Mars (22 Sagittarius) is headed for its exact trine to Eris (23 Aries) in just over a day’s time. This can be a deeply inflammatory aspect which brings about greater conflict and discord to already tense situations.

And whilst I am no stranger to self-assertion and standing in your truth, I do believe in the wisdom of picking your battles.

We will be seeing this additional layer of triggering for the next 2-3 days (Feb 5-7, 2019).

Pay attention to the messages that come your way now and how you choose to respond to them.

Remember that reactivity is not the same as an aligned response.

Remember that outright aggression is not the same as self-assertion.

Remember that playing the victim through passive-aggression is a covert form of violence and control.

Remember that righteous anger can easily become a gateway for toxic behavior if devoid of compassion.

Please be proportional in your responses to people – or what you think they’re saying.

Take the time to ask. Do not make assumptions.

Sometimes people are stubborn in their ways, but meeting it with the same vibe doesn’t change the energy.

State your piece but do not go to war over it unless absolutely necessary.

Remember that disagreement is not _always_ the same as denial of your fundamental humanity. There are gradations to this.

Whilst it is so important each and every person to do the work, know your boundaries.

Be selective with whom you choose to engage with over the next few days it’s its the perfect energy for a storm in a teacup.

On a positive note, it’s a great energy to think about ways to activate, energize and inspire others with the truths that you do believe in.

Less is more right now. Try not to be too heavy-handed as people are seeing red even when there isn’t any to be found.

But again, remember to honor your essence and that of others.

There is no truth so important that it should erode another’s dignity of spirit.

Conversely, there is no privilege so important that it should hide the oppression and harm sustained by another.

There is a fine balancing act between the two.

Librans, this is your time! (and those with strong Libran aspects)

Take that energy to include, rather than exclude.

And yes, that too requires drawing certain boundaries.

Take no being, including yourself, for granted.

I realize these are mostly prescriptions, but I’ve written about these alignments so much that these reminders feel more salient right now.

Dr. Bairavee Balasubramaniam PhD
The Sky Priestess

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3 thoughts on “MARS TRINES ERIS (23 SAGITTARIUS-ARIES, 6th Feb 2020)

  1. My oh my, was I wondering what was going on, the intensity of some people. Thank you for the insight, it helps to understand the energy that’s around!! 💚


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