Tough Alignments : Dec 15-16, 2019

15-16 Dec: Sun (22 Sagittarius) trine Thereus (22 Leo) & Eris (squared 23 Aries) and squared Borasisi (22 Pisces)

Look for patterns of covert abuse, triggering, using victimhood as a weapon, spiralling out of control, giving into False Light/Illusions, odd dreams, etc.

The need for psychic protection is high and it’s hard to discern between a legitimate stand for integrity and a temper tantrum.

Whilst I would usually say be compassionate and kind, know your limits. Sometimes it’s better to engage and fight the good fight, and sometimes it’s better to disengage entirely.

High levels of drama and projection. Try to think about what you’re saying / seeing before you respond. It’s a war of opinions and a lot of people get off on the heady brew that righteous indignation or certainty in their own absolute knowledge of things ….

And take no one for granted, yourself included.

And somehow, if you’ve had a great day despite these alignments – thank your guides. They’re doing a good job.

This is as much time/energy I have to spare at present . . . . You can imagine the kind of day I’ve had (especially on FB) … For in-depth information in advance, join the Tier23 program. The vibe is rough out there !

The Sky Priestess

3 thoughts on “Tough Alignments : Dec 15-16, 2019

  1. No joke! I didn’t know what the heck was going on until I saw your post this morning. Always appreciate knowing I’m not losing my mind! Tier 23 subscription renewed!! Thank you!


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