So, we´ve experienced the Mercury Transit (occultation with the Sun), Jupiter conjunct the Galactic Center – and the end of Mercury Retrograde in Scorpio! All in a single, exceptional month.

Any one of these alignments is enough for a profound re-hauling of life and orientation. All of us have been asked to look into some dark places within – be it for acknowledgement, transmutation and/or dissolution.

And we´re not out of the woods. There´s more coming.

For instance, we see:

  • A powerful New Moon in Sagittarius on the same day Venus enters Capricorn (Nov 26 – UT time)
  • Neptune stationing direct (Nov 27)
  • Full Moon in Gemini (Dec 12)
  • Chiron stationing direct (Dec 13)
  • Solar Eclipse/New Moon in Capricorn (Dec 26)
  • Jupiter conjunct the Sun in Capricorn (Dec 27) – and so on.

And of course there´s more in January 2020, with a phenomenal Capricorn stellium in the skies that can make or break the world as we know it (or both).

So in other words, the skies are calling for more action, expansion, commitment and real-world engagement. There´s a lot to grow into and to accomplish. .

It´s wise to use the (comparative) lull in energy to set some time aside for yourself. Nurture yourself back to health, wellness and balance after your struggles. Use the shift in energy to take stock of what you need for yourself and fill your cup.

If you are depleted, you´re certainly not going to be of much help to yourself, anyone else, and the planet.

Use the energy of Mars and Mercury in Scorpio (now direct) to re-energize and replenish your body, mind and soul. The end of the retrograde can feel like a lifting of immense pressure and the movement and flow of energy restored. However, it will take up till December 7th for Mercury to exit the shadow phase.

Having moved through and cleared so much density, it´s time to fill yourself up again.
With something far more nutritious:

The Elixir that is Self-Love.

Listen to the guidance of self love
It can show you the way forwards
Or give you the courage to keep looking.

To that effect, I have blocked out some time for myself (and all of us) to follow this exact advice. I would like all of you to take a rest (if you can), give yourself a little time to integrate. Sessions will resume in early December.

As a final note:

Whilst the Venus-Galactic Center and Venus-Jupiter conjunctions are due on November 23-24, these are likely to consolidate decisions that have already been made. You´re not as likely to have to break new ground within yourself or the world around you in such an extreme way.

Allow things to align with the choices you have made and the Path of Truth you have chosen to honor.

Blessings to All.

Dr. Bairavee Balasubramaniam PhD, The Sky Priestess

For those of you who want more in-depth guidance on these upcoming alignments (and a lot of asteroids …), consider joining the Tier23 program.


Sessions (you can still book, just from early December onwards)


Contributions (for those who value my work and are able to materially support it)


Much Love!

* * *

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