Honestly, I didn’t want to write about this. When I saw this forecast for 2020, I just went Oh Gods … This is not going to be pretty. And so I’ve been putting it off – but it can’t be delayed any longer.

Black Moon Lilith entered Aries on January 27 2020 at 7:35 UT (Universal Time) and will transit the sign until October 21 2020, i.e. for a 9 month period.

Black Moon Lilith is the lunar (mean) apogee. It at the furthest possible point the Moon could be from the Earth, assuming a regular elliptical orbit. There’s also an asteroid called Lilith and the oscillating Apogee also known as the ‘true’ apogee – which we are not discussing here.

If we consider the planets at play, we see a point of hypothetical presence on the same plane as a line drawn through the center of the Earth and the Moon, if it was directly behind the Earth. The Moon itself has no light save for what it reflects from the Sun or what is refracted from the Earth’s own atmosphere. It gives no light to the Black Moon.

(Note the Moon itself moves, what stays the same is the shape of the orbit in idealized form)

In other words, Black Moon Lilith is a Dark phenomenon. And unfortunately, that means that it gets projected on terribly. People are quick to make equivalences of light = good, dark = bad (which of course has its racial undertones) and so the meaning of BML gets equally distorted.

Some astrologers see her as a purely negative phenomenon, others seek to reclaim her. Personally, I think it’s somewhere in the middle.

If we look at the mythology of Lilith we see why both reactions occur to the energy of this hypothetical point:

“ For 4,000 years Lilith has wandered the earth, figuring in the mythic imaginations of writers, artists and poets. Her dark origins lie in Babylonian demonology, where amulets and incantations were used to counter the sinister powers of this winged spirit who preyed on pregnant women and infants. Lilith next migrated to the world of the ancient Hittites, Egyptians, Israelites and Greeks. She makes a solitary appearance in the Bible, as a wilderness demon shunned by the prophet Isaiah. In the Middle Ages she reappears in Jewish sources as the dreadful first wife of Adam… The ancient name “Lilith” derives from a Sumerian word for female demons or wind spirits—the lilītu and the related ardat lilǐ. The lilītu dwells in desert lands and open country spaces and is especially dangerous to pregnant women and infants. Her breasts are filled with poison, not milk. The ardat lilī is a sexually frustrated and infertile female who behaves aggressively toward young men. “


Of course with the way contemporary society is evolving, Lilith is now being re-imagined as a progressive, radical, revolutionary figure who dared to say no to first man and his expectation of compliance. Her Sumerian origins are largely ignored in this interpretation, but I suspect that’s not a good call to make for energyworkers.

Irrespective of which way a person views Lilith – as baby-killing demonness or woman-in-revolution-in-control-of-her-body – both sides would have to agree that she is deeply powerful, mystical and sexual. She tends to represent where society has projected or sought to inscribe its own meaning onto different expressions and experiences of the feminine.

Coming to the current alignment, Black Moon Lilith is in Aries. And that means that the focus of such projection is entirely on the way our persona and ego-identities are expressed and seen (by ourselves and others). It is about our presence in the world and how that destroys, challenges (and inevitably triggers) others who fear what they do not know or understand.

At the biological level, that focuses on anything above the neck, and so attacks to one’s social and personal face are likely. And the only thing one can to is to face up to it all anyway. – and to take adequate precautions.

It is also about looking at the projections that a person bears onto the question of identity, be it their own or someone else’s. There is a greater vulnerability, power, possibility of damage and healing in a person’s sense of self through this transit. It comes down to knowing the difference between who we think we are (or imagine ourselves to be), and who we actually are in practice.

I forsee much cognitive dissonance as the mirrors are held up and some breakthroughs for those willing to do the work. Know that at times mirrors are distorted so do not take that external feedback to your core unless you know it is a source you can trust. That being said, if what you hear back is consistent – either you’re walking in a fun-house, or there’s something for you to hear. Perhaps adjust. Or come to terms with.

The martial quality of Aries will want to use its warrior strength to assert its truth but remember that might does not make right. If you have power of presence, use it to bring balance back to the world rather to serve only the self.

There are aspects of this Darkness that truly need to be reclaimed from the toxic trappings of patriarchy – and there are other aspects that are truly toxic in themselves. Let us not fall into the idea that only a toxic patriarchy can exist and that there is no matriarchal equivalent.

I address the spiritual and energetic dimensions of this in an article called : When Not All Darkness Is Sacred: Things to Bear in Mind when Embodying or Channelling the Dark Goddess


It’s important to realize that working with BML is on a spectrum, expressed well by the drama triangle’s intersecting roles of victim, abuser and avenger. Given the nature of projection and fear operating with Lilith, some people will see a victim and call them an abuser, or vice versa (and so on).

Thankfully, through the work that has been happening, more and more are stepping up to be seen, projections and all. It can be worked with to find a healing result, but one needs to work through the pain and hurt that arises beforehand.

If one is unwilling to do so, Lilith simply causes damage – much like her Sumerian origins.

So it’s very hard to give you a clear-cut-is-this-a-good-or-bad-thing. I’d say it’s a good thing for those willing to unpack the layers of pain and trauma and the raw experience of wading through the muck that entails.

It’s not such a great thing for those glossing over it through denial, pretty rhetoric and transcendental ideas that seek to absolve a person from the need to be responsible.

And because of the projection involved, a person who is already triggered will not be able to tell the two apart.

That is what makes this so tricky.

