter two give us the opportunity to fill it – shortly thereafter.

You are being asked to speak your truth and make key decisions on the basis of the clarity and compassion that comes from your Heart-Center.

For some, this is a mighty roar, for others, it is a gentle whisper.
For some, it is a declaration, for others, it is an apology.

Whatever your Truth is is what you stand for and open your heart to.

I am not referring to partial truths based on some human idea of philosophy, religion, opinion or produced knowledge.

In this context,

Truth is an experience that goes to the core of your soul and very basis of existence.

Some connections will align even more closely with you as they see your energy clearly, masks and veils removed.

Others will shirk away, hiding themselves in veils of projection or victim-dramas or by pedestalizing partial truths.

This is especially likely to come up in family and ancestral matters.

Too often do I see people romanticizing the idea of being the scapegoat, projection screen, sponge, anchor, or container for abusive family dynamics.

Taking the hit is not necessarily a spiritual act. Certainly not in the Age we are headed for.

In cases like this, refusing to play that role may be what creates the catalyst for much-needed evolutionary change.

The same applies to decisions in terms of partnerships, intimate connections, finances, health, sexuality, psychological matters, and so on.

We are being asked to give up the old roles we vowed to play or were groomed into accepting as across lifetimes.

It does not matter if the language used is spiritually evocative.

So much of abuse has been committed in the name of the sacred.

You may ask what remains after such a profound shedding?

Well ..

You do.

Your essence transcends any label or any idea of what you think you´re doing on this planet.

Any role or prescribed function.

That is freedom.

What you choose to do from that place of free will is far more powerful than anything you are forced, hoodwinked or guilt-tripped into doing.

And many are, especially by those who use the words service, sacrifice and servitude interchangeably.

You are far more powerful when you act from a place of freedom, rather than confinement.

There is no room for compromise when it comes to honoring your essence and who you are as a person.

And truly, in a relationship of Love, no compromise should be expected or required.

As Love allows us to bloom into the best versions of ourselves.

You can be gentle, you can be kind, but never allow the erasure of your essence.

That form of ego-dissolution is strictly something you do with Spirit in its purest form.

No human or other entity has the right to expect that of you.

And even then, it´s an act of liberation, rather than bondage.

As you rip the band-aid off and be uncompromising in your willingness to see and experience the Truth of the Heart …

You then open yourself up to some truly profound possibilities with Jupiter and Venus on the Galactic Center.

These aspects can bring you into powerful alignments with your particular branch of Truth and to manifest what is needed so you can live more fully by its principles.

Know that the Galactic Center alignment in itself is neither a positive nor a negative experience. It simply helps you move onto the path of your choosing.

It is exactly a case of getting what you wished for – or rather – what you allowed. And this is why being clear in your boundaries is so important with the dates of the Occultation and the Full Moon (November 11-12, 2019).

In other words:

The Galactic Center is a Master Facilitator, but it´s not making a Moral Choice for you.

That´s your job.

With Jupiter and Venus on the Galactic Center (27 Sagittarius), we not only decide the path we wish to take but almost immediately begin to source the materials we need to make it a reality.

Those who teach, learn, travel and seek to expand their horizons: Watch the 2nd half of this month.

If you need a little more help in identifying outdated patterns to dissolve (and watch out for), look at the previous dates of the Mercury-Sun occultation.

Look back at your story and see what happened then. And what needs to happen now.

What can be repeated, and what shouldn´t.

May 9 1970 Nov 6 1993 Nov 8 2006
Nov 10 1973 Nov 15 1999 May 9 2016
Nov 13 1986 May 7 2003 (all in UT)

The next Mercury-Sun occultation will be in 2032, 2039, 2049, 2052, 2062, etc.

So these are fairly rare windows of change.

Use them well.


Dr. Bairavee Balasubramaniam PhD
The Sky Priestess

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  1. This explains so much for me this month. I definitely need to get these change dates and full moons put in my calendar as I’m always so affected. Do you have a calender/timetable I can look at?


  2. Thanks for sharing the dates security transits the sun. Are there any times where Mercury goes behind the sun?


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