At the time of writing, Black Moon Lilith is at 0 Aries, opposing the Super-Galactic Center at 1 Libra and sextiling Ceres at 0 Aquarius. These are powerful times to re-shape our relationship with Black Moon Lilith to be willing to see her for what she is, rather than what we need or fear her to be. Relationships and dialogue are the vessels that allow this to happen. We also need the need for community and parental / nurturer figures to step up in solidarity and greater alignment with the task of seeing the Truth of the Self.

The one thing I can tell you about Lilith from years of observation is that she rarely teaches through pleasure devoid of hooks or hidden karmic consequences. If your’re getting a little too addicted to your anger or the feeling of certainty that accompanies self-righteousness – look again.

I know that the work I am doing around this is deeply vulnerable and it’s not at fun. But it’s needed. We need to keep showing up and remembering to look at the meaning of our interactions and reactions. We need to develop a far healthier relationship with this shadow aspect of the Self.

We see this theme play itself out again, and again and again till Black Moon Lilith finally enters Taurus in September 2020. Here’s some of the most important aspects:

January 1: Black Moon Lilith (27 Pisces) squared the Galactic Center (27 Sagittarius)

January 20: Black Moon Lilith (29 Pisces) squared Ixion / The Tyrant (29 Pisces)

January 27: Black Moon Lilith enters Aries, one day after the Pluto (23 Capricorn) – Eris (23 Aries) square, on the same day Venus conjuncts Neptune (16 Pisces)

February 9: Venus conjuncts Black Moon Lilith at 1 Aries, both opposing the Super-Galactic Center (1 Libra) on the day of the Full Moon at 20 Leo – conjunct Thereus / The Hunter-Stalker (19 Leo)

February 20: Mars (2 Capricorn) squares Black Moon Lilith (2 Aries) on the same day as the Jupiter-Neptune sextile (17 Capricorn-17 Pisces)

March 4: Chiron conjuncts Black Moon Lilith at 4 Aries on the same day of the Vesta-Pluto trine (24 Taurus-Capricorn) and when Mercury’s retrograde takes it back into Aquarius

March 9: Mean North Node (4 Cancer), Mean South Node (4 Capricorn) square Black Moon Lilith (4 Aries) – one day before the Full Moon (19 Virgo) opposes Neptune (19 Pisces)

March 26: Sun conjuncts Black Moon Lilith at 6 Aries on the same day that Jupiter (23 Capricorn) squares Eris (23 Aries)

July 18: Vesta (19 Cancer) square Black Moon Lilith (19 Aries)

July 28: Jupiter Rx (20 Capricorn) square Black Moon Lilith (20 Aries)

August 10: Mars conjunct Black Moon Lilith (21 Aries)

August 19: Pluto Rx (22 Capricorn) square Black Moon Lilith (22 Aries) on the same day as the New Moon (26 Leo) conjunct Mercury (28 Leo) trine Ixion (28 Sagittarius) the Galactic Center (27 Sagittarius)

September 1: Venus (24 Cancer) square Black Moon Lilith (24 Aries) on the same day as Black Moon Lilith conjunct Eris Rx (24 Aries)

September 11: Saturn Rx (25 Capricorn) square Black Moon Lilith (25 Aries) on the same day that the Sun (19 Virgo) opposes Neptune (19 Pisces)

September 23: Mars Rx (26 Capricorn) conjuncts Black Moon Lilith (26 Aries) on the same day that Mercury (25 Libra) squares Saturn Rx (25 Capricorn) and enters its shadow phase

September 25: Black Moon Lilith (27 Aries) trines the Galactic Center (27 Sagittarius)

October 4: Black Moon Lilith (28 Aries) trines Ixion / The Tyrant (28 Sagittarius) on the same day that Pluto stations direct at 22 Capricorn

October 7: Black Moon Lilith (28 Aries) trines Thereus / The Hunter-Stalker (28 Leo) on the same day that Vesta (24 Leo) trines Eris (24 Aries) and Mercury (9 Scorpio) opposes Uranus (9 Taurus)

So yeah … this lesson comes out and repeats itself throughout the transit and with key transits alongside it. Whatever we’ve been doing with this energy in the past week is literally the start.

Pay attention to what you have learnt and experienced. Know your triggers. Study your own egoic reactions to people who challenge your point of view. And remember that the same language will be used by those who have done very little self-reflection to justify their own violence.

Stand up for those who speak up for the marginalized without co-opting their voice.
If you have privilege, use it. Use your extra resources and energy to show up – time and again – for those who are doing the raw, dangerous, vulnerable work of true self-expression.

And if that person is you, remember to rest from time to time and consider your own energetic reserves. You don’t have to do it all by yourself, even if that’s what Aries tells you to. It makes aspects to other signs as well.


Dr. Bairavee Balasubramaniam PhD
The Sky Priestess

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  1. “Let us not fall into the idea that only a toxic patriarchy can exist and that there is no matriarchal equivalent.”Love this!


  2. Wow, my intuition led me here and I can’t even begin to explain how spot on this is! I just found out my black moon lilith is in aries… this timeline you share coincides an emotionally abusive and manipulative relationship I was in that brought up all of these symbols “The ardat lilī is a sexually frustrated and infertile female who behaves aggressively toward young men.” and how the abuser will use words to make the victim (me the young man) to feel like an abuser… wow, thank you for creating these words to click something deep for me. The amount of anger and pain I’ve had to process lately from this makes sense and I will be more conscious of taking care and moving through this process of healing during this transit.


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